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    How to create a travel Mobile app?

    Updated 29 October 2020

    The travel industry is growing rapidly as the passion for traveling into peoples have grown so much. Also, In today’s era, the chances are before having a cup of tea every morning, you already open up any application on your mobile to start the day !!

    So, in this case, can a trave app will help the users to make thing easy?

    Of course, Yes !! having a travel app can help the users to find things easily which are required before and during the traveling.

    Why the mobile app is important?

    Mobile phones are a growth category for the travel industry as most of the users believe in look and book by using their smartphones.

    In the upcoming years, the companies that will create the best mobile experience will dominate the web and desktop-based online travel bookings.

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    How to create a successful travel app?

    While developing the travel mobile app, there are many things that need to take care of, including the purpose, functionalities, scalability, designs, etc of the mobile app.

    However, for making a successful travel app, here are the basic steps that you need to follow:

    Identify the type of the app

    Firstly, you need to identify the type of travel mobile application i.e what feature you want to give to your customers.

    The app may include accommodation booking, transport booking, event booking, travel guides, etc. It might be the case, in which you want to offer a wide range of things into your travel app to the customers.

    Splash Screen and App compatibility

    Always focus on building a relevant splash screen for the app as the users will see the splash screen at a very first look while the launching of the application.

    Also, the major focus must be on the compatibility of the mobile app, whether in the case of iOS or an Android app.

    App Theme

    The theme of the mobile app should be compatible and the right fit for your content like what you are offering to the users. It should be easy to use, fast and have an eye-catching layout.

    Home Page

    The home page is the very first thing that the customer sees after opening the mobile app. If should contain everything in such a precise manner that the customer can get the overview in just having a look.

    A Good Menu

    The menu of the travel app must contain all the options that you want to show to your app users.

    The menu may include the Home, My account, Booking Orders (hotel/ticket/ride), My wishlists, Notifications, Wallet, etc.

    Relevant Content

    The content is one of the most important things which attracts app users. The travel app content categories may include the summary, the blogs, images, contact details, terms and conditions and much more.

    Required features of the travel app

    Exactly what features you are offering to your app users will decide the future of your travel app. There is a very tuff competition between the travel apps nowadays, so providing a unique application to users is very necessary. Also, the application must be user-friendly.

    Below are some important travel app features, that you can include into your application:

    Bookings Features

    The travel app must allow users to make a direct booking through a single app for hotels, flights, cabs, etc. You can also offer some deals or discounts to make it attractive to the users.


    Search Feature

    The travel app must have the feature of search. While traveling the user must have the feature to the nearby cabs, hotels, restaurants, etc. It provides very much ease to the customers and they’ll prefer it more.

    Locality Information

    The travel mobile app should show the locality information if any customer is looking for the hotel booking or want to s

    Rating and Reviews

    The must-have feature of any travel app is to show the rating and reviews related to the hotel, transport or other travel-related services.


    It provides an ease to the app user. The users can make the final decision related to their bookings without getting confused. Also, this reduces the chance of the current app users to download other apps.

    Navigation and Maps

    Navigation and Maps are very basic and necessary things for any traveler. Therefore, by integrating this you can provide the basic ease to your app users.


    Weather Forecasting

    The weather forecasting is a feature that provides facility to the app user to check the weather report before visiting the place.


    App Language Translator

    The language translator feature that makes your app unique and stand-alone. In most of the cases, the app user is not familiar with the regional language. In that case, this feature will help them out.


    Also, with the help of this feature, the app will retain the users globally.


    There are several benefits of having a travel mobile app for any user. Also how it helps them to sort the problem related to the travel services:

    Make all the Booking Easy:

    By having a travel mobile app the user can book things related to the travel such as flights, trains, cabs, hotels, etc. very easily through a single app only.

    Simplifies the Transaction:

    Through the travel mobile app, the customer can book their travel-related services and do the transaction for the booking very easily.

    This is one of the best features which the travel mobile app is offering. Since everybody nowadays carries their smartphone, so they can carry their bookings and reservations soft copy into it.

    The app also leverages the features which reduce the time indulging into the formalities related to the bookings.

    Discounts/Offers to Grab the Customer’s Attention:

    Nowadays, online promotions have become one of the common tools to enhance the productivity of any online business.

    The discounts and offers always attract the users of the app and led in more conversion. Also, employing the social login or sharing feature, offers more convenience to the customer.

    So, that’s all for Travel Mobile App For any further, assistance, just raise a ticket here and for any doubt contact us at [email protected].

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