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Increase Conversions by Phone Number Login in E-Commerce

Updated 9 November 2022

With each passing day, there is something new and exquisite being added to the lap of e-commerce.

Therefore, it is a pressing priority for businesses to analyze the customers’ shopping mindsets and update their online stores’ features likewise.

In light of the above case, we as site owners must be aware of how important a Login Process is for the customers.

As it is the first step after a customer visits an online store, an easy-to-go login help convert the visitors into customers.

Moreover, an increase in cyber fraud instigates online merchants to ensure customer authentication. This has led to integrating steps to ensure a secure login process.

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Even customers, who are persistent in online purchases demand a speedy and secure login.

Imagine, you visit an online store that is offering some products on sale until 12 noon. And it’s already 11:45 am, and to log in to the store, you have to go through seven steps or pages to create an account.

You start off filling in the details and discover each step of the login process covers a list of ten fields. Well, maybe after a step or three, you might tend to leave the login procedure and switch to another site.

This can be a serious case to ponder over as it’ll surely lead to a loss for the store owner in terms of sales and customers. Also, cases such as cart abandonment or bounce rates for the website may show up.

That’s where the concept of Login through Phone Numbers comes to play. Let’s fret out and dig in to know some interesting particulars relevant to Phone Number Login.

Characteristics: Phone Number Login

The primary step to customer retention, without any doubt, is an elementary login procedure. If your customer can’t log in effortlessly, there is no point in giving a thought to sales conversions!

Therefore, give your customers an enticing login experience with Mobile Number Login for Magento 2


Let us put light on a very common scenario- 

In countries like India, even if people are unable to access the internet, it has been seen that they do possess a cell phone. 

For such individuals, mobile number login can turn out to be beneficial in situations that demand a login procedure.

All they got to do is, add their phone number, receive an OTP and they are good to go. 

mobile number otp

With this, we must discuss some of the essential properties of Login through mobile numbers-

  • Just entering a Mobile Number to log in can guide you smoothly to an online store.
  • An enhanced login experience that it offers to the customers, will make them return to the store for their buying needs.
  • A good login experience would result in a fine shopping experience for the customers. 
  • Moreover, a smooth login procedure can help convert visitors to permanent customers.
  • Most importantly, easing things for the customers as most of them possess a cell phone. 
  • Zero dependencies on emails to manage various accounts in our day-to-day lives.
  • The customers get to change their phone numbers. 
  • A mobile number login in most cases comes with an additional layer of security, i.e. One Time Password (OTP) or even SMS verifications. 
  • Apart from this, most of us remember our phone numbers, isn’t it?

That’s all for the Increase Conversions by Phone Number Login in E-Commerce. If you face any issues, feel free to add a ticket at webkul.uvdesk

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