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    Seller Vacation App: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify

     Multivendor Marketplace | Seller Vacation App |

    The purpose of the Multi-vendor Marketplace Seller Vacation App for Shopify is to provide the information to the admin as well as to the buyer about the unavailability of the Seller so that they can manage the purchase accordingly.

    With the help of this app, the marketplace seller can either disable the products to hide them or can continue selling the products with a message display for the customers in case he is unavailable to fulfill the order.

    If the seller continues to sell his products, the product will be visible to the customer along with the seller message which makes it confirm that the seller is not available and is on Vacation for a certain time period.

    Additional Features of Seller Vacation App

    • The seller can inform the admin and the buyers about his vacation. As he can configure his vacation details from the “My Account” section of Seller panel.
    • He can plan a vacation by informing the customers about his unavailability.
    • Seller will decide whether he wants to disable his products or continue selling them.
    • Also, the seller can sell his products by displaying a message in case he is unavailable.
    • Seller will automatically get active after his vacation ends.
    • Admin can manage the settings selected by the seller for his products.

    How to Install the App?

    Since it is the add on feature of the Multivendor Marketplace app, you need to pay an additional amount of 5 USD per month along with the App charge.

    Once you install this app, you can approve the charges.

    Follow the procedure to install this module:

    Go to the “Feature App” section of the admin panel>>Select “Seller Vacation App”>>Enable it>>Approve charges.

    Once you approve this charge, you will end up getting this feature installed in your Multivendor app.

    Admin End

    Admin first needs to enable the option “Seller Vacation” from the Seller configuration section of the admin panel. From this, admin can allow the sellers to sell their products when he is on vacation.

    Dashboard>>Configuration>>Seller configuration>>Enable “Seller Vacation”button.

    Now, admin can view the vacation status from the seller listing section of the Multi-vendor app.

    If the seller is on vacation, admin can view the seller vacation details via this procedure.

    Admin dashboard>>Sellers>>Seller Listing>>Select the seller>>Edit seller>>View Seller Vacation Details.

    Seller End

    The seller will configure all his vacation details from the “My Account” section of the seller panel.

    In the “Seller Vacation Configuration” section, the seller can provide all his details if he is going for a vacation for a specific time period.

    Here, he needs to provide the start date as well as the end date of his vacation which is visible to both admin and the seller.

    The seller needs to enable “Visit For Vacation” button if he is going for any vacation and fill the required details to inform about the same to the admin and the buyer.

    If the seller will not be available to fulfill the orders (i.e. if the seller is on vacation), he can manage the product operation in two ways.

    Either the seller will disable all his products or he can continue selling his products by displaying a message on the product page.

    If the seller selects “Disable all Product”, all the products which he has added get disabled.

    And if the seller selects the “Continue Selling” option, he needs to write a message for his customers which will be visible on the product page when the seller is on vacation.

    Once the seller confirms his vacation by filling these details, the vacation status of this seller will be visible to the admin on his end.

    Front End

    Once the seller selects “Disable all Product”, you will get the product status as “Disabled”. And no products will be visible to the customer on the frontend.

    But if the seller selects the “Continue Selling” option, he can display a message for his customers which will be visible on the product page when the seller is on vacation.

    In this way, the customer will get to know about the availability of the seller.

    Multivendor Marketplace Seller Vacation Demo Details

    Follow the below links and credentials to use the demo of  Multi-vendor Marketplace app:

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