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prestashop :- Creating new front end page for your prestashop within module

Updated 9 April 2013

Prestashop provide the way to make entire new page through your module. For this you must follow directory structures

Some step given bellow to make new page

Step 1 – Creating the correct folder structure

Create a module and install it (for how we create module you can saw the previous blog )

let your module name is testmodule then after installation you can check module folder where you get testmodule folder

Directory structure is

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  • module=>your module name
  • controllers=>front=> your file name

that means directory structure is 



in my case file name is test.php

Step 2 – Adding the new page’s controller


if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_'))
class modulenameTestModuleFrontController extends 
ModuleFrontController	{

	public function initContent() {

			global $smarty;	



your class name as

modulename is your module name.

then add your file name in my case my file name is test then i am adding “Test” and then add ModuleFrontController and extends ModuleFrontController


now open this link to any browser



. . .

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