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    Prestashop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction

    Prestashop Seller Buyer Interaction: Adding a website chat system to your Prestashop marketplace website can really help you engage with visitors. It will not only build a confidence on customer end but also enhance the functionality of your site. It is a new tool but it adds widespread benefits to your website. An online chat system provides customers immediate help with a comparatively faster feedback.

    We hereby bring you an online chat system for your marketplace website based on API driven from It helps buyers to have an easy communication with Admin or Seller ensuring they engage more with your website.

    Functionality benefit :

    • Live Chat is Convenient for Customers and an essential tool to enhance your website.
    • Live Chat Cuts Down on Expenses and Increases Sales.
    • Another nice perk of live chat is that you can get nearly instant feedback.
    • Live Chat Gives You An Edge of Your Competition.

    Note: This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. To use this module, you first have to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace


    • Use this FREE OF COST Marketplace Addon to add new chat functionality to your site.
      (Admin will have to purchase one of the plans listed on )
    • Buyer can have an online chat with Admin and Seller.
    • The buyer feels connected with admin/seller as he gets faster responses as compared to a phone call or emails.
    • Works on API
    • Admin can enable/disable the auto-approval of chat service request sent by the seller.
    • An admin can purchase amongst the various plans provided on
    • Admin gets 10 days of grace period to pay off their bills.
    • Admin gets their bills generated from at regular time periods.
    • An admin can decide the parameters of Seller’s Bill Generation – Daily Or Monthly.
    • Admin has the authority to select the billing day for the seller.
    • Admin can select the chat cost payable by the sellers.
    • An admin can activate/deactivate seller’s chat service
    • Admin can approve/disapprove the seller’s request to use the chat service
    • Sellers has an option to avail the chat functionality.
    • The seller can easily communicate with their buyers.
    • Sellers can activate/deactivate chat service at his own will.
    • The seller can pay for their chat service via a secured Payment gateway – Paypal.
    • Chat includes a Pop-up Notification with a sound alert.


    In order to install the module, you need to install Prestashop Advanced MultiVendor Marketplace module first.

    After installing the marketplace module, you can now proceed to install the Prestashop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module.

    1. Firstly, Go to the Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    2. After that, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    3. In this way, the module installation will be successful.


    The module is ABSOLUTELY FREE !!! but to avail the functionality on your prestashop store you have to be registered at and have to purchase one of the plans from

    Check the already existing plans  :

    Admin needs to purchase one of the above plans.


    Admin has to first enter his e-mail id to register for the chat service.  Once registered here admin automatically registers on

    *REMEMBER – The registered e-mail id will work for a single domain.

    Once registered, admin can manage all the plan settings from the configuration page.

    Now admin moves onto setting a plan for the APP.

    Set Plan and Activate APP

    Now admin moves onto setting a plan for the APP.

    There will already be few plans created on Admin can select and purchase one of these plans for his Prestashop store.

    Admin will select the plan and click on “Activate your Plan“. The selected plan will get listed on Plan settings block of the configuration page.

    Admin will now have to activate the APP from General Settings block.

    Once the APP is activated, a non generated bill will be listed in the Bill Details Block.

    The APP is now active. Seller can now send chat request to admin. We will learn about this in the following section of our Blog.

    *NOTE –  The Bill Will Generated Be For Admin on the First of Each Month Irrespective of the date of purchase of plan.

    Seller Request And Its Approval

    Once Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module is installed on Prestashop site, a new tab is added to seller ‘s account.

    On clicking “Seller Buyer Chat Details” tab, a seller will have an option to send a Chat request to Admin.

    Once the module is installed, admin has two additional tabs under “Seller Buyer Interaction tab”

    • Manage Chat Settings
    • Manage Chat Requests

    When seller sends the chat request, admin can see these requests in “Manage Chat Requests”page

    Here, an admin can do following things:

    • Accept/decline the seller chat request.
    • Edit/delete the chat request.

    Edit Seller chat request Page :

    In this way seller”s chat request is managed by the admin.

    Seller Chat Settings

    Once admin has accepted the chat request, a seller can see all the chat details and bill generated under “Seller Buyer Chat Details” tab.

    However, the bills generated for the seller depends on the configuration set by admin.

    Admin End

    Admin can configure chat settings by navigating through Manage Seller Buyer Chat-> Manage Seller Chat Settings.

    Chat Settings Block

    It is up to admin to decide the parameters on which bills will be generated for sellers :

    • Billing day.
    • Billing period – Daily or Monthly.
    • Chat Cost payable by the sellers.
    • Grace period to be provided to sellers for payment.

    Chat Request Settings Block

    From here, admin can enable/disable the automatic approval of seller’s chat request. End

    Admin can log in to by entering email id used for creating an account.

    Once the admin has logged, admin will have an entire menu with various tabs displaying various information related to the chat service.
    Admin will have his own dashboard at end.

    In the “App Details” section, admin can see his registered domain, the number of sellers opted for this service and admin’s own status.

    Under “Seller’s Tab“, Admin can view a list of sellers who have opted for the chat service offered by the admin on the prestashop site.

    In the “Settings” tab, admin can view the Bill generation configuration that the admin had set for its sellers.

    Now, in “My Plans” section, admin can view the plan details that he had purchased from

    IIn “View Bills” section, the bills generated for admin by will be displayed.

    This is how all the details are managed on

    Chat Process

    Admin Buyer Chat

    Buyer can easily reach out to admin and response time will be better in comparison with other tools like phone calls/ emails etc.

    For example: From Home-Page or Customer Account page, a buyer can initiate the chat with admin :

    After entering the name, email id, and Query a buyer can start a conversation with admin.

    Admin will receive a popup notification with a sound alert.

    Admin can easily reply back to customer’s query.

    This way chat process continues between Admin and Buyer ensuring a smooth and an effective conversation.

    Seller Buyer Chat

    Using this module, Buyer can easily reach out to the sellers.

    Buyer can chat with a seller on the seller’s product page, seller’s profile page, and seller’s shop page.

    A seller can view the message and reply back to the buyer.

    So, this was all about the Prestashop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. Also, do let us know about your views in the comments.


    For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at

    Current Product Version - 5.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

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