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    Prestashop Geolocation | Auto-set Currency and Language

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    Prestashop Geolocation module automatically updates the currency & language of the shop based on the user’s location. It also fills the city & zip code column in the customer’s address form automatically based on the user’s location.

    Not only the module helps customers to save time but also makes the website user-friendly by displaying products features & prices in native language and currency.

    Features of Geolocation Module

    • Updates the currency of the shop based on the user’s location.
    • Updates the language of the shop based on the user’s location.
    • Logs entry of all the users who tried to access the website in the separate module file.
    • Set default language & currency of the shop for various countries.
    • Enable catalog mode for certain countries.

    How to Install the Prestashop Geolocation Module

    1. Go to Back office>Module Manager>Upload a Module
    2. Now, Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
    3. In this way, the module is successfully installed.

    Configure Prestashop Geolocation Module

    In the event of successful installation of the module, following message will display if the Geo IP database is not present.

    For Prestashop 1.7: To configure the module, you need to download the Geoip file and & extract it into app/Resources/geoip/ directory.

    For Prestashop 1.6: download the Geoip file and & extract it into module folder/views/lib/vendor/resource .

    Additionally, set default language & currency of the shop for various countries.

    To set default language & currency for various countries

    Go to International->Geolocation Settings

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    Workflow of the Geolocation module

    Module helps to update the language & currency according to the user’s location.

    Information to test the module will display on the home page.

    In case, if the catalog mode is enabled for any country. Then, add to cart button is not visible for the user of that country.

    The city & the zip code are automatically filled on the checkout page based on the user’s location.

    That was all about Prestashop Geolocation Module & the benefits it brings to the customers.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 4.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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