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    OpenCart Marketplace Request for Quote

    OpenCart Marketplace Request for Quote: This extension allows the customers to send the RFQ(Request for Quotation) to the marketplace sellers.

    Every marketplace sellers will be able to view and manage the RFQ from their end. Also, the admin will be able to enable or disable the approval of RFQ’s from the backend.

    Note: This extension is an add-on to the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace. To make use of this extension, you must have first installed the Webkul’s OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace.


    • Approve the RFQ’s Automatically or Manually.
    • Set the Default/Minimum quantity for the quotation from customers.
    • Customers can upload images with the RFQ.
    • The admin can specify the mail template for each action in the RFQ system.
    • A ‘Request For Quote’ button on all product pages.
    • Admin can create Custom attribute fields for the RFQ form.
    • Sellers can update the bulk order quantity.
    • Quotation Status – pending, open, answered, resolved, and closed.


    Step 1:

    Extract the contents of the received zip folder on your system according to your OpenCart version. The extracted folder has admin, catalog, and ocmod folders.
    Now, upload the admin and catalog directories into the Opencart root directory.

    Step 2:

    Once you have uploaded the folders, login to admin panel and then go to Extensions> Modifications and then upload the XML file. The XML file is in the ocmod folder under module directory.

    In the ocmod folder, select the Opencart version that you are using and under it, you will find install.xml file.

    Step 3:

    After uploading the XML file go to the Extension -> Modifications and click on refresh button.

    Step 4:

    After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> User Groups and edit the group ‘Administrator’ and choose to select all for both Access and Modify Permission for the permission that you want to provide and Save it.

    Step 5:

    Now go to Extensions-> Extensions->Modules->Marketplace Request For Quotation and click the Install button to install the module.

    Module Configuration

    After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will have to configure the module settings before making use of the extension.

    To configure navigate through Extensions->Extensions->Marketplace Request For Quotation. here, click the edit button to open the module settings as shown below.

    Clicking the edit button brings up the module configuration settings.

    Here, the admin will be able to

    • Status
      To enable the RFQ extension set the Status as Enabled else select Disabled to keep it disabled.
    • Minimum Quantity for the Quotation
      This is basically the default/minimum quantity of quotation that the customer can quote from the website frontend. The customer will not be able to send the RFQ lower than the value specified here.
    • Request For Quote Approval
      Select Enabled if admin approval is required for sending the RFQs to the sellers else select Disabled for directly sending the RFQs to the sellers.

    After configuring the module settings, click the save button at the top right-hand corner to save the settings.

    Setting The Mail Template-

    However, if the admin wishes to receive a mail for any action the admin needs to navigate to Extension>Extension>Module. In Module, the admin needs to select Marketplace, then navigate to Mails.

    • RFQ Mail to the seller- The RFQ mail will be shared with the seller when either admin shares the RFQ with the seller(Request For Quote Approval is set as Enabled) or a seller receives it directly(Request For Quote Approval is set as Disabled).
    • Quote Reply Mail to Seller Template- This mail will be generated when the customer approves the quote and wish to communicate.
    • Quote Reply Mail to Customer Template- This mail will be generated when the seller sends a message in regard to the approved quote.

    Quick Revision- The template of mails are defined in Marketplace>Mails as shown below.

    How To Create RFQ?

    The customers will find a ‘Request to Quote‘ button on the product page. To send an RFQ for the product, click the button and this will redirect the customer to RFQ form page.

    Create RFQ

    After clicking the Request for Quote button, the customer will see the RFQ form page.

    Here, the customer will be able to see the

    • product name,
    • default RFQ quantity,
    • images,
    • additional information(this can be edited by the customer as required for the RFQ product),
    • additional attributes from the admin, and
    • a Request For Quote button.

    Now, tap the Request for Quote button to send the RFQ request to all the marketplace sellers. After the request has been sent the customer can see a success message ‘Quotation Added Successfully‘.

    Send RFQ to Sellers

    The admin needs to send (or approve) the Request For Quotations to the sellers of the marketplace by navigating through Marketplace->Manage Request Quotes->Manage Requested Quotes as shown below in the snapshot.

    Here, the admin will find and view all the requests for quotation. The admin can see the requested quote for the product, it’s requested quantity, customer name, status, and the date created.

    To send the requested quote to the marketplace sellers, first, check the requested quote and then click the Send Quote to Seller button. After this, the admin will be able to see a success message for the same.

    Also, the status of the RFQ after sending to the marketplace sellers changes to ‘sent to seller‘ as shown below in the snapshot.

    Seller RFQ Management

    The Sellers can manage the RFQ once the admin has sent them by navigating to Account>All Requested Quotes>Pending.

    Now the seller can click on View to see the Quote Request. Here, in the quote Request page, the seller can review the complete quote detail.

    The sell can even view the RFQ on mail-

    Once reviewed the seller can share the following details-

    • Bulk Quote Quantity– The quantity of product as proposed by the seller which could be delivered to the customer.
    • Price Per Unit– The price which the seller wishes to charge for the product.
    • TextBox for Message– The seller can even share the details of the quote with the customer by adding information in the text box.

    The seller can finally click on the Send Message to add the quote in the answered section with the customer.

    Customer RFQ Management

    The customer can view the RFQ in the All Requested Quotes section-

    So, the customer can see the details of the quote in the Open Section.

    The customer can click here on the View to see the sellers message.

    The customer can either negotiate about the quote further or finalize the quote.

    Here, the customer can even see the quote message shared by the seller.

    Thus, for complete finalization, the customers send the quote for approval wherein they can Check on the checkbox- ‘Click here to approve last quote per unit price and quantity‘.

    Seller Approval

    The seller will now navigate to the All Requested Quotes>Resolved, to view the quote.

    Now, the Seller then can finally approve the quote by clicking on Add Product. Thus, allowing the creation of the product.

    The seller can view the approval of quote or a message by the customer on mail-

    Customer Product Purchase

    Once the seller approves the RFQ, the product is created. Thus, allowing the seller to add the product to cart.

    The customer can navigate to All Requested Quotes>Close, then click on View to see the detail of the quote.

    The customer can now click on Add Product to finally purchase the product and Add it to the Cart.

    Thus, the customer can checkout with the quoted product as usual.

    For any query or doubt please add a ticket at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .


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