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    Session Management in Opencart Version 3.x

    With the launch of Opencart Version 3, Opencart has discontinued the use of native session. Opencart has introduced the “maintaining of the session using database” in the version and “maintaining using the file” in the version but still, it continued to use the native PHP session ($_SESSION). In version 3, Opencart is using file by default to maintain the session.

    If you want to use the database for maintaining the session then you have to modify ‘default.php’ file residing at ‘system/config/’. You have to modify ‘session_engine’ index.

    You can take a look into the process of reading and writing of session in both db and file. For accessing the files, you can follow the path ‘system/library/session/’.

    File Session:



    DB Session:




    . . .


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