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    Prestashop Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway

    Prestashop Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway – Collection of payment on daily/monthly/yearly basis for the subscribed products directly from the customer’s stripe account is now possible with the use of prestashop stripe recurring payment gateway. Admin can create and synchronize stripe subscription plans on prestashop store and these plans can be assigned to products to make them a subscription based product. Based on the subscribed plan, recurring transaction will take place from the buyer’s Stripe account. Admin can also make either partial or full refund of the order amount to the buyer.


    • The subscription amount will be deducted from the buyer’s account, as per the subscribed plan.
    • Admin can use the module either in test or live mode, as per the requirement.
    • Provide the API keys according to the mode selected.
    • Specify whether the created stripe plans will be deleted from the on uninstalling the module or not.
    • Create the stripe plan on store itself, which will automatically synchronized to admin’s stripe account.
    • Admin can also synchronize the stripe plan from stripe account to prestashop.
    • Specify the plan ID and name while creating plan. Plan Id will be unique for every plan.
    • Admin need to specify the amount & the duration of the subscription plan.
    • Can also add the trial period of the plan. The duration will start after the completion of trial period.
    • Admin can also edit/delete the subscription plan.
    • Admin can assign plan to products in two way.
    • With a new tab in the add/update product page, admin can assign any plan to the product.
    • Admin can assign products with or without combinations to the subscription plan.
    • Admin can update/delete the assigned plan from the product.
    • View the separate list of transactions made through Stripe Payment Gateway.
    • Admin can either refund full or partial amount to customer for their order.
    • While refunding the partial amount, admin can specify the amount less than or equal to the amount paid by buyer.
    • Admin can view the list of subscribed customers.
    • Admin can also cancel the subscription of any customer.
    • Buyer can view the subscription details on product page.
    • Subscription is only possible through stripe payment gateway.
    • Customer will now have the option to save the credentials, so that customer need not to enter credentials again while making the transactions in future.
    • Stripe Payment Gateway supports  Mastercard,Visa, American Express, JCB,Discover.
    • Easy to manage as control never leaves the merchant site while making payment that normally happens with other payment  gateways.
    • Admin can view the subscription detail in the buyer’s order detail page.

    Note: This module is compatible with SCA(Strong Customer Authentication).


    1. Go to the back  office-> modules -> Upload a module
    2. Upload zip file of Stripe Recurring Payment Module 
    3. The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop

    In This way the module can be installed succesfully on your Prestashop Store.


    After successful installation, admin can configure the module.  Note:-

    • If admin has enabled the “Delete all stripe plans from stripe account on uninstalling the module” then all the subscription plan added to admin’s stripe account will be deleted when admin uninstall the module from the prestashop store.
    • If admin has disabled the “Delete all stripe plans from stripe account on uninstalling the module” then all the subscription plan added to admin’s stripe account will not be deleted when admin uninstall the module from the prestashop store.

    How to get API keys

    Admin need to have their account on Stripe Payment Gateway. Once admin is logged in the stripe account, go to user account settings. Now, admin need to go to API keys tab to get the API key for either test or live mode.

    For new SCA(Strong Customer Authentication), admin has to enable Checkout Client Integration as shown below:

    As per the requirement admin can fill the API keys in the module configuration.

    Back-end View

    After successful installation, new tabs are added to manage the stripe payment with recurring and refund option.

    Four new tabs are added to the Stripe Manager tab. We will discuss the functionality of each tab in details Create Stripe Plans

    Go to Stripe manager -> Create stripe plans to create stripe subscription plan.

    On clicking create plan, admin can create stripe subscription plan on prestashop store itself which will be directly synchronized on admin’s stripe account.

    Admin does not have to mention “Trial Period” separately at stripe end.

    This is how Stripe Subscription Plans are created Assign Stripe Subscription

    After creation of plans admin has to assign stripe subscription plans to products, so that products can become subscription based product if the payment is made through stripe payment gateway.

    Go to Stripe manager -> Assign stripe subscription

    • Assigning product with combinations
    • Assigning product without combination(s)

    Once admin has assigned the products to the subscription plans, it can view the plan details and number of products assigned to the particular plan under “Subscription products”.

    By clicking on the “View” button, admin can view the products and number of product combination added to a plan.


    Once admin has added the subscription plan to a product, then that product will be considered as subscription based product if the payment is made through Stripe payment gateway. Once the user visited the product page, the detail related to the subscription plan will be visible to them.

    The customer can also view subscription plan details from category page by clicking on “Quick View” button on a product.

    Once buyer proceed to purchase the product, the stripe payment gateway will be available to buyer to purchase the subscription based product.

    When a customer clicks on “Pay by Stripe” payment option and proceeds to place an order, he gets redirected to checkout page of Stripe website and complete the payment by filling required details.

    Note :- The amount displayed on the popup is only the product amount. The subscription amount will automatically deducted while paying through the stripe gateway. The detail of full payment made by “stripe payment gateway” will be displayed on the order confirmation page.

    Admin can go to “Orders” to view the order detail.

    Stripe Customers

    Admin can view the list of those customers who have purchased the products with subscription plans.

    Stripe Transactions

    Once the order has been placed, admin will be able to view the list of transaction made through stripe payment gateway in Manage stripe transaction.

    Front End View

    Buyer can view the list of their subscription in the new tab. Go to My Account -> My Subscription.

    In this way, admin can successfully provide subscription based products to buyers. Buyers can easily make the payment for the same and the amount will automatically deducted from their Stripe account regularly as per the Stripe plan.


    That’s all for Prestashop Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 5.2.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

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