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    Opencart Ordered Product Review

    Ordered Product Review allows the customers to provide reviews for the products ordered. Once a customer places an order, it can go to Order History section and submit a review. The customer can also provide ratings with the product review. The admin can show the desired number of products after the checkout process. The admin can add, edit, delete ordered products reviews from the back-end. A customer can submit only one review per product. Reviews & ratings will automatically appear on the product page, after the admin approval.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin working –



    • The admin can set the status of the module as enabled and disabled.
    • Custom heading for the products that will be visible after the checkout process.
    • Set the number of products to display after the checkout process.
    • Ordered Product Review module supports multiple language translations.
    • The users can submit reviews only after placing the order successfully.
    • It can also give ratings with the review for the products ordered.
    • The customers can view the other customer’s products, related products. Products from the same category after the checkout process.
    • Use filter option to search any product reviews by the admin.
    • The admin can view, edit and delete ordered product reviews from the list.


     Installation of this module is very simple. First, you need to extract the downloaded zip file. After that, open the correct Opencart Version Folder. According to Opencart Version installed in your system. Then, upload admin, and catalog folders to the Opencart root directory.

    upload admin and catalog folders to root

    Now log in to your admin backend and navigate through Extensions->Extension Installer. Click the Upload button and browse the XML file, this file is in the ocmod folder. Please select the correct ocmod folder. According to your Opencart version installed in your system.

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    upload XML file

    Click Continue after uploading the XML file.

    After uploading the XML file, please navigate through Extensions->Modifications->Modification List. Now click Refresh button as shown in below screenshot. Once you have refreshed the modification cache.

    After that, go to System->Users->Usergroups. And then edit ‘Administrator’. Click Select All for both Access Permission and Modify Permission and Save it.

    edit permissions

    Now navigate through Extensions->Modules. Find Ordered Product Review from the module list. Click the Install button as shown in the screenshot below.

    Language translation

    This module supports multiple languages. Please click here to read about Opencart language installation and translation.

    Admin configuration

    To configure the Ordered Product Review module navigate through Extension->Module->Module List. Then find Ordered Product Review from the list. Click Edit button as shown below.

    Now from here, the admin can do the following module configuration:
    Status Select enabled to allow the customers to provide reviews & ratings. If you select disabled, the customers will not able provide reviews from My Order section.
    Panel Heading Set the custom heading for the products panel. The heading will appear after completing the checkout process.
    No. of Products Set the number of products to display after the checkout process.
    Click Save button to save your changes.

    Manage Product Reviews

    The admin can manage the product reviews by navigating through Catalog->Reviews. Here the admin can view, edit, delete ordered product reviews sent by the customers.

    Use the Filter option to search any particular review from the list. It can also add a review for the product by clicking the add button.

    Buyer Front-end

    Please find below an example how this module will appear on the frontend for the buyers. So after successfully placing the order. The buyers will see the additional products under the heading Buy More Products. These additional products are visible on the basis of following conditions:

    First, the products purchased by other customers who bought the same ordered product.

    Second, the products that are similar to the ordered products.

    Third, the products from the same ordered product category.

    Last, random products from the store.

    Please view the below screenshot.

    Add Ordered Product Review

    To submit a review for the ordered product. The customers can navigate through My Account->Order History->Select Order. Click the Review button as shown in the below screenshot.

    A pop-up window will appear, write the product review. The buyers need to give Ratings as well. Click Continue to submit the review to the admin.

    So when a customer submits a review, the admin moderates it. After the moderation, the review is visible on the store.

    Thank you for viewing the blog. If you need more information or have any query please feel free to reach out

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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  • Frank
    Thanks for your great article, this is the best article I’ve seen and so useful. many thanks! I would like to use this plugin for my website , my website has multiple sellers, does your plugin support multiple sellers’ products?
    • Rohit Kashyap (Moderator)
      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the comment. So after placing an order, the module displays random products to customer from the catalog. But regarding multiple sellers’ products, we require more information, please tell us which Opencart Marketplace extension you are using on your website. You can reach out on [email protected]


  • Hitender Chauhan
    “Thank you for your review. It has been submitted to the webmaster for approval.” How to change this line.

    i want to write only. “Thank you for your review”

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