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Prestashop Membership {User-Guide}

Updated 31 January 2024

The eCommerce sector always brings ideas that enhance the productivity of the store as well as the shopping experience of the customer. The concept of membership is very old & has always proved beneficial even for offline businesses. The idea was always to provide some extra benefits to the premium segment of customers. keeping the same idea alive in eCommerce too, we bring you the Prestashop Membership module.

After the installation of the module, you can easily create multiple membership plans for your customer. By buying the plans, your customers will be eligible to enjoy the benefits of the plan. This will only encourage your customers to buy the membership for privileged benefits. Now, let’s proceed further to know more about the features & workflow of the module.

Check the overview of the plugin in the video mentioned below –


Features of the Prestashop Membership module

  • Add unlimited number of membership plans.
  • Add specific price rule, cart rule, catalog discount, and group discount for each plan.
  • Offer free membership plan to customers.
  • Membership menu added in the front end where the customers can view available membership plans.
  • Customers can view membership plans puchased right from their accounts.
  • Enable automatic approval of customer’s membership plan request.
  • Allow customers to extend their activated membership plans.
  • Extend membership plans on behalf of customer.
  • Let guest users view the available membership plans.
  • Set number of plans to show on the front end.
  • Voucher for customers on purchsing the membership plans.
  • The admin can assign membership plan to the customer manually.
  • Approve, disapprove, or delete customers’ membership plan requests.
  • Send email notification to the customer in case manual approval required for plan request.
  • Send email notification to customers for membership expiration.
  • Allow/restrict activation of multiple plans at the same time.
  • Show “Become a member” link on navigation and footer bar.
  • Display promotion banner for membership at footer position on the website.
  • Display advertisement banner for membership on various store pages.

How to install the Prestashop Membership module

  1. Firstly, go to the module manager in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  2. After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  3. In this way, the module installation will be successful.

How to configure the Prestashop Membership module

After the successful installation of the module, you need to configure it.


A case

Let’s say that you enable the automatic approval of customer plan requests. As we all know, automatic approval of plan requests considerably makes the process easier. But, even then there might be a case when this automatic approval can create issues. Let’s see such a case here.

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Suppose you have enabled the automatic approval of customer plan requests in your shop. Now, a customer purchases the plan & suddenly encounters a problem at the time of making a payment. Even after encountering an issue at the payment terminal, the order is successfully placed. In such a case, the plan will activate for the customer even when the admin didn’t receive the payment.

So to solve such an issue, we gave a new option to choose an order status on which the plan will activate. This will allow the admin to manage things smoothly.


After disabling the automatic approval of plan requests, you can also select the order status on which the plan will activate.


Membership Contact


Admin can set multiple emails on which he/she wants to send the notification when any customer buys a membership plan. If an admin is setting multiple emails then each email has to be separated by a comma (,).

Free Membership Plan


Admin can enable/disable the free membership plan for their customers. A customer can take the benefit of free membership only once, after that they have to buy a paid membership plan to take the exclusive benefits.



Customers will get the discount voucher code when they buy the membership plan and the admin can enable/ disable this feature. Each customer will get a unique voucher and only an authorized customer can redeem that voucher.

Advertisement Settings


Display “Get membership” option in page bottom

By enabling this option, the admin can

  • Choose to show the membership link on the bottom position of various store pages.
  • Set custom text for plan description.
  • Upload the advertisement banner.

Cron Settings


Admin has to enter the link shown in the above screenshot in cron tasks manager. It will help him send the warning and membership plan expiry mails to the customers.

An important note:

Add your site link in place of this string “”.

After this, you have to do an entry on your server cron tab.

You have to use this syntax-
5 0 * * * curl

You have to replace the string “” with your site link.

Prestashop Membership Module Workflow

After the successful installation of the module, three new tabs get available on the dashboard.

  • Membership Plans
  • Plan Requests
  • Customer Plan Details

Membership Link at Navigation and Footer Bar


Get membership promotion banner displayed at footer


Get membership option displayed on product page


Enable/ Disable membership plan for guest users


If the admin disables showing the membership plan to guest users, then the guest users cannot see the membership plan in the front office.


When a guest user clicks on the membership tab to buy the membership plan then a message will display to the user as shown in the above screenshot.

Add Membership Plans

For adding a membership plan, go to the Membership Plans page. Here, you can choose to add multiple membership plans for customers.


Click on ‘Add new plan’ button to create a new plan.

Note:-  Admin must specify the benefits of the plan, which will display on the front end. Separate each benefit by a comma, so that they appear in separate lines.


Once saved, the admin can add specific pricing, cart rule, catalog discount, and group discount for the plan.


Add Discount for Membership Plan

Admin can set multiple specific price rules to provide different discounts on different conditions like Currency, Country, Customer Group, Specific Customer, Time Duration, Fixed amount, or Percentage.


Add Cart Rule for Membership Plan

The admin can provide special discount to the customers who purchase the membership plan. While adding a cart rule, the admin can restrict the rule to specific countries.


Add Catalog Discount for Membership Plan

The admin can offer discount on the catalog to the customers who have purchased membership plan.


Add Group Discount for Membership Plan

The admin can set discount for each customer who belongs to this membership plan.


Customer Groups

To view, the customer groups added after creating membership plans, Go to Shop Parameters -> Customer Settings -> Groups.

Note:-  The name of the customer group will be the same as the name of the membership plan.


Now, admin can easily assign specific benefits to each plan accordingly.

Other Benefits with Membership

Special Products

Admin can assign multiple products to the plan. Go to Catalog -> Categories.

Here admin can add a new category to associate the category with the particular customer group. Apart from that, you can also assign a particular customer group to an existing category too.


Now, go to catalog -> Products.


In this way, you can easily assign special products to the membership plans.

Special Shipping

The module also provides you to assign a shipping method as a special benefit to a particular customer group.

In such a case, you can either create a new shipping method or else assign an existing shipping method to a customer group.


Front End Workflow

After the successful installation configuration of the module, a membership menu gets available on the top menu. By clicking on the menu, customers can view all the available plans.


On the membership page, the customer can view membership plan price, benefits, and duration. On clicking the View benefits button, a popup appears on the page where a customer can view plan details.


Note:-  Customer can buy only one membership plan at a time. An error message will appear when a customer tries to add more than one membership plan to a single cart.

Post-installation, a new tab gets available in the customer’s account. From this tab, a customer can view membership plans he has purchased.


After clicking on the “My Membership” tab, you can can view a list of purchased membership plans.


Create Voucher


While configuring the module admin can enable or disable the option of sending vouchers after a customer buys any membership plan. He can set the rules also for this voucher- like, Voucher validity, minimum cart amount, percentage/ amount wise discount, restrictions on product category, etc.

Voucher available at Customer’s end

After successfully purchasing the membership plan customers will get the email containing the discount voucher which they can use for their future purchases and they also can see the voucher code in the “Vouchers” tab, where they can check all the vouchers available for the customer. After clicking on this tab customers will land on a new page where they can see all the vouchers and information of available vouchers.


Plan Requests

After purchase, the customer’s membership plan request is sent to the admin. The admin can view customers’ membership plan requests under Plan Requests tab.


After activating the customer’s plan, the admin can see the customer plans under customer plan details. To view the plan detail, firstly select the customer using the drop-down list. An admin can also choose to delete the customer plans.


After the admin’s approval, the status of the plan will change to active. Now customers can enjoy the benefits of the plan. Additionally, customers get to extend their existing plans as well.

If a customer purchases the same plan twice then the duration of the plan adds to the current plan. And, the older plan expires.

Admin can check the customer’s membership plan by applying the filter of the customer’s name or can see the membership details of all the customers. The admin can also assign membership plan to the customer by clicking on “Assign plan to customer” button.

Click on the button, then choose the customer and plan to be assigned to the customer.


Membership plan Details at customer’s end

If a customer extends the plan before the expiry, then the remaining days of the current plan add to the next plan.


When a customer raises a request for plan extension, a new row adds under “Membership Plan Details”. The new row displays the plan extension status.


A request for plan extension goes to admin. Now, when the admin extends the plan, a message displays to the customer on the “Membership Plan Details” page as well.


As per the configuration, a warning message also displays when the expiry of the plan is near.


Various membership benefits will display to the customers who have purchased the plan.

Product Page


Cart Page


On the shipping page, special shipping method will be available for the customers as per the active membership plan.


So, this was all about the Prestashop membership module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. Also, do let us know about your views in the comments.

In case, if you also want to integrate this functionality for your marketplace customers, then do check out the blog.


For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket or send us a mail at [email protected]

Also, please explore our Prestashop development services and a vast range of quality Prestashop addons.

Current Product Version - 6.3.1

Supported Framework Version - 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x

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