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Opencart Slack Commerce

Updated 11 October 2023


The Opencart Slack Commerce will allow the integration of the Opencart with the Slack Application.

With the help of this integration recording of on the store, activities are done at the Application end also.

It cumulatively records the set of the transaction to keep visualize them on the application. Thus, allowing the store owner to remain updated about the store activities.

Slack application is a collaborative platform where the admin will add team members to the project. The conversation here happens in the form of channels.

Hence, the store owner and its team will get the information about the store easily.

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  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Slack Commerce module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Watch video tutorial below to understand the extension workflow:



  • Custom channel communication using the slack application.
  • Both admin and customer can receive custom notification messages on the slack application as set by admin in configurations.
  • Track of the action held in the store.
  • No need to visit the store again to check on store activities.

Why Use Opencart Slack Commerce?

This Slack application-based module will allow the admin to record the activities held on the store in the Slack application. Thus, helping the admin to enhance the store as per the tracked activities.


Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.

Hence, the folder contains – admincatalogocmod and system folders.

Thus, one needs to transfer the admincatalog and the system folders into the Opencart root directory on the server as shown below.


After this, you will navigate to -> Extension Installer and upload the file wk_opencart_slack_commerce.ocmod.xml which you will find inside the ocmod folder.


Thus, navigate to ->Extensions->Modifications and click refresh on the top right-hand side as shown below.


After the above step, the admin needs to navigate to System->Users->User Groups->Administrator(Click the edit button).

Now, select all for “Access Permission” and “Modify Permission” and then tap the save button.


Now, go to Extensions-> Modules->Opencart Price List and click the install button to install the module as shown below.


Admin Configuration

The admin will be able to configure the application as per the business requirement. For this, the admin can follow two types of navigation-

Extension>Extension>Module>Opencart Slack Commerce




Here, the admin will enter the-

  • Select Store- The store owner needs to select the store where the module will be active.
  • Status- The module is set to the ‘Enable‘ state for the functionality to be visible on the store.

Multi-Store support

Here, in the admin panel, the store owner can select the store and add the slack account details. Thus, offering effective multi-store support.



In this section, the admin will enter-

  • Username- The store owner will enter the username of the Slack account.
  • Channel- The admin can enter the channel name here which that admin has created in the account.
  • Token- It is the number for the slack API which the account holder needs to create. The admin will enter the token id after the word “Bearer“.


The admin can next toggle to the Message tab in the configuration.


Here, the admin will enter the Message on various actions that will display on Slack Account.

However, the recording of these actions is generally difficult in the store. 

Hence, these applications provide the facility for the recording of such actions.

For now, the application supports these action types only-

  • New User Registration- The admin can enter the message when a new customer registers the web-store.
  • Login User- The admin can enter the message when the customer login the website.
  • Order Create- Here, the admin can select the message which will be shared when the customer places the order.
  • Order Return- The admin selects the message when the order is set to return by the customer.
  • Payment Fraud and fail- The message selection by admin in case of fraud and failure of payment.
  • Search Product Not Found- The message set here by the admin will display in case of a product being searched by the customer is not found.
  • Customer Assigned Coupon- The admin will set a message in this field which will generate when the coupon is assigned to the customer.

How to get a Token and Channel details?

The admin needs to have a Slack account to access the module functionalities.

Therefore, for this, the admin can create an account from here – Get Started.

slack.com_get-startedThe admin can log in with his social media account or they can use a mail id for account creation. 


The account holder can then enter the organization’s name, and project name. What kind of work you will do on this project, and what is the team member’s name the admin will mention these details.

Finally, after registration, the account holder is redirected toward a Slack Channel window.


How To Create a Channel?

The app user or store owner can click on the Add channels button to create a new channel.


This will allow the opening of a new channel that needs to add to the backend of the store.

How To Get Token?

Now, the account holder can create the token id directly from here-


The admin clicks on to create an app button and this will redirect to another page.


Here, the admin will choose the option for the channel. If the admin wants to create the channel from scratch they can choose the option accordingly.


Furthermore, the admin needs to add the app name and workspace for the app. Then click on the “Create app” button.


Now, the admin needs to install to the workspace for that they need to click on the Install to workspace button.


Furthermore, the admin will add an OAuth scope for Bot token scopes and user token scopes. This will redirect to the other page where the token URL will generate.


Copy Bot User OAuth Token ID and use it to configure the slack in the Opencart platform.

Slack Message

The admin can edit the message for various actions in the store. The admin will see the message on the slack application.

For this, the admin needs to navigate to the Message section.

Here, the admin can add a new message or edit the existing ones. Thus, help in defining the template for the same.

Slack message

The admin can click on Plus sign to add a new message. Whereas, the admin clicks on the edit button to change the message.


Here, the admin will enter the-

  • Name- The action name for the message.
  • Message- The message which displays when the action takes place.

Multi-Lingual Support

The admin can enter the messages in multiple languages. This will allow the slack application user understand the actions in a better way.


Front-end workflow

The customer in the front end will easily take action which admin records in respective slack app account.

For instance, the customer searches a product that could not be found in the store.


Slack Application

This could be seen by the admin in the slack application to record the absence of the product.

slack messages

This will allow the admin to track down the current product demand. They can even communicate about such actions using the slack application.


So, that’s all for the Opencart Slack Commerce. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the extension then you can get back us at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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