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    Prestashop Google Cloud Print

    This module connects your eCommerce store with your printer using Google Cloud Print to automatically print your invoice and/or delivery note as soon as a new order is registered on your store. Your files will be printed via a printer far from your location by simply connecting through cloud.

    No matter where you are, your bills will automatically come out of your printer with every order. All you need to have is Google client ID and the Google client secret key to configure the module.

    Note : It is mandatory for a website to be HTTPS.


    • Easy to configure
    • Connect printers with your eCommerce store using Google Cloud Print
    • Add classic printers from Google
    • Supports both classic and cloud-ready printers
    • Print order invoice automatically
    • Print order delivery slip automatically
    • Upload files that you want to print
    • View Google cloud print logs


    Please follow the below mentioned steps to install the module:

    1. Go to Prestashop back office
    2. Click on “Modules and Services” under “Module” tab
    3. Click on “Upload a module”


    You can also configure the module by clicking on the “Configure” button place right in front of the module name.

    Let’s now learn how to configure the module.

    API Setting:

    You need to enter the Google client ID and the Google client server id here. You can generate these ids from google account.

    Once you enter the ids, click on the “Connect” button to connect your account.

    Note:  In the case if you change your Google account password or remove app access from Google account, then you need to re-connect your account.

    On clicking the “Connect” button, you’ll be redirected to the Google Sign In page, where you’ll be asked to choose an account.

    Once you’ll select your account, it will ask your permission to access your Google account. Click on the “Allow” button to proceed further.

    Once you’ll allow, a message will be displayed saying the Google Cloud print module has now been connected. You can select the printer from the module configuration page.

    Note: Please close this page for security reasons.

    Google App Settings:

    You’ll have to add these Authorized Javascript origins and Authorized redirect URI in your Google app account.

    Now, go to chrome://devices/  and select the classic printers that you want to add.

    Note: This will only be followed if the printer to be connected is not cloud ready

    Select Printer:

    The list of Printers will be available in the drop down list.

    Click on the Update button to update the list from Google account.

    General Setting:

    Under this, configure the settings as per your requirements.

    Document Print:

    Under this, drop the file that you want to print and click on “Print” button.

    The files that you have printed will be show under “Google Cloud Print” tab in the “Improve” section of the module.

    How to get Client and secret id

    To get the google app id, admin has to create an account on google developers console.

    Now create a new project. Go to select a project->create a project.

    Now, go to google API keys-> credentials-> OAuth Consent screen. Here admin has to provide the required details.

    Again go to credentials and click on create credentials.

    Once you click on create credentials, select OAuth client Id.

    Once done, select Web application under the Application type and click on create.

    Once you click on Create, the client ID and the client secret ID will be generated.


    Customer orders a product name “Faded Short Sleeves T-shirt”.

    Once the admin changes the payment status to “Payment Accepted” from the back office, an invoice will be printed automatically and the information can be viewed under “Google Cloud Print Logs”.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.7.x.x

    Supported Framework Version - 5.0.0

    . . .


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