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Shipping price according to country and state

Updated 23 July 2014

Shipping price manager – is a awesome module for prestashop who face the problem of carrier price. As prestashop only provide carrier according to Zone and its calculate the price according to zone not according to Country and state as example if you want to dispatch you product in France and if your shop is in Italy then carrier price calculate according to zone as both France and Italy in same Zone(Euro zone) so price calculate according to Euro zone not according to country as here we dispatch product to France so carrier price not calculate according to France.


Our Module provide a way through which your shop can calculate the carrier price according to state and country where you want to send you product



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Step 1



Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5



Step 6



In step 6 i add some impact price for country India and state Delhi

Now buy the product from front end and check the impact price added or not

Step 7



Step 8



Step 9



Step 10




So Its all effect the shipping price according to state and country you buyer want to shipped purchase goods






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