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    Prestashop-OpenERP Order Status Comparison

    Prestashop-OpenERP Order Status Comparison: It is the second module in our series of Prestashop OpenERP Bridge(POB) Maintenance module. It helps in comparing the various states of a sale order between openERP and Prestashop, and hence reduces a lot of manual labor.

    Main Features:

    • This module provides a two way comparison of order statuses between openERP and Prestashop,
    • Orders with difference in status are marked in red color by default,
    • Option of comparing all orders, a single order, and orders between a particular date range.

    Working Process:

    For a comparison of sale orders you need to install the  “Prestashop-OpenERP Order Status Comparison” module on your OpenERP instance. After successful installation of module you will find a new menu named “Compare Order Status” is available under ‘PrestaShop-Bridge’ main menu. On clicking this menu a wizard will open, and you will have to select your preference for order comparison.

    Select “All Orders” if you want to compare status of all orders between openERP and Prestashop. Select ‘Select Order’, ‘Within a Date Range’ for a single order or for orders within a particular period.

    The choice selection scree will be like:

    You need to select your choice for comparing orders. As mentioned above you have three options and you can select any one according to your choice. After selecting the choice click on “Search Now” button and results will be displayed according to your choice.

    Here is how results screen will look like:

    From the result screen you can easily find out the orders who have a status mis-match. The orders with different status on openERP and different on Prestashop will be visible in red color.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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