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    Prestashop Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions

    Prestashop Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions- With billions of users on Facebook, sellers can now drive a lot of traffic to the marketplace store. With the help of our module, sellers can integrate their products to their Facebook fan page. Customers can go through seller products on Facebook itself and can even add product to cart, wishlist or can share. Seller can customize their Facebook fan page template as per requirement.

    Note :-

    • This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. To use this module, you need to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace first.
    • To use and have the functionality of Prestashop Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions module, it becomes necessary to have SSL certified website as Facebook has restricted linking of any website without SSL certificate.
    • From now on, you can create tabs only on those Facebook pages which have 2000 or more followers or if you app has been whitelisted by Facebook.


    • Seller can link their products to Facebook.
    • Seller needs to have Facebook developer account.
    • Seller has to specify the APP ID and Secret key to configure module.
    • Seller need to have “Fan page” on their Facebook account.
    • Seller has to link module to their Facebook account by adding “Facebook Canvas” and “Page Tab” platforms.
    • Seller has to make the APP live so that it is visible to all publicly.
    • Seller can have full control on their Facebook fan page.
    • Seller can change the template theme and shop settings.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of default Prestashop slider.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of new arrivals on Prestashop store.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of best sellers on prestashop store.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of recommended products.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of subscription block.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of footer category block.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of footer block.
    • Seller can enable the top banner, if the slider is disabled.
    • Seller can enable/disable the display of the category banners.
    • Seller can change the colour of the theme.
    • Seller can change the colour, style and size of theme font.
    • Seller can change the colour of the fonts used in header.
    • Seller can change the footer colour as well as footer font size.
    • Seller can also change the text message used in the footer.
    • A new button to restore the default facebook shop configuration setting is added.


    For installing Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions module you need to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module first.

    After installing marketplace module you can start the installation of Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions module.

    1. Go to the back  office-> modules -> Upload a module

    2. Upload zip file of “Prestashop Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions” module

    Module will be installed automatically.

    Seller Configuration

    After successful installation of module, a new tab “Facebook Shop” will be added to seller marketplace account.

    After getting the APP ID and Secret key, seller has to fill these details in the module configuration.

    Once seller saves the Facebook credentials, new configuration tabs would be available. Seller can now configure Facebook shop as per requirement using these configuration settings.

    Template Configuration : 

    Shop Configuration : Seller can now manage Facebook shop page display by configuring “shop configuration

    Theme Configuration  :  Seller can also set theme colour using “theme configuration” tab.

    How To Get The API Keys

    To get the API keys seller should have account on Facebook developer site. seller needs to create developer account on Facebook in order to add new apps to the account.

    Enter Display Name and Contact Email Id to Add a New App.

    Go to Basic Settings. Now seller has access to App ID & App secret key to configure his/her module.

    How To Link The Module With The Facebook App

    To link module with Facebook app, seller has to go to the Facebook developer account. Go to App settings and then click on Add platform. On clicking add platform a pop up will open.

    Seller needs to add Website URL and Page Tab.

    Seller needs to add website URL & Page details to Integrate them into shop.

    After this, click the button shown in pictures below to make your app public.

    Do remember to disable “Native or Desktop App” option.

    In case if you want to enable “Native App” option then make sure to disable option (Shown by right arrow).

    Do not forget to allow API Access to App Settings

    In this way, seller can successfully link module with Facebook account.

    How To Create Facebook fan Page

    Seller needs to integrate Facebook fan page into their own Facebook account.

    Login to your Facebook account, Now click the button shown in the picture below to expand Drop-down menu & then click on “Create Page” to add a new Facebook fan page.

    Now follow the steps represented in pictures below.

    After filling in necessary details in the screens above, click on “Get Started” to go to your fan page.

    This is how seller can create Facebook fan page successfully to proceed further.

    Facebook Shop View

    Seller has configured & linked the module with Facebook account. Now, Seller can click on “Click to add store” to link his/her Prestashop store to Facebook fan page.

    Note: – It is necessary to have Facebook Fan page to link Prestashop store. A fan page can display multiple Prestashop store.

    After adding the page seller will be redirected to the Facebook shop custom page. Now, seller has to visit their Facebook account. Seller will go to the fan page to which the shop is added.

    On clicking “Name of your shop” option , admin can view the name of the page tab. Once admin clicks on that tab, he/she will be redirected to Facebook Shop page.

    Custom Facebook Shop Page Setting

    Seller can customize available custom template for seller’s Facebook shop page as per need. seller can go to “shop setting” in the module configuration to do the same.


    • By default, the display of slider is enabled if the slider related module provided by Prestashop is enabled.
    • By default, the display of slider is disabled if the slider related module provided by Prestashop is disabled.
    • If seller has disabled the slider and enabled the banner then banner will be displayed instead of slider.
    • Seller can also enable the category banner and can also change these banners.

    Seller can also change the theme colour, fonts and footer message from “theme configuration”.

    Front-End View :

    That was all about Marketplace E-Store – Social Promotions & the process to integrate the shop to facebook to increase the popularity of the shop among customers.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 5.0.2

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .

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  • Ale Dev
    Hi, I would like to know if via this addon I can automatically publish articles on my facebook store. To be clear, I got products A to Z on my PrestaShop site and there will be an option that will automatically transfer and publish them on my facebook store.
    • amit kushwaha
      Thank you for showing interest in our module.

      This is an extension of our Advanced Marketplace module in which sellers can link their store to facebook and products will be automatically visible on the facebook shop page if the seller will add any product in their store.

      If you want that admin can link their store with facebook fan page then you can check this- module.

      If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to raise a ticket at and we will assist you on the same.

      Best Regards,
      Amit Kushwaha

  • Sovathana
    Hi there:
    I am interested with your module. However, I wonder is it possible to have it for testing first below I purchase? Because I am in Cambodia, and Facebook shop in Cambodia is quite strict.
    • Mehul Gupta
      Greetings from Webkul.

      We do not provide trial versions of our module, however you can check the module from the live demo available.
      Demo Link :

      If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to raise a ticket at and we will assist you on the same.

      Best Regards,
      Mehul Gupta

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