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    Convert your store into Multi Vendor Marketplace

    PayPal Commerce: Moving Towards Marketplaces and Crowdfunding Applications

    Let’s kick off with a scenario. A customer makes a purchase from your store and later on realizes that an amount of suppose, 1 lakh has been debited from his account!

    Unfortunately! did it just happen because your payment gateways weren’t secure enough?

    The customers lost the crucial card information to the cyber frauds while making the payment for the order. Well, no store owner or customer will want to encounter such a situation!

    This, in turn, will make customers lose faith in your product and services and you might end up losing a valuable customer.

    On this account, let’s head forth and establish an idea so as to why securing payments is vital.

    Obligations of having Secure Payments Solutions!

    Meanwhile, if one wishes that the customers keep coming back for their buying needs, then payment security is a mandate for the online stores.

    Most of all, it works well in retaining your customers‘ trust in your products and services.

    Indeed! as I always say, “Customer First!”

    Moreover, it makes a pavement to generating real sales and hence revenue for the online businesses!

    The checkout page for any online store is the most essential. As that’s where our customers tend to add their most crucial information or card details to pay for the order.


    If that isn’t secured, then you got to lose the sales that could have got you enough revenue.

    Subsequently, you might even end up losing those valuable customers.

    Heading Forth, with PayPal Commerce

    A seamless and a secure online payment operation is the talk of the town.

    However, when talking of securing payments, the first name that pops in is PayPal.

    Undoubetdly, as it is first Payment Gateway in the world, known for its secure and credible payment solutions. 

    Webkul is a proud official partner of PayPal and we have spent an extensive time span in developing the PayPal Commerce Marketplace Plugin.

    PayPal Commerce also known PayPal for Partners provides complete payment solutions for online marketplaces or any platform which involves buying/selling of goods or services. 

    Webkul’s PayPal Commerce Marketplace Plugin incorporates the most vital disbursement modes namely, Instant an Delayed Payment modes.


    These modes decide whether or not to transfer amount manually (through admin, delayed mode) or instantly (instant mode) to the vendors. 

    Moving ahead, let’s dig in, and put some light on the specificities associated with PayPal:
    • Extremely secure payment solution we can offer our customers. 
    • Its One Touch feature leverages the customers to just add the login details. 


    • It does not require the customer to add details again as they pay for their online transactions. 
    • If any user receives any product in a inappropriate condition, PayPal ensures a full refund for the same.


    • Also, it offers its buyers cost-effective discounts with various retailers. 
    • Paypal assures a faster, hassle-free and secure payment for both domestic or international customers.
    • Adding to this, PayPal even makes money transfers extremly easy and sound. 
    • It facilitates users to add bucks to the PayPal balance which makes money transfer much easier. 
    • PayPal which is partners with the giant online auction site, eBay, initiate online bids and auctions leading to secure purchases. 
    • Most of all, it’s set up process is easy and is free of cost.


    To know more about PayPal services, please checkout the following links:-

    Hence, that’s all for the Magento 2 Mobile Number Login. If you face any issue, feel free to add a ticket at webkul.uvdesk

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