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    Prestashop DHL Shipping

    Prestashop DHL Shipping – This module is a very useful and incredible shipping module which provide DHL shipping methods for product. DHL method is available for both the domestic as well as international customers. It calculates the shipping rates based on DHL API on the basis of the configuration set by admin taking into consideration the mentioned product dimension and weight Admin will have an option to decide whether single or multiple package will be created for an order. This module will not only help admin to generate shipping labels but also helps to track the order. Admin can now also request for a pick-up !


    • New shipping method is added to the store.
    • Shipping methods are available for domestic as well as international buyers.
    • Admin has to provide account information.
    • Admin can configure packaging settings also.
    • Cost calculation of DHL shipping, based on the configuration details by admin.
    • Buyer will have a DHL shipping method available, along with cost.
    • Fully compatible with latest API.
    • Admin has an option to select whether the order has to be sent in a single package or multiple packages.
    • While creating multiple packages for an order, Admin can select which product and what quantity of that product will be sent in which package.
    • Admin can create shipping labels.
    • Admin can add custom label text to be displayed on the shipping label.
    • Admin can easily track the order from order detail page.
    • Admin can request a Pick-up for their Orders
    • Customer can also track their order from their order page.


    1. Our DHL Shipping module is completely based on API. Our module is a rate calculator which will display the rates calculated directly from DHL shipping method’s website based on admin’s shipping address and customer’s delivery address taking into consideration the mentioned product dimension and weight Note: Display of a particular shipping method will totally depend upon the API.
    2. DHL api credentials are not same as your DHL account credentials. You have to get credentials from DHL support through email. So please contact to DHL support to get DHL api credentials.
    3. Module takes into consideration DHL express rates.


    1. Go to the back  office-> modules -> Upload a module
    2. Upload zip file of “DHL Shipping” module
    3. The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop.

    This is how module can be installed on your Prestashop site.

    Configuring the Module

    After successful installation of the module, admin has to configure the module. Admin needs to enter all mandatory details required for API integration.

    Now the module has been configured. We move on to see how the module will function.


    After successful installation, list of domestic and international DHL shipping methods will be added to the carriers list. Go to Shipping->Carriers.

    Now suppose a Customer purchases multiple products with multiple quantities in a single order.

    While purchasing any product buyer will find the DHL Shipping methods with their cost calculated through the admin DHL Configuration Details.

    Admin can view the name of the DHL shipping carrier with their shipping rate in order page. Admin will have a drop-down menu in the DHL Shipping Details Block from where he can select whether single or multiple packages will be generated for the order.

    Suppose Admin selects Multiple Package creation for the order, admin will select the products and its quantity to be sent in respective packages.

    Admin can create more packages by clicking on “Add more Labels” tab. It is at the free will of the admin to decide which product and how much of its purchased quantity will be sent in the packages. Once admin has created his own packages, Click on “Create Shipment Label” tab. This will enable label creation for the packages designed by the admin.

    Once the labels for the packages have been generated, admin download the shipping label and also Track the order Package wise.

    Customers can also track their order from their order detail page.

    This is how admin can add DHL shipping methods to their store.

    DHL Pick Up Functionality

    In this module, admin also has a feature to request a pick up ! From Admin Order detail page itself, a pick up request can be generated.

    When Admin clicks on ‘Request DHL Pick-Up’ tab, a pick up form pops up which needs to be filled in by the admin. DHL Pick Up Request form has three parts :

    • Requestor Details
    • Place Information
    • Pick Up Time Information

    On the Requestor Details Form section, Admin needs to fill in the details of the Person who is requesting the pick up from DHL

    On Place Information section, Admin will enter the place details from where pick up has to be taken by DHL.

    On Pick Up Time Information section, Admin will enter the desired Pick up date and Time.

    Once a pick up request in generated,  Admin can modify or cancel it according to his desires.

    Note –  One pick up request for one order can be generated irrespective of whether the order is sent in single or multiple package.

    This is how admin manages DHL shipping on its website along with single/multiple package creation, generating shipping labels and track the order as well as request a pick up. Thank you for reading this Blog : ) We hope our Addon will enhance the functionality of your prestashop site.


    That’s all for Prestashop DHL Shipping still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 6.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

    . . .


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