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    Prestashop Shipping Rates

    Prestashop Shipping Rates extension provides an easy solution for all eCommerce merchants struggling with the limited shipping rate configuration options available in Prestashop’s default installation. It is an addon to integrate the functionality of adding different shipping rates for different carriers. Shipping rates can be set on the basis of the continent, country, state, city, zipcode etc.


    • Admin can define different shipping rates for different carriers based on continent, countries, states, cities & zipcodes.
    • Admin can choose to show free shipping for default address or all addresses of customers.
    • Admin can choose to show/hide free shipping based on IP address of customer.
    • Admin can customize popup block, banner & information block showing all the information about shipping rates as per need.
    • Admin can add shipping rates by importing a CSV file containing all the details.
    • Admin can download info of all the shipping rates by exporting the CSV file.
    • Admin can choose to show banner, popup & information block on various pages.
    • Admin can also link geocoding API with the module to validate zipcodes through geocoding.
    • Admin can choose to add shipping rates considering price, weight or both.
    • Admin can choose to show info about exceeding or deficit amount or both to avail free shipping on the order.
    • Admin can add zipcodes or zipcode ranges under zipcode section in order to easily define shipping rates for them.
    • Admin can also add zipcodes by importing CSV file.


    1. Go to Back office > Modules and Services > Upload a Module
    2. Drop or select your module zip file
    3. The module would be automatically installed


    After successful installation of module, Admin can configure the module.

    Admin can choose to provide free shipping based on IP address of customer in following two cases:
    1) If the customer has registered & did not save the address in his/her account.
    2) If he/she is a guest customer.

    To use geolocation feature admin needs to download the file & extract it into app/Resources/geoip/ directory.

    Admin can either provide free shipping on default address or all addresses of customer.

    Various other blocks present under configuration settings are as follows:

    1. Information Block
    2. Banner Configuration
    3. Popup Configuration

    Information Block

    Under Information block, Admin can Customize the appearance of a block by changing icon & background image of the block. The two options i.e. increased cart value & decreased cart value block will display information about the deficit/exceeding amount needed to avail free shipping on the order. This information block can be shown on various pages of the shop.

    Banner Configuration

    The banner which will be shown on the front end can also be customized by changing its background image, icon & text color. The banner can be shown at different positions on various pages.

    Popup & banner both can be shown at all the same 21 pages.

    Popup Configuration

    The popup will show info about customer’s address, name of shipping partner & amount which needs to be added or subtracted in order to get free shipping. Choose to show this popup at various pages of the shop.

    In this way, module can be configured successfully.

    How To Generate API Key

    To use geocoding for zipcode validation, Admin needs to link geocoding API to module. Steps to generate geocoding API key is explained in the screenshots below.

    In this way, Admin can successfully generate geocoding API key.

    Add Shipping Rates

    Under Shipping rates section, Admin can add various price conditions for different shipping partners. Different prices can be set for different continents, countries, states, cities & zipcodes.

    After clicking on the add button, the box shown in the screenshot below will open. here admin can choose country, state & zipcode for which conditions need to be defined.

    After saving the above details, an option to add different price conditions will be available. Now click on price details to add price conditions for the selected place.

    Here in the box shown below, Admin can define price & weight range with the shipping price applicable on that range(in case if free shipping is disabled). Admin can also disable any particular range.

    In case if any particular range needs to be kept disabled, then ‘zero’ can be entered in those fields to disable them.

    Admin can also upload or download shipping rates in CSV format.

    CSV Export

    By clicking on CSV export, Admin can directly export all the shipping details that he has defined for that particular carrier for different continents, countries, cities & zipcodes.

    CSV Import

    Admin can also import a CSV file for adding shipping rates for any particular carrier.

    A view of the sample CSV file is shown in the screenshot below.

    In this way, Admin can easily add shipping rates for different continents, countries etc by simply uploading a CSV file.

    Zip Code

    Zipcodes or zipcode ranges of various countries can also be added. These zipcodes can also be uploaded via CSV file if thousands of zipcodes need to be added. A sample CSV file is also attached with module to give an idea about tables & entries needs to be made in CSV file.

    Zipcode or zipcode ranges can also be added manually for different countries & states. Given below is a screenshot of manual addition of zipcode range from ‘90001’ to ‘90050’ of california in United States.

    This is how admin can add various zipcodes for different countries & states.

    All the saved zipcodes will be available to add from the dropdown, if they are previously added under ‘zipcode section’.

    Note-: In case if any of the carrier is disabled from module then shipping price of that carrier will be calculated from the default carrier setting of Prestashop.


    Given below are screenshots of two different plans added on two different carriers.

    After adding above two plans, the amount which needs to be added or subtracted to avail free shipping will show on all the blocks i.e popup, banner & information. All the blocks will contain deficit/exceeding amount with their carriers name to avail free shipping & address of the customer.

    A view of all the blocks at front end is shown in upcoming screenshots.

    1) Popup-: 

    2) Banner-:

    3) Information Block-:

    At the checkout page, Prices of respective carriers will be fetched from module as per settings.

    This is how the admin can successfully create various shipping price conditions for various continents, countries, states etc.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .


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