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Prestashop-OpenERP Order Status Comparison

Updated 25 January 2023

Prerequisite: POB Extension: Order Status Comparison is a dependent module on Odoo Bridge For Prestashop, which is the framework module to provide the structure to integrate PrestaShop with Odoo. You need to install the base module first for Prestashop-OpenERP Order Status Comparison to work.


Prestashop Odoo Order Status Comparison: It comes with a needful feature of comparing the various states of a sale order between Odoo and Prestashop, and hence reduces a lot of manual labor for the admin. Avoid delays in order fulfillment and manual labor to maintain consistency between Prestashop and Odoo order status with this extension Order Status Comparison to avoid confusion.

Although being the second module in our series of Prestashop Odoo Bridge(POB) Maintenance modules this extension shows you the current status of the orders at Odoo and Prestashop end so you know exactly what’s happening with the order fulfillment in your store.

Note: There is no need to purchase this addon separately if you are using Odoo 12 or above. The features of this module are incorporated with the default functionality of Prestashop Odoo Bridge for Odoo Version 12 and above.


  • We can enjoy a two-way comparison of various order statuses between Odoo and PrestaShop.
  • In case of a difference in order status between PrestaShop and Odoo, it will be marked in red by default.
  • We have the feasibility to compare orders on basis of Specific orders, Order Status by Date, and Order Status by Id Range.


In order to do the sales order comparison, the extension must be installed priorly in your instance.

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  1. After the successful installation of the module, you can find a new menu named “Compare Order Status”. It is available under the ‘PrestaShop-Bridge’s main menu.
  2. On clicking the menu a wizard will appear, and you will have to select your preference for order comparison.
  3. Select “Specific Order” if you want to see the status of any specific order. You can filter on basis of the order name or you can click on all orders to compare all orders between Odoo and PrestaShop. 
Specific order input field
  1. If you want to filter the order on basis of the order creation date. You can refer to the screenshot, fill in the date range in the input fields and search.
Order status by date input field
  1. You can also filter the search on basis of two order id ranges. You can refer to the screenshot, fill in the order id range in the input fields and search.
Order status by range input field
  1. The choice selection screen will look like this:

You need to select your choice for comparing orders. As mentioned above you have three options and you can select any one according to your need. After selecting the options click on the “Search” button and the results will be displayed according to your need.

From the result screen, you can easily find out the orders who have a status mismatch. The orders with different statuses on Odoo and PrestaShop will be visible in red color by default.

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Dedicated Support For You

Webkul’s dedicated official support provides you with customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Prestashop Odoo Order Status Comparison module. 

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here: 

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

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