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OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3

Updated 14 June 2024

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3: With too much data that is available online nowadays, it has become necessary to maintain the integrity of the data and avoid data loss.

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 is one of the best solutions for such cases. It facilitates the admin and the sellers to store the downloadable files on the Amazon server.

Once the link of the downloadable product is created on the Amazon S3, the admin, as well as the seller, receives the links and the customers can download these links in a usual way.

Storing data in a remote server like Amazon S3 ensures data security and also distributes the data load of the local server/ store.


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Watch the below video tutorial to understand the extension workflow:


  • Works well the Opencart Marketplace downloadable products.
  • This module help store the local data on the Amazon Server. 
  • Distributes the data load of the local server/ store. 
  • Admin can set which file can be uploaded on the Server (Local/Amazon). 
  • Admin can allow the sellers to upload the products. 
  • The seller can download and store the files on Amazon S3 Server.
  • Customers have the leverage to download the files from Amazon Server at any time and place.


Upload Files

First, extract the downloaded zip file. After that, open the correct Opencart Version Folder. According to Opencart Version installed in your system.

Then, upload admin, aws, system, composer.json, composer.lock and composer.phar to the Opencart root directory.


Refresh Modifications

The user can navigate through Extensions > Modifications. Now click the Refresh button as visible in below screenshot.modifications

Edit User Groups

After that, go to System > Users > Usergroups. And then edit ‘Administrator’. Click Select All for both Access Permission and Modify Permission and Save it.product mass upload


Now navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Modules. Find OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 from the list. Click the Install button as visible in the screenshot below.


  • After Uploading the directories, the user needs to login with Secure Shell (SSH).
  • The user needs to install the php2 composer library by hitting the given link.


Admin Permissions: OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3

After successful installation of the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3, the admin can navigate through the Extension > Extensions > Modules. 

The OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 is present in the given list of modules, which the admin needs to select so as to edit for further module configurations. opencart-multi-vendor-amazon-s3-modules

The admin will have to Edit the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3, in order to configure the settings of the module as shown in the image below.


The admin configures the settings of the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 module as follows:

  •  Status- The admin can configure the module status as Enabled or Disabled.
  • Bucket Name- The admin configures the name of the Amazon S3 bucket. 
  • Access Key- The admin receives the S3 Access Key after account creation on Amazon S3. 
  • Secret Key- The admin receives the S3 Secret Key after account creation on Amazon S3. 
  • S3 Region- The admin needs to choose the S3 region from the given dropdown list.

Creating Downloadable Products: Admin End

The admin can create a downloadable product by navigating through Catalog > Downloads, in the admin panel. 

To create a downloadable product, the admin needs to configure the Download Name, Filename and Mask fields as shown in the image below. 


Once the admin saves the downloadable product, it creates a link of the product on the Amazon S3 and saves it on the Amazon server. 

Creating Downloadable Products: Seller End

The sellers will have to log in to the seller panel so as to create a downloadable product. 

Under My Account > Downloads, the sellers can create the downloadable products by entering the details for the fields such as Download Name, Filename and Mask. 

webkul-opencart-multi-vendor-amazon-s3-module-creating-downloadable-product-seller-endThe sellers needs to saves the downloadable product which saves the product on the Amazon server and creates a link of the product on the Amazon S3. 

Storing a Downloadable Product: Admin End

The admin can add downloadable products with any of the products present in the product list. 

For instance, in the image below, the admin selects the product “MacBook Air” to add the downloadable products. 


The admin will have to perform the Edit action on the chosen product. 

Thereafter, the admin navigates to the Links tab, and against the Downloads field, add the downloadable products. 

In the image below, the admin adds the “multicart and multivendor” against the Downloads field and Save the product alterations. 


The customer will have to purcahse the admin’s product (MacBook Air), in a usual way. 

Once the purchase is made, the customer can find the downloadable links added with the respective product under Account Downloads, as shown below. admin-end-storing-downloadable-product

The customer can simply click on the arrow icon present against the downloadable product to download it. 

This creates the link of the respective product on the Amazon S3 and saves the product on the AWS or the Amazon Server. 

Storing a Downloadable Product: Seller End

Under seller’s My Account > Product List, the seller needs to choose a product so as to add the downloadable product with the respective product. webkul-opencart-multi-vendor-module-product-list-seller-end

The seller can Edit the chosen product and add the downloadable products against the Downloads as shown in the image below. 

Thereafter, the seller will have to Save the product, which creates the product link on the Amazon S3 and saves it on the Amazon server. webkul-opencart-vendor-amazon-s3-module-creating-downloadable-link-seller-end

As the customer purchases the seller product (Black Leather Jacket), under Account Downloads.

the downloadable products added with the product will display once the order status of the product is complete

The cutsomer can download the downloadable product by clicking on the link given against the products as shown in the image below. webkul-multi-vendor-amazon-s3-module-storing-downloadable-item

The link of the respective products are create on the Amazon S3 and the product is saved on the AWS or the Amazon Server. 

That’s all for the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 module. If you still have any issues, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views on our helpdesk –  Webkul Support System.

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 3.x.x.x, 2.x.x.x

. . .

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