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PWA vs Headless PWA- Advancement in E-commerce

Updated 13 May 2022


With the improvement in the technology track, PWA (Progressive Web Application) vs Headless PWA is the new question for the e-Commerce industry.

Both the Approaches are new for the e-commerce industry but are spreading like a fire in the Jungle.

These technologies can help the store owner in limiting the search for an application. This will allow the e-commerce website owner to have a much-optimized solution for an app.

What is PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are essentially a web app that offers faster processing and cleaner browsing even in low internet connectivity. The app is will allow the app user to feel of a normal native app.


These apps are developed with the help of normal web-based components like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Why PWA?

With features like Push Notifications, support in Offline mode and device accessibility will make the PWA as a sure hit. The PWA is primarily used by the customer to enhance the user experience by-

  • Providing a Reliable methodology- The PWA apps happen to load instantly and work even in uncertain internet connection. When the app
  • Faster Approach- According to reports, maximum customer aborts the process of product purchase cause of loading time. This feature with speed can be improvised conversion rate at the website.
  • Engaging- The app completely feels like any other native app. It has got a highly responsive User Experience. It will help the customer on the store to remain engaged.

What is PWA Headless?

PWA headless is the most prominent advancement in the e-Commerce industry. Here the fetching of data uses API which makes it more advance.

With this technology, web compatibilities are used to provide a native app-like experience.

The Headless PWA follow the decoupling approach wherein the frontend is not intact with the backend.

Hence, with the headless technology in PWA, the app owner will get the advantage to maintain proof of their builds. It will allow them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole content.

The headless approach uses RESTful API or in recent times GraphQL to display content on the device.

Development Methodologies

PWA is the best solution in today’s growing world with its numerous benefits. However, adding the headless functionality will take the PWA to the next level.

So, let’s see how it enhances the Development Experience-

  • Headless PWA Helps in Standardization- The Headless PWA with its trending techniques will make the web app development faster. This, in turn, will allow the achievement of a standard.
  • Latest Architectures- With the headless PWA, we can achieve a lighting fast frontend with a microservice architecture.
  • Modern Technological Stack- The app uses React Js, which offers a flexible framework to make faster stores in less time.
  • Headless Approach- The headless approach connects via API the decoupling will allow the modification of backend with affecting the frontend.

PWA vs Headless PWA

So, let us now summarize the difference between the two massive technologies.


Magento Solution For PWA and Headless PWA

Webkul offers both the solution of Magento PWA studio that the PWA and Headless PWA.

Magento 2 PWA- If you are having a website and you wish to get it converted into an app. Henceforth, the Magento 2 PWA is the perfect answer which gives an app that looks like a native app.

magento 2 pwa
magento 2 pwa

The PWA, unlike the native apps, doesn’t require a specified platform of App or Play Store for installation.

The PWA developed for Magento 2 hence provides the following functionalities and features-

  • User-Friendly experience to the customers.
  • Allow Push Notifications.
  • Lighting fast Speed.
  • Updates are not required as such in such apps.
  • Can operate in Offline Mode once the app is Pre-loaded when network is there.
  • Thus, the admin end of Magento 2 is having the tabs wherein-
    • upload and change application icon.
    • easy modification of splash background color of PWA.
    • set theme and color of PWA.

Headless PWA for Magento 2- With this app the Magento 2 website owner just like a PWA gives the app-like experience to its users.

magento 2 headless pwa

Hence, the Headless PWA for Magento 2 provides an upper hand to the customer with React JS in frontend to add-in great user retention.

The App gives in the facility to set the Splash Background, manage or add the banner images, notifications, featured categories, category’s banner images, and icons.

With this app, the admin can even manage the category carousel and carousel image. Support to Offline mode will be soon available in the application.

The app is also highly responsive on all sort of smart devices and it even gives cross-platform compatibility.


Thus, as per the above discussion, we can finalize that the PWA Headless is the best choice. For any website on PWA Headless will allow the decoupling of frontend from backend.

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