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Opencart Marketplace MOIP Payment Gateway


Opencart Marketplace MOIP Payment Method allows you to use the MOIP payment for your marketplace store. The Marketplace MOIP splits the payment from customer between seller and admin. The admin can transfer the amount to the seller.

Please Note-

  • This extension is an add-on of Opencart Marketplace Module. To use this module you have to install Webkul’s Opencart Marketplace module first.
  • If the admin is not registered to the MOIP and if the admin has not provided the token and key detail of MOIP account then the MOIP payment method will not be available for that particular admin.
  • MOIP payment gateway works on the basis of Geo Zones. At checkout, this payment method is active for customers who are present at the given geo zone.


  • It is very beneficial for the Brazilian eCommerce market.
  • It supports the Boleto payment option which is one of an essential and trusted payment option for paying in Brazil for purchasing any product from online stores.


  • Both seller and the admin can use this payment method for their products.
  • Splits the payment made by customer between sellers and the admin according to the admin commission.
  • Payment can be made via credit cards.
  • Boleto payment option is also supported.
  • The admin can configure the Boleto(payment slip) expiry date and can also add three custom lines in the Boleto payment slip.

Installation Of Marketplace MOIP Payment Module

Installation Steps

Customers will get a zip folder for installing the module. They will unzip this folder on their system and choose the version according to the Opencart version that you want to install.

For example -If the customer wants to install the Opencart Marketplace Version 2.3.x.x.To install this module version, first, you need to transfer the admin & catalog folders into the Opencart root folder on the server.

After transferring the folders, use extension installer for uploading the XML files-.
After uploading the file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on refresh field. After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.

How to get MOIP’s Key, Token, and Public Key?

Step 1: Register to the MOIP account from the links

Step 2: After registering login to MOIP account.

Step 3: At your MOIP account panel you will see a Setting(Configuracoes) option under My Account(Minha conta) tab. Click on the Setting tab.

Step 4: After clicking the setting. Go to the Access Keys(Chaves de Acesso) tab for getting the MOIP key(Chave), MOIP token(Token) and Public Key(Chave publica).


Admin Configuration

The initial configuration admin can be done by admin, is adding MOIP you can go to Extension>Extension.

Here you can choose the extension type as Payment.

From multiple payment extensions, you can choose Marketplace MOIP Payment and edit it.

On Clicking the edit admin will be redirected to the below page where he needs to fill in the required details.

Here, admin can enter the configurations.

  • Status– Admin needs to set the status as ‘enable’ in order to make the module working.
  • Authorization Key-The key which you have got from the MOIP account.
  • Authorization Access Token– This Token is again which you have got from MOIP account.
  • Create App– This is used to create the application so that admin can sell products on behalf of the seller.
  • Public Key– Set the Public Key from the MOIP account.
  • MOIP account Id– Here we can get the ID of application, created above.
  • Credit card-This must be kept enabled so that the MOIP credit card payment method is visible at the time of checkout.

Billet settings-

  • Admin can set the number of days the billet is valid.
  • The admin can also set some lines of instruction to be displayed on the Boleto pay slips. The admin can set three lines instruction – First, Second and Third Line, all the set instruction lines will be visible on the Boleto pay slips.
  • Sort Order: The admin can set the sort order for Boleto payment option among other payment options visible at the front end.

Admin can even transfer the money to the seller.

The admin can transfer amount of order after deducting the commission to the seller, Marketplace>MOIP Bank Transfer

Admin selects the seller and can get their bank details.

Now, the admin can select the account of the seller and click on the Pay button, which would be followed by the below pop-up.

Here admin can enter the Order ID and click pay. This would finally transfer the amount of that particular order to the seller account.

Seller Configuration

The seller can also connect their MOIP Account with the store for fast payment service. This can be done-

My Account>MOIP>MOIP Connect

On clicking Connect With App button Seller would be redirected MOIP login page where he/she needs to fill up the login credentials and get connect with the app.



The seller can set the MOIP account by MyAccount>MOIP>MOIP Account. Here, the seller needs to enter the unique Document Type ID.

Here, the Seller whose account is not with MOIP Account is not created, they can create the same from here.


The Bank Details which are linked can be visible from MyAccount>MOIP>Bank Accounts. The seller can delete the bank or edit the details as per the requirement.

Adding a new bank account details

Editing An existing Bank account details 

Customer End- Make Payment Using MOIP

The customer can select the products to be purchased and can add to them to the cart.

After adding desired products to cart customer can further head for the ‘checkout’.

In the Checkout Page, after giving the Billing details, delivery details, and delivery method. The customer can select Payment Method among-

  • Pay Via Boleto
  • Pay Via Credit Card(MOIP).

Pay Via Boleto

If the customer chooses Boleto as the payment method. Then after on Confirm Order, the below screen will appear.

After clicking here on MOIP Pay Button. You can go to My Account>Order History. From here you will be receiving a PDF which needs to be printed.

The PDF hence created can be seen as follows.

Pay Via Credit Card(MOIP)

If the customer selects Payment method as Pay Via Credit Card(MOIP), at the time of Confirm Order he/she needs to enter the credit card details of MOIP account.

Finally, the payment through MOIP would be completed.

The customer can view the Order details in My Account>Order History

That’s all for the OpenCart Marketplace Moip Payment Gateway module, for any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better


Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x.

. . .


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