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Lightning Deals for Shopify

Updated 16 January 2023

Customers always look forward to avail best offers while purchasing any online product. Considering this requirement, we thought of introducing an app namely Lightning Deals for Shopify so that you can provide the best deals to your customers and thus increase your online sales.

Using this app, admin can create deals on his pre-defined collections or on any specific product of his store by setting a “percentage” or “fixed” discount on it.

Admin needs to select a date range on every deal to set its validity. These deals will be automatically enabled/disabled on the basis of selected date ranges.

Additional Features

  • Admin can create deals either collection wise or product-wise.
  • You can set “Percentage” or “Fixed” discount on every deal.
  • Admin can set a validity for every deal by selecting a specific date range.
  • Deals will be enabled/disabled automatically on the basis of defined date range that you set on every deal.
  • No duplicate products will be found once you create any deal.
  • No coding is required in the whole app.

App Installation

Landing Page

On the Landing Page of this app, you just need to enter your store URL in the box where you want to get this app. Now click on the “Install” button.

In this way, you can get this app in your store.

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Home Page

As these deals help you in increasing your sales, you can have the complete idea of your earnings just by looking at the home page of the Lightning Deals app.


Here on this page, you can view your top sales via deals through a graphical representation. Also, you can view all your active and expired deals from the home page of this app.


You can also explore more about this app from the “App features and flow” section of the home page.

Important Note:- If you want to uninstall this app on your Shopify store, you first need to disable all your created deals so that the prices of your Shopify store products will be updated to their original price(product price before discount).


Backend Configuration

You can configure all the settings related to deals within the Lightning Deals app for Shopify. Additionally, you can configure the labels and themes of the app also.

There are three sections to visit while configuring the Lightning Deals app.

  1. General Configuration: From this section you can configure the title of the deal page where you want to display all the active deals. Also you can enable the process to create daily deals from this section only.

2. Theme Configuration: You can customize the theme of your store from this section of the app.


3. Label Configuration: You can configure the labels of your deal page from this section.

In this way you can configure the backend of the app.

How to Create Deals

Using this app, admin can add new deals on any pre-defined collection or any specific product of his store and create discounts on it. So let’s see how the admin can create Deals using the Daily Deals app.


In order to create a new deal, you just need to visit the Daily Deals section of the app. There you need to click on the “Add New Deal” button to create a new deal.


Now once you click on this button you need to mention the title of your deal, now select whether you want to apply this deal to any collection or on any specific product.

Select Products to add deals:-


OR, choose existing Categories to add deals:-


Then, you need to select whether you want to create a percentage discount or fixed discount on the deal. Then after setting the validity of your deal by selecting a specific date range.


Now you can click on the Save Changes button to create this deal. Once created you can view the list of all your created deals on the Daily Deals listing page.

Important Note:- If you create a deal on any product and the same product is already in some other deal then you will get an error message to remove that product from the deal.

deals listing
list of deals

You can anytime disable or delete any of the created deal.

In this way you can create deals using this app which further helps you to generate enormous traffic on your website and thus increase your online sales.

How to Configure Front End?

In order to configure the app frontend you first need to click on “Configure Front” button available on the upper right corner of the page. From this section, you can inject the code and display the created deals on “Product page” and “Collection page”.

You can automatically inject the code just by clicking Auto code inject button. If you find any error you can inject the code manually.

To display deals on Product page, copy the below given code and paste it below the Sections/product-template.Liquid template file and above the {% endform %}.

{% include 'wk-dd-product-widget' %}


To display deals on Collection page, copy the below given code and paste it below the Snippets/product-card-grid.liquid template file and above the <img id='{{img_id}}’ tag.

{% include 'wk-dd-collection-widget' %}


Also you can create a menu item of all your created deals from store backend and display it on frontend. Follow the below given steps for the same:

  • Visit the admin panel of your Shopify store.
  • Go to the Online Store section and click on “Navigation” menu.
  • Click on “Main menu”.
  • Click on “Add menu item”.
  • Enter the title of your deal page and search/paste the link.
  • Click on “Add” button and it’s done.

Codes for Online Store 2.0

If you are using Online store 2.0 (Example- Dawn), you need to follow the steps to add the codes.

To show deals on the product description page, add the below code into main-product.liquid file:

{% include 'wk-dd-product-widget' %}

To display deals on the Collection page, copy the below-given code and paste it below the product-card.liquid template file

{% render 'wk-dd-collection-widget' product: product_card_product %

Create Template

In order to show the deals, by default, we provide the “wk-dd-product-widget” & “wk-dd-collection-widget” templates in daily deals app.

But in case you change your store theme then, Create Template option helps you to auto generate the required templates (similar to wk-dd-product-widget) in the app that will help you to show deals on your store front.

Reset Data

You can easily remove deals-related data to reset your store theme & disable all the deals before uninstalling the lightning deals app just in one click.

Just click the “Reset Data” button provided in the app. This will remove all the auto-injected codes and pages related to the app.

Please refer to the screenshot:-


Front End View

Once the admin creates deal on Shopify store products, customers can view all the trending offers with products on the product/collection page of store front end.




Discount on collection page

These deals can be listed in a menu that will be created by the admin from backend.

lightning deals


Check the demo of Lightning Deals App for Shopify:-

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