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OpenCart Xero Connector

Updated 11 October 2023

OpenCart Xero Connector: Xero is a New Zealand based company that develops accounting and payroll software for small business. Xero is designed to reduce the time spent scrambling voluminous records. Using the Opencart Xero Connector you will be able to sync your Opencart Store – Customer, and Order details with the Xero.

Check a brief overview of the configuration –  


Check a brief overview of how to generate the consumer and secret key – 


Features- OpenCart Xero Connector

  • The admin can manually synchronize the Opencart store – Customers, and Orders with the Xero.
  • Sync New Customer Registration from the Opencart Store to the Xero.
  • Sync Orders placed from the Opencart Store to the Xero.

Installation- OpenCart Xero Connector

Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system according to your Opencart version.

The extracted folder has admin, ocmod, and system folders. You need to transfer the admin and system folders into the Opencart root directory on the server as shown below.
OpenCart Xero Connector

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Once you have uploaded the folders, login to admin and then from the catalog section go to Extensions> Extension Installer and upload the XML file.

The XML file can be found on ocmod folder under the module directory. In ocmod folder select the Opencart version you are using under which you will find wkxero.ocmod.xml file.
Extension InstallerAfter uploading the XML file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh field.
OpenCart Xero Connector Refresh Section

Also, after that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> User Groups and edit ‘Administrator’ and choose to select all for both Access and Modify Permission for the permission that you want to provide and save it.
OpenCart Xero Connector Accounting Tax Extension

How to install Xero PHP oAuth2?

To install the bindings via Composer, and add the xero-php-oauth2 sdk to your composer.json:

Navigate to where your composer.json file is and run the command

composer require xeroapi/xero-php-oauth2
If no composer.json file exists, create one by running the following command. You’ll need Composer installed.

composer init

How the get client Id and client secret?

For the Client Id and the Client Secret key, the admin needs to login to the Xero developer account.


After that, they need to click on the My Apps tab and then click on the New app button.


On clicking the New app button a pop up will appear and the admin needs to fill it.

  • Enter the name of the App.
  • Enter the URL of the company or the application.
  • The admin can also give the URL of the Privacy policy.
  • They need to enter the company URL as OAuth2.0 redirect URL follows with /index.php?route=xero/wk_xero_connect
  • The admin can also add another OAuth2.0 redirect URL if any.
  • They need to read and agree to the Xero Developer Platform Terms and Conditions.
  • After that, need to click on the Create app button.

Then, the admin can have the Client id and can click on the Generate a Secret link to generate the Client secret.

Once the admin clicks on the Generate a Secret link, a Client secret generates as per below image:

Opencart Xero Connector

Once they have done will copying the Client id and the Client secret, they can click on the Save button to update the app.

How to create an organization on Xero?

For creating the organization on Xero, the admin needs to login to

After that, they need to click on the current organization name (in Top-left corner) and then select change organization option as per below image:


After clicking on the change organization tab, the admin needs navigate towards Add a new organization:


Now, the admin needs to fill the required information in the form:

  • Need to enter the name of the organization.
  • Select the organization country and the time zone.
  • Enter the currency which the organization use.
  • Enter what the organization does.
  • Select the financial year-end date.
  • Select the previous accounting software.

After entering all the details the admin can click on the Buy Now button to proceed further. Also, they can take the trial by clicking on the Start trial button.

Thus, in this way, the admin can create the organization on Xero.

How to add currency to Xero Account?

The admin can add multiple currencies which are added to their store on the Xero account.

For that, they need to click on the current organization name (in Top-left corner) and then select the settings option as per below image:


After going to the Organisation settings, the admin needs to click on the Currencies option as per below image:


After that, they can see the existing currencies of the organization and also can add a new one.

For adding a new currency, the admin needs to click on the Add Currency button as per below image:


Afterwards, they need to select the currency from the Select a Currency drop-down list. For the reference, check the below snapshot:


Once the admin selects the currency, then they need to click on the Add Currency button.

Now the selected currency is added to the Xero Account.


The admin needs to navigate to the Charts of Accounts section under the advanced option available under the Accounting section.


From here the admin will select the code of  Xero Income Account Code & Xero Income Expense to enter during configuration. As shown in below screenshot.


Configuration- OpenCart Xero Connector

Once you have performed the above steps you can now see the module under Extensions->Modules->Webkul Xero Connector from here you can install and edit it.

Edit Install Xero Connector

Also, click the edit option to configure the module, this brings up another page as per the below screenshot.

Here, the admin will configure the module for use by –

  • Status:- Enabling or Disabling the module for use
  • Enter the client id and the client’s secret.
  • The admin can set the order status to draft, Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment. So whenever an order is exported to the Xero it exports with the selected status only.
  • Need to enter the Xero Income Account Code & Xero Income Expense Code available at Xeros’ end.
  • Entering the Sync Slot Number and must be between 3 and 30 for exporting the customers and orders in slots. and save the settings.

Now after saving the basic configuration settings, the admin will click on the “Authenticate” button.

Results in a pop-up for selecting the organization made at Xero end.


after that needs to click on the “Continue with the organization” button, the authentication is completed.

After authentication, the disconnect button will appear which can be used to disconnect the connection between the module and Xero.

opencart xero connector

Admin Management

After the installation of the OpenCart Xero Connector extension, the admin will have the Xero menu option visible in the admin side panel. Here, the admin will be able to export and check the exported – Customers and Orders from their Opencart store to their Xero account.


Under this section, the admin will find all the exported customers to Xero. Also, to export the customer details from opencart store to Xero, first select what to synchronize from the drop-down option – All Customer or Only Enabled Customer and then clicking the Export Customer button.
screenshot__14_-2Also, after a successful export, you will see a success message.


Under this section, the admin will find all the exported orders to Xero. Also, to export the orders from Opencart store to Xero, clicking the Export Orders button.
Screenshot-2-3Also, after a successful export, you will see a success message.

Exported Details – Xero

After the admin syncs the – Customer, and Orders to Xero all these details are visible under their account at Xero.

Customers: Navigate to Contacts->Customers.

For Orders:- The admin needs to click on the Business tab and then on the invoice.

For the reference, please check the below snapshot:


Here the admin can see all the list of the exported orders and invoices with their id, status, name of the customer, etc.

Also, the admin can check the Draft, Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Approval invoice separately by clicking on their tabs.

The admin can view the invoice by clicking on that as per below snapshot:


Here, the admin can see the information related to the invoice such as Products, it’s Description, Quantity, Price, Discount percentage, Tax Rate, Total, etc.

The admin can also edit the customer details on the invoice. For the reference, check the below snapshot:


That’s all for Opencart Xero Connector. If you have any query or customization requests regarding to this extension get back to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

. . .

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