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    Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify: Indian GST (New Theme)

    We are here to introduce the basic version of Indian GST module in Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify which enable the seller to declare the product price inclusive of GST along with other taxes.

    This Indian GST Add-on will enable the basic manual entry of GST product wise. All you need to do is to enable this feature from the “feature apps” section of multivendor app.

    Once you enable this feature app, seller can configure it from GST configuration section. Now, the seller can add the GST details from his end such as HSN, CGST, SGST values while adding any product.

    Let’s understand how it works.

    How to enable this feature app

    You can enable this feature simply from the “Feature Apps” section of the multivendor app.

    Here, you will get the Indian GST feature after clicking on “Feature Apps”. Just click on enable button to activate this feature.

    Once you click on “Enable” button, you need you agree with the plan and approve the charge which will add up $5 per month over and above the monthly plan of your Multivendor Marketplace app.

    Function of this Feature App

    Once you enable this feature, the seller will manage all its functions. Firstly, the seller will have to visit the “GST Configuration” section of the seller panel and enable the required settings.

    Here, the seller needs to fill the details to add GST fields on the product page. In order to configure it, he/she needs to enable GST and fill the GST identification number.

    Once the seller configure this, he can enter all the GST components while adding any product. These GST details include HSN, CGST, SGST values which is needed to be filled.


    These GST details will be visible in the seller to customer invoice configuration section of the admin panel.

    Dashboard>>Orders>>Invoice Configuration>>All GST component details will be visible once the admin configure the invoice as “Seller to Customer”.

    The same reflects like this as shown in screenshot below.

    In this way, seller can declare his product price inclusive of GST and other taxes.

    Frontend and Backend Demo Details

    Follow the below links and credentials to use the demo of the Multivendor Marketplace app:


    If you have any query and need any kind of support, please raise a ticket at You can also drop a mail at to get proper assistance.

    Hope You like this blog. Get in touch with us for more interesting blogs.

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