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Opencart Version2 News Ticker

Updated 11 October 2023

Opencart News Ticker is an awesome ticker Module which allows you to display your latest news title in different effect like fading more. News ticker provides a simple way to present news on your website, one at a time, rotated with a smooth fade-in JavaScript effect.


  • All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc).
  • All Opencart version supported.
  • Admin can manage width, Direction, Controls and much more.


Installation of the Opencart module is very simple. After downloading the Opencart module, you will get a zip file of this module. Now unzip the module zip you will find the admin and catalog folder inside that, move that admin and catalog folder in opencart root as per the screenshot.
module installation-1After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and ‘Select All’ for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.user groups

After moving both the folder go to extension > module and install it.

edit module

The News Ticker can be set for any option such as category, checkout, home, facebook wall etc. under Systems> Design> Layouts.

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A layout list as shown in the image would open on tapping Layouts, you can select any option from the layout list or add a new option by tapping on the ‘plus’ button.  layout

On choosing the option from the layout list, for example ‘category’ in the image below, the user can edit the option by clicking on the edit button against it.edit layout

The user can edit the Layout name, add a Store, set the Position where the news ticker shall be displayed on the frontend.

On choosing the option from the layout list, for example ‘product’ in the image below, the user can edit the option by clicking on the edit button against it.

edit product                                                                                                                                                                                        After clicking on product, an image as shown below appears. From the given list, select “News Ticker”.                                                                                                                                                                news ticker

Under Extension> Modules, a module list shall open and the user can select the module, for which the ticker is to be created.

module list

In the image above, from the module list News Ticker is selected. The user can edit the News Ticker by clicking on the edit button against it.

The admin can manage the configurations for the News Ticker as under:-

Status- Enable or disable the status of the news ticker.

Title- Set the title of the news ticker.

Width- Set the Width size of the news ticker.

Ticker Border Radius- Set the radius for the news ticker.

Ticker Background Color- Set the background color for the news ticker.

Direction- Set the direction of the news ticker.

Controls- Enable or disable the controls.

Display-Type- Select the Display Type from the drop-down list.

Pause on Items- The amount of time in millisecond, after which the news ticker will start again.

Fade in Speed- Set the Fade in Speed of the News Ticker.

Fade out Speed- Set the Fade out Speed of the News Ticker.

Speed- Set the Speed at which the news ticker appears.

Add News- Set the content for the news ticker which will appear on the frontend category page. If the user is adding multiple news, it must be separated by a comma.

Front End

Opencart News Ticker module at front end for Category looks as shown in the image below.


Opencart News Ticker module at the front end for Product Page looks as shown in the image below.

news ticker at product page

For any query or doubt Please add a ticket at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x

. . .

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