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    Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify-Seller Buyer Chat(New Theme)

    “You won’t be able to activate the Seller Buyer Chat feature app for now as currently, we are doing some changes from our end.”

    We have come up with a new theme of the most awaited feature of Multivendor Marketplace App called “Seller Buyer Chat“.This feature allows the buyers to communicate with the sellers of the product.Thus, buyers have the chance to make a direct conversation with the seller of the product. Buyer will get this chat option on the product page of the product added by the seller.

    Once the admin enables this feature within the multivendor app, seller and buyer can easily communicate with each other regarding the product.

    Additional Features of Seller buyer chat

    • Admin can enable the chat service from his end.
    • Buyer can start conversation with the seller of the product.
    • If the seller is online, he can see a pop-up notification on the top right corner of his panel.
    • Buyer can send the message even if receiver is offline.
    • The receiver/seller will get notified about the message send by the buyer through a mail.
    • Live chat App.
    • Quick and effective solution.
    • On the spot clarity on any issue.
    • Easy to set up and user friendly.

    How to enable Seller Buyer Chat feature App?

    To enable this feature on Multivendor Marketplace app, you just need to visit the “Features App” section of the admin panel and click on “Enable” button.

    Once you click on “Enable” button, a list of plans appears to you. Select any plan, check the terms and conditions checkbox and click on “Agree” button.

    Once you agree with the plan and approve charges for the same, you have to pay the extra amount as per your selected plan. This extra amount will be added in the monthly plan that you have chosen for the Multivendor App.

    Let’s understand it with an example to make it more clear.

    Suppose you have selected the “Pro” plan of your Multivendor app and now you have opted the bronze plan of seller buyer chat then, you will be paying USD60 per month {USD45/month (Multivendor App Plan)+ USD15/month (Seller Buyer Chat Plan)}.

    You can also unsubscribe the Seller Buyer Chat plan anytime. You just need to uncheck the checkbox and save the settings.

    NOTE:- Unsubscription of the Seller Buyer Chat Plan will not affect your Multivendor App Plan.

    Seller Buyer Chat Plans

    You have the option of three different Seller Buyer App Plans namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. Details for these plans are shown in the image below.Admin can add maximum 25 sellers in seller-buyer chat feature. And this is possible in our Pro plan for which you need to pay 45 USD per month additionally to your app plan.

    If the admin wants to add more than 25 sellers then, he needs to pay additionally 1 USD per seller per month.

    Admin End

    Once the admin enables the “Seller Buyer Chat” feature on his store, admin can now view the 3 different sections just by clicking the three dots in the upper left corner of admin panel.

    Seller Buyer Chat, Seller Buyer Chat Plan and Chat Settings.

    Let’s understand how it works.

    1. Seller Buyer Chat

    In this section, you can view the list of sellers who have opted chat plans. Also, you can have the complete details of the payment status of your seller from this section.

    Once you click on “View” button, seller buyer chat details will be visible to you in a single click.

    On this page, you can also configure the seller’s chat settings by enabling the “Chat Service” button and setting the chat cost for your sellers.

    Moreover, you can block/unblock the chat service from this section also.

    Here, you can also view the chat payment history of that particular seller from this section.

    2. Seller Buyer Chat Plan

    In this section, admin can view the complete details of his opted chat plan such as name of the plan, no of sellers, plan cost and additional cost. Also, he can change the existing chat plan as well as deactivate the chat service as per his requirement.

    Please Note:– Deactivation of the chat service will remove the seller buyer chat feature and its opted plan. If it is so, you will be charged only for your opted Multivendor app plan.

    You can also view the chat payment history from this section.

    3. Chat Settings

    From this section, you can configure the chat plans for your seller. Here, you need to enter the billing day, select the basis of your billing, enter chat cost as well as billing grace period.

    Payment From Seller

    Now, once you configure the Seller Buyer chat details, you need to set the payment mode through which you want the payment from your seller.

    You just need to visit the “Payment Details” section and activate any of the payment mode as per your wish.

    You can follow the procedure:

    Admin Panel>>Visit “Configuration” section>>Go to “Payment Details” section>>Select the payment mode and click on “Activate” button>>Fill the Payment details if required>>Save the details.

    The seller will pay the chat amount from any of the activated payment method.

    Seller Buyer Chat Labels Translation

    Admin can also rename the labels as per his requirement for various sections of the Seller Buyer chat feature app.

    You just need to follow some simple steps.

    Admin panel>>Visit “Translation” menu>>Scroll down to get “Seller Buyer Chat Label feature”>>Label Translation page appears where you can translate labels for various sections of Seller Buyer chat feature app.

    In this way, you can translate the labels for various sections of Seller Buyer chat feature app.

    Seller End

    At the seller panel, you will get two different sections appear in the menu i.e. “Seller Buyer Chat” and “Chat Payments”.

    1. Seller Buyer Chat

    From this section, sellers can view the chat setting details such as billing day, billing basis, chat cost and billing grace period.

    Additionally, seller can activate the seller buyer chat service from this section and select the appropriate payment method by which he wishes to pay the chat cost.

    Once the seller clicks on “Save” button after activating the seller buyer chat service and selecting the chat payment method, a message will pop-up for the seller. If you agree with the charges, click on “Agree” button.

    Now, a chatboard appears on the seller panel on which seller will receive the message from his buyers related to the products and can send replies to the buyers.

    The seller will get the message with a pop-up notification generated at the upper-right corner of the seller panel.

    If the seller is offline at the time when buyer is sending the message, seller will get notified through a mail.

    Thus, the seller can read the messages send by the buyer on mail. And, he can send the replies once he will be online.

    2. Chat Payment

    Seller can view the history of his/her chat payment right from this section. Also, he/she can have the idea of the start and end date of the chat plan as well as the chat cost and payment status of the plan from this section.

    Now,once the seller clicks on this “View button, he/she can view the complete details of the chat payment. Seller can also view the calculated cost of the chat plan.

    This is all about the seller panel.


    To configure your frontend, you will have to paste the below code on product.liquid file in the template by editing the HTML/CSS of Shopify store.Follow the process:

    1. Click on Online Store.
    2.Go To Themes.
    3.Click on Customize Theme button on the top right.
    4.Select Edit HTML/CSS button from the Theme Option on Top Left.
    5.Paste below given code in product.liquid file

    In this way, you can show the chat box on the product page.

    Now, once you click on any product on frontend, you will get a seller buyer chat icon on the product page.Clicking on that icon, a chat window appears on that page where customer can directly communicate with the seller of that product.The buyer just needs to enter his name and email ID to initiate the chat.

    Buyer can send the message to the seller of the product even if the seller is offline. And the seller can receive a mail through which he will get to know about the message send by the customer.

    Thus, seller can easily retrieve those messages from the chat list once he will be online.

    So, that was all about the Seller Buyer chat feature of the Multivendor app.

    Webkul Support

    Hope you like this blog. To get more interesting blog keep in touch with us. If you need any kind of support, simply raise a ticket at You can contact to get proper assistance.

    Thank You for reading this blog!

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