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Top 10 eCommerce Websites Using Store Locators

Updated 21 December 2023

Store Locator is a very helpful feature that is available on almost all eCommerce websites. It simply allows shoppers to view physical retail outlets’ locations on an interactive map.

Using Geolocation technology, customers can locate the nearby physical stores of retail brands, service providers, shops, and more.

In this article, we will find out the top 10 eCommerce websites that are using the store locator feature currently. But let us first understand how this feature works actually.

How Does Store Locator Work?

The store locator works on eCommerce websites with the help of various third-party mapping and location services such as TomTom, Bing Maps, and the most popular Google Maps Platform, which provides APIs:

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Places API
  • Distance Matrix API

Through its integration, the developers can display a custom map showing various locations and markers. Also, the Autocomplete address bar is provided to quickly show suggestions as the user types specific addresses or zip codes.

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The store pickup generally uses the user’s IP address or location data from their device to determine their location and then displays a map with the nearest store locations marked.

Using the GeoJSON data format, allows developers to show the detailed store finder map with other relevant information such as opening hours, phone number, store name, description etc.

E-commerce Store Locator Examples

The store finder feature has many use cases and be usable across multiple industries and sectors like banks, service centres, branch offices and more.

However, in this blog article, we will look at examples of how retail brands are using store locator features on their eCommerce websites.

All the store search tool works in a similar way, but some of them have custom features and design elements that make them unique in their own way. So looking at the below store locators will help you pick and decide the features and style you want for your eCommerce website.

1. Target – Stores Near Me

Target is one of the leading retailers in America selling daily essentials goods, clothes, and groceries. Besides having an e-commerce website, it also has many big departmental stores across the USA.

But if someone is wondering how to find the nearest Target store, they can simply go to the website, enter their location, and find the list of Target department stores nearer to their address.

target-ecommerce store locator

With the Find a store feature, customers can view the complete address with a link to the Google Maps pin marker, and check store timings and phone numbers.

ecommerce store locator

Not only that, but the Target store finder also includes an in-store map that shows the locations of different categories of products.


Because Target is a big-box store and shoppers may need to roam around to find the items they are looking for. So this map will not only save time for consumers but will also make them less fatigued.

2. Starbucks – Coffee Shop Locator

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, it is a hugely popular retail brand with over 33,833 stores in 80 countries.

On its website, consumers can go to the Find a store web page, then locate the nearest Starbucks outlets in their city, check the timings, address and more.

ecommerce store locator

Additionally, the Starbucks shop locator also includes filter options, to allow customers to find stores based on their availability, order and pick-up options like a drive-thru, outdoor, in-store, etc.

If you notice, the Starbucks locator has customized its map marker with its coffee cup icon and changed the markings’ colours to green.

ecommerce store locator

After selecting the desired Starbucks store, the customer can then proceed to add beverages and snack products and then pay for them.


3. McDonald’s – Restaurant Locator

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food chain in terms of revenue. It has over 40,000 outlets in more than 100 countries. To find the location of all the nearest McDonald’s restaurants, the customer needs to enter the zip code or city name.

ecommerce store locator

Locate Me option is also available, which detects the user’s location via the web browser IP address. The McDonald’s restaurant locator is very interactive. From there, customers can view all the opened stores, and view the map on the right.

Then select the particular store to start ordering items. Once the store is selected, a pop-up screen appears which asks for the delivery option.

The McDonald’s pickup finder is integrated with third-party food aggregators and hyperlocal delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, and others.

ecommerce store locator

So after selecting the specific McDonald’s outlet, the user is redirected to the store’s landing page on the delivery platform. After that, the customer can add products to the cart and place an order.

ecommerce store locator

4. Best Buy – Store Locator

Best Buy is America’s largest speciality retailer having 1144 physical stores across US, Canada, and Mexico. It is a very popular name when it comes to buying consumer electronic products.

On its e-commerce website, it connects all the Best Buy physical stores and their inventory with the online platform.

ecommerce store locator

So that helps the customer to know whether the item they want to purchase is available in the local Best buy store. Or the customers need to visit some other nearby Best Buy stores.

The Best Buy store finder shows the basic information about the stores like address, phone number, operating hours, and store footfall traffic.


The customers can also use Filter by Services and Category options to narrow down the results. All the Best Buy stores vary in size, assortment and product availability, so using store locator, they are able to point the customers towards the right direction.


Moreover, very detailed information about every Best Buy store is provided. It works as a store’s landing page showing the types of products available, service offerings, frequently asked questions, customer reviews, top deals and promotions.

5. Amazon Physical Store Locations is the world’s most popular and largest e-commerce marketplace selling thousands of products across categories like books, apparel, electronics, and much more.

But besides selling products on its online marketplace, it also started selling products via physical stores and outlets i.e.- Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Style.


Amazon Go

It is an advanced shopping experience where customers do not need to wait in lines for checkout. Instead, a customer can simply walk into the store, and scan the QR code via Amazon mobile app.

Then proceed to pick up items from the shelves, and collect them in their bag, at the same time, in their virtual shopping cart, those items will appear automatically. Next, the customers can pay within the shopping app and walk out.


At the moment, there are currently 28 Amazon Go stores in the United States. From the website, customers can find their nearest Amazon Go outlet, check store timings, and amenities, and get directions via Google Maps.

Amazon Fresh is another physical chain of stores where it sells groceries, farm products, meat and related items in the USA. Besides offering the traditional checkout system with the cashier, it also offers a tap and walk-out shopping experience.


At the moment there are only a few Amazon Fresh stores, which the shoppers can find out the locations on the website. There is no store finder available on the web platform.

But on Amazon mobile app, the customer can simply enter the zip code or allow location detection to know about the closest Fresh outlet.


Amazon Style

It is a first-of-its-kind physical retail outlet, where it offers a unique experience of shopping for clothes and apparel items. It allows customers to book style rooms, which are specially curated for individual customers.

Using an advanced machine learning algorithm, Amazon analysis the customer’s preference and look, then place items in their booked styling rooms. Customers can try on different looks and shop for what they love.


As of now, there are only very few Amazon Style stores available in Los Angeles and Columbus cities. But still, Amazon has provided a store locator on its website, showing green markers, store address, timing, and contact number.

6. Macy’s – Find a store

Founded in 1858, Macy’s is an American chain of high-end departmental stores selling clothing, jewellery, accessories, shoes, and furniture. Currently, there are in total of 510 Macy’s stores all around the USA.

Shoppers can go to the website to shop online or select their preferred Macy’s physical outlet to shop for products for free store pickup or same-day delivery.


Based on their colour scheme, the Macy’s store finder is using a red and black combination of text, markers, and button icons. Customers can either enter their location or click use my location, which will detect the IP address and show the list of nearby Macy’s stores.


After the customer clicks on a particular Macy’s store, its dedicated listing is visible where complete details are available.

Like floor maps showing the departments, brands available, and services available like booking personal stylists, curbside pickup, and viewing some popular products at the store.

Besides store operating hours, customers can also view the curbside timings and get directions.

7. Walmart Store Finder

Walmart is a multinational retail cooperation that has big retail superstores across various countries. As of now, it has around 10,586 stores worldwide and has become the world’s largest company by revenue and the world’s largest employer.

In the US, it operates as discount stores, supercenters, neighbourhood markets, and Sam’s Club stores. Also, it has an e-commerce website where customers can shop online, get their products delivered or pick them up from their nearby Walmart store.


To find the nearest Walmart, you can go to and then enter your zip code or address and then see the list of stores.

The Walmart retailer locator shows the address, timings, and distance from the entered address. It also allows us to filter the list based on the store services like – bakery, gas station, pharmacy, etc.


Every Walmart store has its dedicated page listing which further shows information about services available including their timings and contact details. So let’s say if you need to buy medicine, you can call the store and reach there before it closes.

Besides that, the Walmart store listing page also shows links to the store’s Facebook page to see the latest updates and Weekly Ads for more savings and discounts.

8. T-Mobile – Store Locations

T-Mobile is the brand name of Deutsche Telekom, it is the world’s leading telecommunication company. In the US, it has more than 100 million subscribers who are using cellular, wireless internet, and other network services.

From its website, customers can buy plans for their cell phone services, data plans for mobile and home internet. Also, customers can shop for the latest smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and other internet devices from the T-Mobile website.


Being America’s largest 5G network provider, it has the widest coverage all around the USA. There are also more than 7500 retail outlets of T-Mobile in the country where users can buy phones, accessories and data plans.

The T-Mobile service locator is powered by Mapbox and OpenStreetMap which provides mapping and location-based services to developers.


The store locator is designed following the T-Mobile branding, with pink colour markers, text colours, and icons. Customers can view the list of T-Mobile Stores and Dealers showing their addresses, distances, operating hours, and contact numbers.

9. Home Depot – Store Finder

The Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement retailer with over 2300 stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico. It sells more than 35,000 products from its physical store and 1 million products through its e-commerce website.


Customers can either shop online from their nearby Home Depot store to get fast delivery or store pickup option. Or using the Store Finder, the customers can find the list of Home Depot retail outlets and shop in person.


A dedicated store listing page is designed for all 2300 Home Depot stores. Customers can find complete store details like contact number, operating hours, address, services available, and curbside pickup availability.


At the end of the page, there is also a daily deals section which shows some products across different categories that are offered at discounts. You can also read customer reviews given for that particular Home Depot store.

10. IKEA – Find a Location

IKEA is a Scandinavian furniture retailer that sells ready-to-assemble furnishings, kitchen appliances, home accessories, and various other home goods. It is the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008 and has over 460 stores across 60 countries.

Consumers can shop online by selecting an online store from the available IKEA retailers based on their location. Or search online for the nearest IKEA store location at


To search for an IKEA store, the customer can use the embedded Google Maps to see around and scroll it to find all the nearby locations.

There is also a dropdown option which shows the list of IKEA stores available in the country.


Now, on the store page, customers can view the address, map location, timings, and services available, check click and collect information for picking up the ordered items.

Customers can also see what is happening at the specific IKEA store like new events, buy-back programs, or deals and offers.

[Bonus] 11. Costco – Find a Warehouse

Costco Wholesale is an American multinational big-box retail superstore that sells all categories of products. They have around 847 locations spread all over the world and 583 in the USA.

Customers can either shop online or visit the nearest Costco warehouse to buy products in bulk and get discounts.

Costco offers membership plans and focuses on its customers visiting their physical outlets rather than shopping online. From the location finder, the customers can find a warehouse by entering their zip code or city name.


Customers can view the store address, contact details, and operating hours. Costco warehouse also offers various services like ATMs, food courts, pharmacies, gas stations, tire service centres, optical departments and more.


The Costco store locator map uses Microsoft’s Bing Map web services and TomTom location and mapping technology.

How to Add Store Locator in Ecommerce Website?

Well to show a store locator on your ecommerce website, would require many hours of code development, JavaScript know-how, custom designing, and generating APIs to integrate third-party services to show a map with various locations.

However, there are many ready-to-use extensions, that you can use right away, to install and display a store finder map on your e-commerce website.

So if you have built your online store on Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce, you can take a look at Magento 2 Store Locator extension, which allows the admin to add multiple locations, add pickup options, specify a range in miles or kilometres, and much more.

Similar to Magento, we have also made ready-to-install extensions for various ecommerce platforms- PrestaShop Store Locator, OpenCart Store Locator, Shopware 6 Store Locator, Odoo Store Locator, and many others.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, an ecommerce store locator is a valuable tool for both online retailers and consumers. It allows customers to easily find and visit physical stores, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Retailers can use the data collected from shop locator searches to better understand customer behaviour and preferences, and make informed decisions about their brick-and-mortar strategy.

Overall, implementing an ecommerce store finder can provide many benefits for both businesses and consumers, and is an important consideration for any ecommerce business looking to expand its reach and improve customer engagement.

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