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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Directory Listing Feature (New Theme)

    The Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: directory listing feature allows you to add a normal product with “Add to Cart” button on the product description page will be replaced by “Buy Now” button by pasting the code in product template. Afterward, by clicking “Buy Now” button buyers will be redirected to the website where you want them to visit for checkout.

    Let’s understand how to configure Directory Listing Feature

    To enable this feature you have to visit the product configuration page from the configuration menu as shown below:

    When you click product configuration, a page will open where you can enable this Feature.

    Copy the below line of code and paste just above the ‘Add to Cart’ button in product-template.liquid in sections on store theme, it will replace ‘Add to Cart’ button to ‘Buy Now’ button.

    { %include “wk-directory-listing” %}

    For this follow the instructions mentioned below:

    • Go To Themes.
    • Click on Action dropdown.
    • Click on Edit code button.
    • Select product-template.liquid in sections
    • Lastly, paste the code above the ‘Add to Cart’ button and save.

    Add product

    Now, after setting up the configuration you and seller have to select ‘Directory Listing’ from drop down of choose product as shown in the screenshot below.

    After selecting, you will get an option to enter URL, where the seller wants to redirect buyers for the checkout.

    Front End Display

    On the product description page, ‘Add to Cart’ button is now replaced by the ‘Buy Now’ button.

    Therefore, this button will redirect buyer to seller’s website or to URL to where buyer will land for checkout.

    Directory Listing Demo

    Also, check the demo for this feature:


    Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

    Thanks For reading this blog!!! 🙂

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