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    PostNL Shipping: Multi-vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Updated 22 June 2021

    The Multi-vendor Marketplace has come up with another shipping feature app here namely PostNL Shipping.

    With this featured app, the admin can allow sellers to manage the order fulfillment via PostNL and automatically generate shipping labels of the orders.

    NOTE:- This PostNL shipping feature app is available only with the Multivendor Pro Plan ($45/month). Moreover, you need to enable the Shipping Add-on for FREE from the ‘Feature Apps’ section of the app.

    MARK:- Access to Shipping requires your Shopify store to be on the plan that supports Real-Time Carrier-Calculated Shipping.

    This feature app will charge you a minimal amount of $10 per month over and above your current Multivendor plan.

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    NOTE:- Dutch language is now supported in Shipment Type of PostNL Shipping.

    How to Activate PostNL Shipping?

    To enable this feature within your app, all you need to do is to visit the “Featured Apps” section of the admin panel and enable it from there.

    Feature App-shipping

    Once you click on “Feature Apps”, you will get the list of apps listing in this section. Now, you can scroll down to get the PostNL feature and click on the enable button.


    Click the Enable button to activate the feature app.

    In this way, you can enable the feature within your Multivendor App.


    Admin End:-
    As soon as you enable this feature app, a new sub-menu gets added in the Configuration menu of the app i.e. PostNL Configuration.
    Note:- You need to have an account on PostNL to configure the details in the app.

    Before this, You need to visit the Shipping Configuration and enable the PostNL Shipping as shown in the below screenshot:


    As soon as you activate the PostNL Shipping, you can proceed to configure the PostNL details. Go to Configurations>>PostNL Configuration.

    You need to enter the PostNL API key, Customer Number & Customer Code that you get from your PostNL account.
    Configure Available Days for Delivery i.e. how many days from the current date you want to allow sellers to deliver the order to the customers.
    Choose domestic shipping service timings when the order is to be delivered.
    Enable International shipping in case you have configured the same on the PostNL shipping portal.
    Holiday Sorting:– You can enable this if you want the order to be delivered on the holidays also as per the Belgium/Netherlands calendar.
    Select a country for the order shipment and language in which you want to show the tracking order details.

    admin panel

    Once you configure these details, the sellers will also get the option to enable the PostNL shipping from the Shipping Configuration menu of their seller panel.

    seller end

    Global Shipping Configuration

    Also, the sellers need to configure the Global Shipping Configuration details from here:
    Shipping Duration:– The seller needs to enable this tab if he/she wants to handover the packet to the PostNL for shipment on the same day of order fulfillment.
    Moreover, the seller needs to configure the delivery details based on the shipment location.


    Now, the shipping must be required for the products. The seller will add/edit the product and select any shipping method enabled in the app based on which shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

    Shipping Label Generation

    Both admin and seller can generate the shipping label for the fulfilled orders. Admin can configure the shipping Label details.

    Seller needs to follow these steps to generate shipping labels:

    • Login to Multi-vendor Seller Panel.
    • Go to Orders.
    • Visit the Order Listing section.
    • Select the Order for which You want to Generate Shipping Label.
    • Proceed to fulfill the order.

    Clicking the Fulfill button, you need to select the PostNL as the shipping method.


    Select PostNL Shipping and choose the delivery date & time frame:


    Then, the seller will click “Agree and Fulfill” button.


    Allow Sellers to Select Delivery Method On Fulfillment

    You can now allow your sellers to select a delivery method at the time of order fulfillment. For this, you need to first enable the configuration from the PostNL Configuration menu on admin panel.

    Now, once enabled, the seller will get the option to select shipping type while fulfilling an order.


    Items is fulfilled.


    Moreover, the seller will then print the Shipping Label.


    Shipping Label Generated:-

    PostNL Shipping

    Customers can track shipment for all the upcoming orders fulfilled via PostNL shipping.

    That’s all about the PostNL Shipping feature App.


    Link to check the demo of Multi-vendor Marketplace app for Shopify:

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