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    PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction {User-Guide}

    Updated 3 February 2023

    Establishing a live chat channel between buyers & sellers is very essential these days. Therefore, we are bringing this PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module for you.

    The module integrates a fully equipped chat system into your store. This will help your customers to interact easily with sellers as well as you(Admin).

    Live chat has many benefits for your store. To quote some of them, here is the list:

    • Live chat ensure customers of quick resolution.
    • Increases customer retention.
    • Higher customer satisfaction rate.
    • Convenient communication channel
    • Quick & easy messaging solution.

    Note: This module is an add-on to the Marketplace Module. To use this module, you have to install Prestashop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.

    Features of the PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module

    • Integrate a full-fledged chat system for the buyers & sellers of marketplace.
    • An admin needs to create an account on to get the API keys.
    • Fully featureful chat application offered by ChatWhizz.
    • Buyers can initiate a chat with the admin and seller both.
    • A seller & admin both can choose to accept or reject the chat request.
    • An information about the active/inactive status also displays in the chat window.
    • Admin needs to purchase a plan from the
    • Fast responses through live chat sytem increase satisfaction level.
    • A seller needs to send a request to become an operator to chat with the customers.
    • Admin needs to approve the seller to become as operator.
    • The sellers get to communicate with their buyers easily.
    • On any incoming message, chat shows popup notification along with a sound alert.
    • The module is multi-shop compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.4.0/3.4.0 and above.

    Note: Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module is compatible with PrestaShop 8.x.x

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    How to install the module

    In order to install the module, you need to install the Prestashop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace module first.

    After installing the marketplace module, you can now proceed to install the PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module.

    • Firstly, Go to the Module Manager in Back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
    • After that, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    • In this way, the module installation will be successful.
    Click to Install Prestashop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module
    Drop or upload the file of Prestashop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module from the system
    Prestashop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction module installed successfully

    How to get the API Keys for the module

    After the installation of the module, proceed to configure the module. But, in order to configure the module, you’ll need ChatWhizz API keys.

    Using the keys, you can easily integrate an effective & fast messaging system between your customer & seller.

    So, now let’s just proceed further to take you through the process of generating the API key.

    Firstly, visit the ChatWhizz website.

    Then, either sign in to the existing account or proceed to create an account.

    To create an account, click on the “Sign up for Free” button.

    Chatwhizz home page

    After that, you will land on this page. Now, you need to enter some basic details here in order to create an account.

    Create account on ChatWhizz

    After clicking on the “Create Account” button, you’ll receive a code on your email. Enter the code & verify your account.

    Verify email

    After verifying the account, a new page will open. The new page will show you the list of all the available plans.

    Select a plan

    Select a plan

    Select any one plan from the above & proceed to pay for the plan.

    payment is now complete

    After making the payment successfully, you can now use your credentials i.e., email & password to access your account.

    login to the chatwhizz account

    Install Seller Buyer Interaction Addon

    Now, you need to navigate to the “Addons” section available in the left-side drawer of the page. Under this section, there is a list of a bunch of addons.

    For the “Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction” module, you need to install the “Seller Buyer Chat” addon. To install the addon, click on the “Install” button & proceed.

    Install seller buyer interaction addon

    After clicking on the “Install” button, a page containing the plans for the addon will open. Select a plan of your choice & make a payment.

    select a plan for the seller buyer interaction addon

    On making the payment successfully, you will now be able to get the API details.

    Now, you need to navigate to the “API details” option available under the “Seller Buyer Chat” section

    Seller buyer interaction addon added successfully

    Under the API details, you can easily find the API keys to configure the seller buyer chat module in your Prestashop. If you want, you can also regenerate the API keys by clicking on the “Renew Token” button.

    API keys of the seller buyer interaction addon

    So, this was all about the process to generate the API keys for the module.

    How to configure the module

    In this section, we will know the process to configure the module.

    To configure the module, you will need the API keys. And, the process to generate the API key is clearly explained in the previous section.

    So, to configure the module just use those keys.


    After saving the API keys, a new section becomes available on the configuration page. In that section, you just need to enter your domain name & email. After that, just save the details.


    Note: Please enter the domain name without including the HTTP:// or HTTPS://.

    Now, you can see the added domain in your ChatWhizz account too.

    Store added in the seller buyer interaction addon

    The workflow of the Seller Buyer Interaction module

    Firstly, the seller needs to become an operator to interact with the customer via chat.

    But, to become an operator, sellers need to send the request to the admin. So, let’s just see how to create the request to become an operator.

    Firstly, a seller will go to the seller dashboard. Now, a seller will navigate to the “Edit Profile” section.

    Seller dashboard

    Under the “edit profile” section, sellers can now see a new tab i.e., “Operator“. Now, here a seller needs to select the option “Yes” & click on the “Submit” button.

    request to become an operator

    After clicking on the “Submit” button, a message to notify about the successful request creation will also display.

    operator request submitted successfully

    At the admin’s end

    At the admin end, a new request of the seller to become an operator will show under the “Manage Seller Operator” tab.

    FYI, this “Manage Seller Operator” tab is available under the “Marketplace” section on the backend. Here, an admin can easily approve the request of the seller to become an operator.

    operator request of seller at the admin end
    operator request of seller approved

    At the seller’s end

    Now, at the seller’s end, some details will be available along with the status. Currently, the status is showing as offline cause you have not logged in to ChatWhizz yet.

    operator details at the sellers profile page

    After the approval of the seller as an operator, they are available under the list of operators under the ChatWhizz account too.

    operator list under the seller buyer interaction addon on ChatWhizz

    Manage Seller Buyer Chat

    In order to be online, log in to the Here, domain refers to the name of your website which you used at the time of registration on ChatWhizz.

    ChatWhizz login page

    As you can see, no chats are available in your account yet.

    Seller account login in ChatWhizz

    Now, after logging in, the status in the operator section is also showing as “Online“.

    Seller status updated on profile page

    Chat Between Customer & the Seller

    In the image below, you may notice that a customer is requesting to start a chat.

    Seller buyer interaction window at the product page

    Therefore, a new request for chat will also appear in your ChatWhizz window. You can either accept or decline the chat request of the customer.

    In case, if you want, you can also see the message of the customer before accepting/declining the request. After looking at the message, you can decide accordingly.

    One thing to note is that you can not reply to the customer until you accept the chat request. It means, you can see the message but can only reply when you accept the chat request.

    seller chat window

    Send a reply from the ChatWhizz chat window & the same will reflect on the customer’s end.

    buyers message in the seller chat window

    You may see the sellers reply in the image below. Now, in this way a customer & the seller can easily chat using the integrated chat functionality available with the module.

    seller buyer interaction window on the product page

    A chat window to initiate the chat with the seller is available on the seller product page & other seller related pages of the store.

    And, to initiate a chat with the admin, customers can start a chat from any page(apart from the seller’s product/sellers related pages) of the store.

    Home Page

    seller buyer interaction window on the home page

    Category Page

    seller buyer interaction window on the category page

    Offline Message

    An offline message is also shown to the customer when the seller is not available to chat.

    Offline status in seller buyer interaction window

    So, this was all about PrestaShop Marketplace Seller Buyer Interaction Module. I hope this document will help you in checking the functionality of the module in a better way. Also, do let us know about your views in the comments.

    In case, if you are also looking for a module to assign badges to the seller based on performance. Then, do check out the blog.


    For any kind of technical assistance or query, please raise a ticket at or send us a mail at [email protected]

    Also, please explore our PrestaShop development services & vast range of featureful PrestaShop Addons.

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