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    OpenCart Quick Order

    Opencart Quick Order: The Quick Order module will allow the customers to add the products in bulk to the cart in one place without the need of visiting each product page within the website. This extension is convenient for the customers who already know the products they want. The customers can easily search the products using the product name or just by entering the alphabets of the product name to populate the products.


    • Products can be searched by Name or alphabets.
    • Customers can purchase all products from a single page.
    • Add multiple different products to the quick order.
    • The buyer/customer can add the different options of the products in a row.
    • Estimate shipping and tax from the quick order page.
    • Guest users can place the quick order.
    • Product types supported – simple, downloadable, and products with options.


    Step 1:

    Extract the contents of the received zip folder on your system according to your OpenCart version. The extracted folder has admin, catalog, and ocmod folders.
    Now, upload the admin and catalog directories into the Opencart root directory.

    Step 2:

    Once you have uploaded the folders, login to admin panel and then go to Extensions> Extension Installer and then upload the XML file. The XML file is in the ocmod folder under module directory. In the ocmod folder, select the Opencart version that you are using and under it, you will find quick_order.ocmod.xml file.

    Step 3:

    After uploading the XML file go to the Extension -> Modifications and click on refresh field.

    Step 4:

    After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> User Groups and edit the ‘Administrator’ and choose to select all for both Access and Modify Permission for the permission that you want to provide and Save it.

    Step 5:

    Now go to Extensions-> Modules->Quick Order and click the install button to install the module.

    Module Configuration – Admin

    After successful installation of the extension the admin will configure the module for use. To do so, navigate through Extension->Extension->Modules->Quick Order and click on the edit button.

    This brings up the section with the module configuration settings as shown in the snapshot below.

    Here, the admin will –

    • Enable the status of the module by selecting “Enabled” else select the ‘Disabled‘ option.
    • Set the Row limit for the customers. This will restrict the customers from adding more than the set number of rows for adding the products to the cart. E.g: In the above image, row limit is 10 so the customer will be able to add only 10 products.

    Workflow – Frontend

    On the website front end, the users can reach the Quick Order page by clicking the Quick Order link in the header of the website.

    On the Quick Order page, the buyer can see a text-box to enter the Product Name. After entering the product name & selecting the respective product, rest of the fields get auto filled which include – Quantity of the Product, Sub-Total, and Image(click on the image to redirect to product page).

    You can also click the Remove button to remove the added product. You can also add more rows by clicking the Add Row button as shown below in the snapshot.

    To search a product the buyer will have to enter the name of the product or can type in the alphabets of the product name to populate the products.

    After that, just click on the product if it’s available within the populated search list so as to add it directly to the product cart with default quantity as 1. You can also alter the quantity of the product as per your need. After adding a product to the cart, you can see the product added in the row and into the cart as well.

    To add more products just click on the Add Row button again to add more products. The buyers can also add products with options as well.

    After searching and selecting the product, if it’s a product with options then you will get a pop-up for choosing the product options before adding the product to the cart. After selecting the product options, click the Add Cart button.

    This will add the product to the cart. You can also add more products as per your requirement by clicking the Add Row button.

    Here, you can also apply discount or reward points if any else you can continue to directly estimate your delivery cost. To estimate the delivery cost, click ‘Estimate Shipping  & Taxes‘ drop-down option. Here, select your country, region, and enter your post code and then click the Get Quotes button.

    This brings up a pop-up to select the shipping method. Select the shipping method and click Apply Shipping button after that.

    This applies the shipping estimate of your cart and you can see the shipping cost applied. Before moving further if you have a coupon or a gift certificate code you can apply them here. Click the Checkout button.

    This brings up the checkout page. Here, complete all the required steps and click on the Confirm Order button in the last to complete your quick order.

    After placing the order the customer can check the placed order details by navigating to the Order history section.

    If you have already added a product within a row, and somehow you again go for adding the same product at this time you will see a pop-up for confirmation of the same with an option of Yes or No. In this case, you want to acknowledge select Yes on the pop-up. This adds a single quantity of the product to the already added same product quantity. Else select No and nothing happens.

    Example: MacBook is already added. I’ll add it once again by clicking the Add Row button.

    Adding the Product Again

    After clicking the OK button, the already added product’s quantity gets increased by 1. Click No to make no changes.

    Guest User:

    Guest users will also be able to make use of the Quick Order. Quick Order link is visible in the header of the website.

    All the steps of selecting the products to add to cart are same. Clicking the Proceed to Checkout button brings up the checkout page. The guest needs to select Guest Checkout radio option and click the Continue button after that.

    Under the billing details section, add the required fields and click the continue button.

    Under the Delivery Details section select your preferred shipping method for use on this order.

    After making the selection for the payment method, under the Confirm Order section click the Confirm Order button.

    That’s all for the OpenCart Quick Order extension. If you have any queries, doubts or suggestions regarding the extension get back to us at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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