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    Role of PWA in eCommerce

    Introduction- Role of PWA in eCommerce

    Nowadays, everybody wants easy access to things. Thus, Role of PWA in eCommerce is vital for all the users of an E-commerce website who wants fast checkout, fast leading speed, and efficiently useable from anywhere anytime.

    So, in that case, having a Progressive Web Application of an E-commerce store helps to increase the business growth of any online store because it gives all the ease to the customers which they want.

    Progressive Web Application of a store provides easy access to the store for the customer from anywhere anytime to its user. Here we will discuss Progressive Web Application (PWA) roles in increasing growth of the business of an E-commerce Store.

    Introduction of PWA

    Progressive Web Application is not a native application which users need to download from the play store or apple store though it provides native app-like experience to the user by using the web compatibility.

    It is a web technology of making a website which acts and feels like an application. The PWA develops from a browser tab.

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    It is highly responsive because of its light weight on various devices, including smaller mobile devices as well, such as Smartphone where the user have smaller viewing space, less memory, and less operating system space.

    Why Use PWA in E-commerce Websites

    E-commerce websites nowadays have may competitors in the market. The all have their native applications to make the shopping easy for the customers.

    By the help of the native application, the users shop on the store very quickly, but there are some drawbacks of the native app also.

    The native app needs more space and good internet connection. In that case, due to low memory space in their mobile, the users generally refuses to download the app.

    On the other hand, the PWA helps a lot in these things; the user does not need to download the application from the store. They have to click on Add To Home button on the website view of the store, and a web app will generate known as PWA.

    PWA requires very less space in comparison to the native app. So it is easy for the customers, who are having less space in the respective devices.

    One of the great features of PWA is, it works in while the internet connection is low. So in that way, it provides a good user experience.

    So, having a Progressive Web Application for any E-commerce website leads to the growth of the conversion and hence, the revenue generation.

    Let’s have a look at how PWA apps are used to develop the conversion rate of various Big brands.

    Facebook Lite- As we all know about Facebook, it has already a humongous number of users all across the world, but after using PWA as facebook lite the Facebook increases the number of users by more than 100 million per month.

    Flipkart Lite- Flipkart is the largest E-commerce platform. Firstly, they use the native application only after that they came up with PWA as Flipkart Lite. According to the analysis, Flipkart Lite helps to converts 70% user to customer.

    How to Make PWA of Any E-commerce Website?

    If you have an E-commerce Website and you want a Progressive Web Application for your Website. Then you can easily do that by the help of below given PWA extensions:

    How to enable PWA of any PWA enabled website?

    As we have already discussed that, the PWA doesn’t need to install from the App Store. It gets launched simply by Adding the website to the Home Screen.

    Below are the procedure of launching the PWA:

    Click on Add to Home Screen to launch the Progressive Web Application. in the web view of the store.

    Add to home-iOS

    Add to home- Android

    Thus, after clicking on the Add to Home Screen, the user can edit the name of the application as per their convenience.

    edit PWA name-iOS

    edit PWA name-Android

    However, the application gets launched on the Home Screen of the particular device.

    PWA added to home-iOS

    PWA added to home-Android

    How PWA is Beneficial for E-commerce Business

    • According to a study, Progressive Web Application increase 68% of traffic on to the store.
    • The PWA is very lighted weighted, so the loading speed of the application gets increased.
    • The Progressive web doesn’t need to install. It is added to the home screen by simply clicking on add to home on the website store.
    • PWA reduces the use of device storage up to 25 times.
    • It helps to grow the conversion rate on to the store as the customers can access the store from anywhere anytime as per their convenience.
    • Also decreases the Bounce Rate on the store when compared to the mobile website.
    • PWA does not require different versions for various devices. So, it significantly reduces the number of efforts of the development, and it results in a decrease in the cost to create a PWA.
    • The PWA supports Push Notifications functionality, which keeps the customer updated about the store and hence keep the customer engagement on to the store.
    • One of the best features of the PWA is that the app can be functional in the poor network connection or even on offline mode. This feature attracts the customer most.

    In Conclusion- Role of PWA in eCommerce

    The case is not that, PWA can replace Native App. A native app has its benefits.

    Though having a PWA for a store would be a plus point for the store. It helps to engage the attention of the new customer or the group of customer who generally not prefer to download the application of the store first. It can also help in a way to reduce Cart Abandonment.

    It may be the case that the customer regularly interacting with the PWA might be inclined to download a native app at some point of time in the future.

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