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    Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway

    Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway is an end-to-end payment solution for the e-commerce store build with Opencart. It enables the admin to set up the payment method in its store. Mangopay is PCI compliant payment system so the users can make the payment securely.

    Watch the video to understand the extension workflow:-


    • The admin can enable the Mangopay payment gateway for their store.
    • Decide the title of the payment method.
    • The admin can use the module in test mode and in production mode.
    • Can view the payment details from the MangoPay Payment Tab.
    • The admin can also refund to the customer from the MangoPay Payment tab, with a single click.
    • This module also supports Multilanguage.
    • Customers can use all the MangoPay supported payment cards which include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Maestro, etc.
    • The admin can also view the customers who made the payment using MangoPay.


    The installation of the Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway is very simple. The admin just needs to move or upload the admin, catalog, and mangopay2-php folders into the Opencart root folder.

    Note – You can also install the Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway module by uploading the ZIP or XML file from the ocmod folder. Please upload the ZIP file for version 3.X and upload the XML  file for version 2.X.

    After transferring the folders, use the extension installer for uploading the file which you will find in the ocmod folder.

    Now go to the Extensions>Modification then click on refresh field as shown in the image below –

    Now in the Admin panel go to System>Users>Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.

    After that under Extensions>Payments, you can install or edit the module.

    Module Configuration

    Using the Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway, the admin can configure the module from the admin panel easily and it can be done by navigating to Extensions> Extensions> Payments> Mangopay Payment

    General Setting-

    Here, the admin can –

    Title: The admin can decide and enter the title for the payment gateway which will be displayed to the customers at the front-end.

    Minimum Order Total: The admin can enter the minimum order total value required for the customers to make the payment using the MangoPay payment gateway.

    Maximum Order Total: The admin can enter the maximum order total for which the customer can make the payment using this module.

    Geo Zone: The admin can select the geo zone for where the admin wants to enable this module.

    Status: The admin can enable or disable the module from the status tab.

    Sort Order: The admin can sort the order of the payment gateway as per their needs.

    MangoPay Setting-

    Now from the MangoPay Setting tab, the admin can select the Transaction Mode as Test Mode or Production Mode. The admin can enter the Client Id, and the API Key here.

    How to get Client Id and API Key from Mangopay?

    For getting MangoPay Client Id and API Key, the admin needs to have a MangoPay account first.

    Here the company registration needs to take place. For company registration, the store owner needs to click on Get Started and then Sign up. This will open up a Sign Up Form to register the company as below.

    This will allow the generate a company reference as shown in the image below –

    You can save this reference number for using the Mangopay services. Even you’ll receive the email with the reference number from the Mangopay.

    Now the customer can create a free Sandbox Account by clicking here-

    You can fill the required details here by entering the company reference which you have received earlier via email. Here you will also choose a client ID.

    Now click on the CREATE YOUR SANDBOX account.

    After creating a sandbox it will display Company name, Email, Client Id, and API keys as shown in the image below. You will need to save this information as Client Id, and API Keys will be used to configure the module.

    Order Status Setting-

    Using Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway, the admin can also manage the Order Status Setting. Here, the admin can select the order status and fully refunded status as per their needs.

    NOTE: The admin will need to select a different status for the order and the refund. As if the selected status for the order and refund are the same, in this case, it will not display the Refund button to the admin in the order history page.

    View MangoPay Users

    Using Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway, the admin can also view the list of MangoPay users by navigating to MangoPay Users from the MangoPay Payment menu from the admin dashboard.

    Here, the admin can view the customer name, email, and total transaction amount. The admin can also filter using the customer name, e-mail, and total transaction amount.

    Front End View

    After adding the product to the cart, now when the customer will process to the checkout page, the customer can view the Mango Pay as the payment method –

    Now, the customer can accept the terms & conditions and then continue and confirm the order.

    Now, the customer will redirect to the payment page. Here, the customer can enter the Card Number, Expiration date, and card security code and then click on validate.

    Now, the customer can enter the password to complete the payment as shown in the image below –

    After completing the order, the customer can see the order complete page as shown in the image below –

    The customer can also see the payment method used to complete the order from my order history.

    Refund to Customer

    Using Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway, the admin can also easily refund to the customer from the Orders in the Sales Menu. To refund, the admin can click on the order which is paid via MangoPay.

    Now, after clicking on the order, the customer can view the MangoPay Payment tab. Here, the admin can view the Payment Details. The admin can view the transaction Id, Order status, and total amount.

    The admin can also view the refund button here. By clicking on the refund button the admin can easily refund to the customer.

    View MangoPay Dashboard

    By login to the MangoPay Sandbox Account, the admin can also view the events and other details from the MangoPay Dashboard.

    Here, the admin can view the event type, event creation date, and resource Id.

    Now, by clicking on the particular order, the admin can view the complete details of the order.

    That’s all for the Opencart Mangopay Payment Gateway. Still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket here – Also, let us know your views to make the module better. ツ

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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