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Salesforce Business Hour Countdown Timer

Updated 27 August 2019

Salesforce Business Hour Countdown Timer displays the countdown of the your Organisation’s Business Hours and non- business hours on record page. It comes with a functionality of the timer’s background and text-color, which can be managed through admin panel. The countdown runs automatically according to the business hours of the current day.It was featured in Classic as well as in lightning.


  • Shows Countdown time for Business Hours.
  • Available with customization of background and text-color.
  • Default Business Hours must be set to use this feature.
  • Available only when user has same Timezone as the Business Hours.
  • It is available in Classic and Lightning.
  • User Can set the Countdown mode as working and Non-working
  • Available for every layout where sidebar is visible.
  • Easily manageable.

Business hour countdown Timer configuration

How to Configure Salesforce Business Hour Countdown Timer.

Before you configure Business Hour Count Down Timer, you need to confirm two things as shown below:

Go to Setup | Company Profile | Business Hours and set the Time Zone for Business Hours as per your requirement. Don’t make any changes if it is already set to the Time Zone you need.

default image

Now under ‘My Settings’, you need to verify your org’s Time zone as shown below.

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Time zone settings

For configuration, you need to go to the Home Page Layouts and click on Edit Your Default Theme.

home page layout

Now Click on Edit Button.

home page layout settings

Put a check mark on Business Hours Timer option.

Select Business hour Timer from components

Go to User Interface and enable Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages in order to view this on every tab.

business hour

Go to ‘Business Hour Settings’ page and set the  Theme of the Count down timer from the drop down section.

You can select the ‘Basic’ theme.Businesshour1

You can also select the ‘Styleable’ theme from the drop down.Businesshour2

Go to ‘Business Hour Settings’ page and select the Background Color and Text-color from the color picker.Businesshour3

You can Set the Countdown Mode from the dropdown.Businesshour4

Business Hour Countdown Timer On home page .businesshour6

How to Configure Salesforce Business Hour Countdown Timer on Lightning.

To use the application at the Lightning end, it is required to register the domain first. Kindly go through the article: How to register your Domain in Salesforce.
Once you get registered with your Domain, please make sure that custom tabs related to Business Hour Countdown Timer should be Default On.

Go to Setup | Company Profile | Business Hours and set the Time Zone for Business Hours as per your requirement. Don’t make any changes if it is already set to the Time Zone you need.Business Hours Salesforce4

Go to the Lightning App Launcher Add the Business hour component on record Page

edit page

Add the Business hour CountDownTimer Lightning Component by drag and drop concept as shown below in the screenshot.

business hour timer component

Click on Save and then Activate.

Save page

Click on Save


Go to ‘Business Hour Settings’ page and select the Background Color and Text-color from the color picker.color-picker

You can set the CountDown Mode or you can set the Message that would  work according to the business hour timings.Working-modee

Go to  Business Hour CountDownTimer view. You can see the timings of Business hours according to the timings which you have set in Business hoursremaining-business-hour-1

Similarly, You can change the Countdown Mode as Non Working hoursnon-workingg

If your Business hours timings has completed . And you have set the Non-working countdown mode.Now You can see the  remaining timings which are left to start the Business hours.Non-Working-hour

Go to Set up | Company Profile |Holiday

Add New Holiday



User can add the specific Holiday in the default Business Hours. once it was added after that timings  would reflect according to the applied changes.businesshours7

In Business Hour Countdown timer View .User can see the days of the holidays and the remaining non- working hours holidayss

You can visit the link below to install this Application from Appexchange


For Any issue with our Application feel free to Create a ticket and contact us

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