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Shopify Purchase Management Supplier Panel

Introducing Shopify Purchase Management Supplier Panel feature. Now store owner can create suppliers and can even provide them with the login link as well. Have a look at the details below.

Workflow of Shopify Purchase Management Supplier Panel

From the supplier section, all the suppliers list will be getting displayed. The store owner will have to enable the particular supplier whom he wants to send the join and set password link.

After clicking on enable button, a message will be popped up for activation confirmation, accepting which a mail will be sent to the respective supplier for account activation details.

Also store can enable the supplier while creating/adding a supplier as well. Just click on add supplier button, fill in all the details and check the check box of “Create An Account For Supplier And Send Him Password Reset Mail” and click on save. And the supplier will be automatically active and enabled.

Admin can paste the link given in the configuration to the navigation section in order to create the login for supplier button on frontend.

Purchase Order

Now the order status and payment status can be seen in the list of purchase order section.

Clicking on the view button of the order, you can update the payment status in three forms as pending/paid/partially paid. If clicking on partially paid, the option to enter the paid amount will appear and automatically the balance to be paid will reflect as due.

Also the product wise cancellation is possible now. FOr example, if there are two or more types of product in one order then need not to cancel the whole order for that particular product, it is possible to just cancel the that particular product now. (Ref to screenshot below)

Now in Incoming Shipment section the amount can be updated on the basis of quantity of product received by clicking on the checkbox for this option in incoming shipment section.

Supplier Panel

Once the admin enables any supplier, the supplier will receive the activation link on email from where he can set the password and later another email with link to login.

Now the moment supplier sets the password he will be redirected to supplier’s panel.
The panel will have a brief main menu on the left hand side with three options.
*Order Request
*Assigned Products
In configuration section, the supplier can view his status as enabled/disabled. From this section he can configure the information like name, contact number, address and click on save.

Order request section will show the list of orders with all the orders with their current status. Clicking on the view button of any particular the supplier can view the full detail of it.

Click on accept order to accept the order and accept the message in the pop box.
The assigned product section will show the list of all the assigned products to the particular supplier. Once the product is disabled from that list by the supplier, then automatically that product will get cancelled or deleted from the purchase order.

The button on the top right of seller panel is to logout as supplier.

Demo Details

Shopify Purchase Management Demo –
Username :
Password : demowebkul
Supplier Login Link:
Password: demowebkul



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