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Opencart ProxyPay Payment Method

Updated 11 October 2023

ProxyPay is a well-known secure and famous payment gateway in Angola for online purchases. It allows customers to generate references that can use to make payments by visiting the nearest ATM or Home Banking service.

Opencart ProxyPay Payment extension allows the customers to use ProxyPay payment services for the payment of their orders. After placing the order the customer will get a reference id for the placed order.

After that, the customer needs to use that reference Id for completing the payment by using internet banking or ATM and the system will recognize the payment automatically.

The admin can integrate this payment method by using the ProxyPay API Key and Entity. The admin can even set the reference expiry days after which the reference id for the customer placed order will get expired.


  • The admin can set the order reference id expiry days.
  • The Admin can set the logo image for this payment method.
  • This extension allows the admin to enable mail to customers after placing an order.
  • The admin can also set the Mail template content for order placed mail (For sharing reference id).

Video Tutorial


Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. The extracted folder has – admin, catalog & ocmod folders. You need to transfer the admin and catalog folders into the Opencart root directory on the server as shown below.

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Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions>Installer and upload the zip file. The zip file can be found in the ocmod folder.

In the ocmod folder, select the Opencart version that you are using and under it, you will find file for Opencart version 3.x.x. However, there is an  proxypay.ocmod.xml for Opencart version below then 3.xx.

Heading name goes here

Now navigate to ->Extensions->Modifications and click refresh on the top right hand side as shown below.


After that, in Admin panel go to System > Users  > Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.

user group

After that under Extension >Payements, install the Opencart ProxyPay Payment Method.


Module Translations

As this Opencart ProxyPay Payment Method Verison2 module supports multiple languages so this section will describe how to make the module work in different languages. Please check this link for language translation

Admin Configuration for ProxyPay Payment Method

 After clicking on the edit option, the admin can configure the ProxyPay payment method. Here the admin can-


Meanwhile, under ProxyPay Payment Configuration, the admin can-

Status – The admin can enable/disable the module.

API Key – Enter the API key provided by ProxyPay while registration.

Entity – Enter the Entity Id provided by ProxyPay while registration.

Webhook url – Copy the Webhook URL from here.

Production mode – The admin can set the Payment mode (Live/Test).

Reference expiry day(s) – Enter the number of days when reference id will expire for customer.

Payment logo – Add the logo which will show along with payment method in the frontend.

Also, the admin can do below configuration-


Mail to Customer – Select enabled if you want to send an email to the customer after placing the order else select disabled.

Mail to Admin – Select enabled if you want to send an email to the admin after placing the order else select disabled.

Total – Enter the total minimum amount that should reach at the time of checkout before this payment method becomes active.

Mail template content – Write the email content which you want to send customer/admin also include reference id.

Pending order status – Select the default pending order status that will show to the customer when an order in process.

Complete order status – Select the default order status when order is placed by customer.

Geo zone – Setup zone from the drop-down as per Angola.

Sort order – Enter sort order for the payment method.

How to get API key and Entity Id?

In order to make use of this extension, you must have a ProxyPay Merchant Account. Since it is available to local businesses in Angola, with a corporate bank account in local currency (AOA) only.

In order to get ProxyPay gateway API and Entity key, kindly contact their support team via official email address.

Making Payment with ProxyPay Payment Method

When buyers will place an order they can select the Opencart ProxyPay Payment Gateway on the checkout page under Payment methods as shown below.


After selecting the ProxyPay Payment method, click on the continue button and that will redirect the customer to the ProxyPay payment gateway to complete the payment process.


Once the order is placed, the customer can check order history page. Here, the customer can click on the order to view the ProxyPay payment details that included Reference ID and Entity ID.


The Payment details along with status will be updated via the ProxyPay Payment server once the customers make the payment through AOA.

ProxyPay Payment Details – Admin End

Similar to customer, the admin can also check the Proxypay details from the backend by navigating Sales => Orders for a particular order as shown below:


ProxyPay Admin Panel

Apart from this, the admin can check the payment reference, created, and expiry date along with payment amount and status list of an order under the ProxyPay Payment Gateway panel.

To do so, admin needs to login to ProxyPay account and go to References as shown below:


By tapping on any reference id will show you complete details of specific order.


Under the payment section, the admin can view all successful payment list done via ATM or Home banking service.


The admin can view further details regarding the payment by clicking Date/Time tab. A payment detail page will appear after clicking on Date/Time link.



That is all for the Opencart ProxyPay Payment Method. If you still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x,3.x.x.x

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