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Prestashop Order Exchange/Cancellation

Updated 22 December 2023

When you are running an eCommerce store, dealing with product exchanges and cancellations are unavoidable. Unlike shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, customers don’t get the opportunity to try or examine the product before making the purchase.

Customers exchange/cancel the product due to several reasons. It can be a size issue, the incorrect product ordered, product no longer required, etc.

If a customer is unable to exchange or cancel the order in case he is not satisfied with the purchase, he may move to another store. Thanks to Prestashop Order Exchange/Cancellation, you can now allow your customers to easily create exchange/cancellation for the orders placed.

This extension facilitates the customers to exchange the products of any previous order with new products.

Also, an additional payment option “Pay via wallet” is provided to the customers on the store. Customers can add money into their Prestashop wallet and use it for making payment for the orders hassle-free.

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Increase customer satisfaction, improve the shopping experience, and boost conversions by letting customers exchange/cancel the orders with ease.

Note: PrestaShop Order Exchange/Cancellation module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x and multi-store feature.

Features Of the Prestashop Order Exchange/Cancellation

  • Customers can process request for order exchange or cancellation.
  • Post-creation, the customer can choose to delete the request.
  • View all the requests placed for exchange or cancellation from a separate “Exchange/Cancel” tab.
  • Accept/Cancel the requests placed for order exchange or cancellation.
  • “Pay with Wallet” payment option is available for store customers.
  • Customers can add money into the wallet and use it for making online transactions.
  • Option to use the wallet in single/multiple currencies.
  • The product base amount and the tax amount(if included) will add to the customer’s wallet after acceptance of cancellation requests.
  • View customers’ details who are using wallet and the transactions done by them using the wallet.
  • In case of multiple currencies, the wallet balance will convert into context currency in real-time.
  • If there is insufficient balance in a wallet to complete the order, the customer can add money into the wallet on run-time without losing the current cart.
  • Customers can pay the remaining amount through other payment modes in case there is insufficient balance in a wallet.

How to Install Prestashop Order Exchange/Cancellation

  • Firstly, go to the module manager in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.

Prestashop Order Exchange/Cancellation Module Configuration

After the successful installation of the module, admin can configure it by clicking on “CONFIGURE” button.

Prestashop Customer Wallet Settings


Admin can select whether the wallet will be operational for single currency or multiple currencies. We will discuss more about wallet settings later in the blog.

Process Exchange/Cancellation Request

After successful installation, two new tabs: ‘My Request’ and ‘My Wallet’ gets available for the customers under “My Account” at the front end.


To process an exchange or cancellation request of an order a customer has to click on “Process Request” on order detail page under “Order History and Details” tab.


After clicking on “Process Request” button, a customer can either request for order exchange or order cancellation.


Request Cancellation

If a customer clicks on “Request Cancellation” button a pop-up appears on a screen in which a customer has to enter the reason for the order cancellation and submit the request.


After the submission of cancellation request, the customer can delete it by clicking on “Delete Request” button as shown below:


Request Exchange

When a customer clicks on “Request Exchange” button a pop-up appears on the screen in which a customer has to enter the reason and select a product along with its combination in exchange of the product purchased before.


After the submission of exchange request, customer can delete it by clicking on “Delete Request” button as shown below:


If a customer has ordered multiple quantities of a product (for example 4) and he wants to exchange 3 quantity of a product out of 4 then he can select the products along with its combinations in exchange of the product purchased before.


Once a customer has submitted exchange and cancellation requests he can view it under “My Request” tab as shown below:


Once the customer has submitted a request for order exchange or order cancellation, admin can view it by navigating through orders->Exchange/cancel.


Under “Exchange/Cancel” tab admin can view order exchange and cancellation requests placed by the customer(s).


Cancellation Requests

By clicking on “View” button, admin can view details of a product in an order for which customer has raised an exchange or cancellation request.


Exchange Request


By clicking on the “View” button, admin can view information of a product for which an exchange request is placed and information of a product to exchang with a previously ordered product.



  • In case of approval of cancellation request, the base amount of the product will add to the buyer wallet.
  • If product amount is tax inclusive, then on cancellation, base amount and tax amount will add to buyer wallet.
  • If an order includes shipping charges, then the shipping charges will not be refundable to the buyer.
  • In case of approval of exchange request and the amount of exchange product is less than the amount of previously ordered product, then the extra amount will add to customer wallet
  • If exchange request gets approved and the amount of exchange product is more than the amount of previously ordered product, then the module will check whether the sum of an amount of previously ordered product and wallet is equal/more than the amount of exchange product.
      1. If yes, then the order will be placed.

2. If no, then it will show the alert message indicating insufficient balance in the wallet

Once admin accepts the cancellation/exchange request, the status of requests changes from pending to complete and a customer can view it under “My Request” tab.


Customer Wallet Settings

Admin can select whether the wallet will be operational for single currency or multiple currencies.

Wallet for single currency

If admin has opted to use the wallet for the single currency, then the wallet balance will not be available for other currencies (if selected by the customer on frontend).


A customer has selected US dollar ($) as the context currency.


A customer has selected Euro (€) as the context currency.


Wallet for Multiple Currencies


If admin has enabled the creation of wallet in multiple currencies, then the wallet money will be converted into the selected context country.

Suppose the currencies installed in your PrestaShop are USdollar ($) and Euro (€).

A Customer has selected US dollar ($) as the context currency.


A customer has selected Euro (€) as the context currency.


Account Page

A customer can add money to the wallet and view all the transactions done through wallet under “My Wallet” tab.


On clicking the “My Wallet” tab, the customer will find an interface from where money can be added to the Wallet.


When a customer enters the amount he wants to add in his wallet and clicks on “ADD MONEY” button, he will be redirected to the order page where he has to select a payment method for completing the order.


Once the order gets confirmed, a customer can view the transaction on the wallet page as shown below:


On confirmation of crder on customer’s end, the admin will have to change the order status to “Payment Accepted” to ensure that the balance is displayed in the customer’s wallet.

From admin’s end when order status has been changed to “Payment Accepted”, customer’s wallet balance will be displayed and the wallet is now ready to use.


Now a customer can use the wallet balance for making the purchase on the store.

If customer’s order amount is less than the wallet balance, the entire amount will be deducted from wallet if the customer opts to pay via Prestashop wallet.


Now if a customer’s order exceeds the wallet balance, payment can still be made using the wallet balance and the remaining amount can be made via any other payment gateway available or the customer will also have an option to add more money to the wallet on run-time without losing its cart where he has added the products that he wants to purchase.


Now, if a customer chose to pay the remaining amount via another payment method(for example – by cheque), then in My Account -> My Wallet a transaction of only $100 will be shown while the payment for the remaining $81.93 will be shown in the Customer Orders. Go to My Account -> Order History and Details to view this.


Wallet – Admin End

Admin can view all the customer’s transactions done through wallet by navigating through Customers->Wallet.



For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

Current Product Version - 5.0.3

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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