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Opencart Amazon Connector

Opencart Amazon Connector integrates Amazon store with Opencart store. With the help of this extension, the store owner can import products, orders, and customers from Amazon to Opencart. The extension also enables the store owner to export its products from Opencart to Amazon. Opencart Amazon Connector performs real-time updates of synchronized products price and quantity on Amazon store.


  • Connect multiple Amazon seller accounts with Opencart.
  • Set default quantity and weight of imported products.
  • Select default Opencart store for order sync and imported products.
  • Select default Opencart order status of Amazon orders.
  • Update imported and exported products’ price & quantity on Amazon.
  • Provide currency exchange rate of Amazon store.
  • Import Amazon orders according to date or order ID.
  • Import Amazon product using ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).
  • View customer data (name, address, email) from the Amazon orders..
  • Export Opencart Un-mapped products to Amazon Store through cron job
  • Update Mapped Product stock, price and product image according to their Sync Source through cron job.
  • The source code is open for customization.

This module will work only in the region that is listed on this page: 


Upload Files

First, extract the downloaded zip file. After that, open the correct Opencart Version Folder. According to Opencart Version installed in the system. Then, upload admin, lib, catalog, and system folders and cron flies to the Opencart root directory.

Upload XML

Now log in to admin backend and navigate to Extensions>Extension Installer. Click the Upload button and browse the XML file, this file is in the ocmod folder. Please select the correct ocmod folder. According to Opencart version installed on your system.

Click Continue after uploading the XML file.

Refresh Modifications

After uploading the XML file, please navigate through Extensions>Modifications. Now click Refresh button as visible in below screenshot.

Edit User Groups

After that, go to System>Users>Usergroups. And then edit ‘Administrator’. Click Select All for both Access Permission and Modify Permission and Save it.


Now navigate to Extensions>Modules. Find Opencart Amazon Connector from the list. Click the Install button as visible in the screenshot below.

How to Add Cron Job:

By using a cron job, the newly added opencart product will export only to the first added Amazon seller’s account.

1)Go to your Cpanel and click on cron jobs under Advanced.

2)Go to Add New cron job then select common settings and set your time when you want to run cron file.

3)Go to command and add your path where amazon_cron.php exist.
ex- public_html/opencart_root_directory/amazon_cron.php.

4)Click on “Add New Cron Job”.

How to Get Amazon Credentials

Amazon Seller Central

The store owner needs to get Seller ID, Access Key, Secret Key, and Marketplace ID from Amazon seller account. Please log in to Amazon Seller Central and go to Settings>User Permissions.

After arriving on User Permissions page, copy the Seller ID. Then, click View your credentials in Action Taken. A small pop-up window will appear.

Now, the admin can view Access Key and Secret Key as visible in the screenshot below.

Marketplace ID

Now, to get Amazon Marketplace ID, please visit this link and find Marketplace ID according to the region.

Module Configuration

To do the module configuration, go to Extensions>Modules>Opencart Amazon Connector and click Edit button.

The following page will open, set the Status option as Enabled to use Opencart Amazon Connector. Else select Disabled if do not want to use this module. 

General Options

Choose Default Category – Select the default Opencart category for the Amazon products where they will be imported.

Default Product Quantity – Set the default quantity of Amazon and Opencart products which have zero quantity. After exporting or importing zero quantity products, this value will become the quantity.

Amazon Product Weight (in Grams) – Enter the default weight of those Amazon products which have no weight.

Order Options

Default Store for Order Sync – Select the default Opencart store for importing Amazon orders.

Amazon Imported Order Status – Select the default order status of the Amazon orders.

Product Options

Default Store for Product – Select the default Opencart store where Amazon products will be imported. The selected store will be assigned to all the Amazon imported products.

Product Variation (Option) Choice – Select Option 1 for importing every product from Amazon store including the variations/options. Note – Each variation/option will be created as a separate Opencart product.

Else, select Option 2 for importing only those Amazon products which do not have any variations. The Amazon products which have variations/options will not be imported to Opencart.

Real-Time Update Settings

If the store owner changes the price or quantity in Opencart, it can update on Amazon automatically using following options:

Update Imported Product on Amazon Store – Set On to do a real-time update of imported products’ price and quantity on Amazon.

Updated Exported Product on Amazon Store – Set On to do a real-time update of exported product’s price and quantity on Amazon.

Manage Amazon Accounts

Amazon Accounts List

After doing the module configuration, the store owner needs to add Amazon account credentials. Go to Opencart Amazon Connector>Manage Amazon Accounts. The following page will open showing Amazon accounts list with Account ID, Store Name, Marketplace ID, Seller ID, and Added Date.

Add Amazon Account – Click this button to add a new Amazon account for synchronization.

Delete – Click this to remove an existing Amazon account from the list.

Edit – Click this to manage the Amazon account and do synchronization.

Add Amazon Account

After clicking Add Amazon Account button, the following page will open. The store owner needs to provide the following information:

Store Name – Enter the Amazon store name.

Select Attribute Group – The admin can choose attribute group for this account.

Marketplace ID – Enter the marketplace ID according to the region.

Seller ID – Enter Amazon seller account seller ID here.

Access Key ID – Enter Amazon AWS Access Key ID here.

Secret Key – Enter Amazon developer secret key here.

Origin Country – Select Amazon store country.

Currency Rate – Enter the exchange rate of Opencart store currency to Amazon store currency. Enter 1, if both stores are in the same country.

Products Mapping

To do the mapping of products, go to Opencart Amazon Connector>Manage Amazon>Accounts>Edit>Map Product. The following page will open showing the imported Amazon product list with Map ID, Opencart Product ID, Product Name, Amazon Product ASIN, Sync Source, Price, and Quantity.

Import Product – Click Import Product button for importing products from Amazon store to Opencart store.

Update/Delete Exported Products – Click on this button for updating/deleting in already exported products on Amazon.

Delete Product – Click Delete Product button for removing the existing mapped product record from the list.

Import Products from Amazon Store

After clicking the Import Product button, the following page will open. Click Generate Report ID and importing process will start. It will import Amazon product’s name, price, weight, specifications, quantity, shipping cost, main product image, and description.

After generating the report ID, a success message will appear:

Now, to import products from Amazon, click Import Amazon Products button and the products will start importing to the Opencart database. It will import products into Opencart database only. It will not create/update the product in the Opencart store.

For creating/updating imported products, the admin will click on Create/Update Imported product button. After successful creation/updation of product, it will gives a success message.

Create/Update Amazon Store Products By ASIN

To create or update products using Amazon product ASIN ID (Amazon Standard Identification Number), click Create/Update Amazon Products By ASIN button. A small pop-up window will appear.

Enter the Amazon Product ASIN value and click Import Product button. Only one product at a time can be imported using ASIN.

Update/Delete Exported Products to Amazon Store:

The admin can update or delete exported products to the Amazon store. The admin needs to select product first. After it, the admin needs to click on Update Exported Product button for updating exported product and Delete Exported Product button for deleting exported product to Amazon store.

Success Result:

After clicking on “Update Exported Product” OR “Delete Exported Product“, the admin can view success message with a total number of products updated/deleted to Amazon store.

Import Orders

To import orders from Amazon to Opencart, go to Opencart Amazon Connector>Manage Amazon Accounts>Edit>Map Order. The following page will open, showing imported Amazon orders list mentioning Map ID, Opencart ID, Amazon Order ID, Buyer Name, Buyer Email, Amazon Order Status, and Order Total.

Import Order – Click Import Order button to fetch orders from Amazon store to Opencart store.

Delete – Click Delete button, to remove the records of the mapped order from the list.

Filter Order: The admin can apply the filter to orders as per their requirement like Amazon order-id, buyer name, buyer email, order total, Amazon order status, date added, Opencart order-id options.

Import Orders from Amazon

After clicking Import Order button, the following page will open. Click the Generate Report ID Before Sync Orders button.

Note :

  1. It can only import Amazon orders which are either shipped, unshipped, or partially shipped.
  2. It can import only those orders which were created a day before the Report ID was generated.
  3. If the store owner has selected Option 2 for  Product Variation (Option) Choice in Module Configuration, then orders containing product variations will not be imported.
  4. After importing the orders from Amazon, the products in the order will also be imported to Opencart.

After generating the report ID, a success message will appear. Now, click Import Amazon Store Orders button and it will import order to the Opencart database.

For creating imported orders to the Opencart store, the admin needs to click on “Create Impoted Amazon Order“. It will create orders in the Opencart store according to the dates.

The admin can import orders through Order-ID. The admin needs to click on Import Amazon Store Orders By Order-ID button to fetch orders using the Amazon Order ID.

Enter Order Details

When the admin will click on “Import Amazon Store Orders” then the admin needs to select from which date to fetch the Amazon orders.

Create Imported Amazon Order:

This button will create all the imported orders of Amazon to the Opencart store order tab. It will give a message after creating the product.

Sync Amazon Store Order By Order ID

Enter the Amazon Order ID to fetch and click Import Order button. Only one order at a time can be imported from Amazon to Opencart.

Order View

After importing the orders from Amazon store, the admin can view the Amazon orders in the Opencart store-backend. Here’s the sample order imported from Amazon store.

Amazon Customers

The store owner can fetch the customer data from Amazon store to Opencart store by importing orders. To view the Amazon customer data, go to Opencart Amazon Connector>Manage Amazon Accounts>Edit>Amazon Customers. The following page will open showing the list of all the Amazon customers whose orders have been synced with the Opencart store.

Note :-

  1. Amazon customer data is fetched from the orders. So, it is essential to import the orders first.
  2. It will import the customer’s name, email, address, pin code, city, and country.

The store owner can view Amazon customer information in Opencart back-end. It can view the name and e-mail.

It will also fetch the customer’s address, city, pin code, and country from the orders.

Export Products to Amazon Store

For exporting products from Opencart to Amazon, the admin needs to navigate Opencart Amazon Connector>Manage Amazon>Accounts>Edit>Export to Amazon. 

Note :-

  1. Disabled Opencart products will not export to Amazon Store.
  2. Exported products must have the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) including the variations.
  3. When the admin will update the exported product in Opencart, only price and quantity will update on Amazon.
  4. Amazon product ASIN will be mapped to Opencart product ID.
  5. If a product has combination or variation in Opencart, then each combination or variation will be exported as an individual product on Amazon.
  6. Opencart Amazon Connector will export the product’s name, price, quantity, SKU, description, and variations (If Any) on Amazon store.

Action for Export Products to Amazon:

The admin needs to select the product from product list under Store Product List menu. After selecting the products, the admin needs to click on “Export Products to Amazon”. After clicking on it, if product successfully exported to Amazon then the admin can see a successful message “Opencart product synchronization process has been completed to Amazon”. 



Show Result:

After clicking on show result button, the admin can see all message(success or warning) in a pop-up.

Amazon Product Information

After enabling the Opencart Amazon Connector module status, the store owner will Amazon Product Authorization, Amazon Specification, and Amazon Combination/Variation tabs in products.

When the store owner has successfully imported the Amazon products, it will find the Unique Identification Number, Specifications, Variations (If Any). This information will be visible on the Opencart store front-end.

Amazon Product Authorization

To view or edit Unique Identification Number of a product, go to Catalog>Products>Edit>Amazon Product Authorization. The following page will open as visible below:

Unique Identification Number – UIN (Unique Identification Number) helps in identifying the product. Each product will have its own UIN. There are different types of UNI used by different regions such as: –

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number.

EAN – European Article Number.

GTIN – Global Trade Item Number.

UPC – Universal Product Code.

Identification Number –  UIN generally consist of 10-12 digits alpha-numeric code that identifies an item.

Note – Before exporting product any product to Amazon, the store owner must provide a Unique Identification Number for each product.

Amazon Specification

Now, to view or edit the imported products specifications,  go to Catalog>Products>Edit>Amazon Specification. The following page will open. After successfully importing the products from Amazon store, specifications and values will be retrieved. The store owner can edit, add, or remove the specifications and their values.

Note : 

  1. The Amazon Specifications and their values will be visible on the Opencart store front-end.
  2. If the store owner edits or updates any specification in Opencart, it will only reflect on Opencart store front-end.

Amazon Combination/Variation

If the store owner has imported the Amazon products which have variations, it can view or edit the variations by navigating to Catalog>Products>Edit>Amazon Combination/Variation.

Note :-

  1. Before exporting products, the store must mention the each variation – Seller SKU, ID Type, Product ID, Quantity, and Price Prefix(If Any).
  2. Each variation or option will be exported and converted to an individual product on Amazon.

Front-End View

Amazon Store View

Please view the below screenshot, where the store owner is importing the product from Amazon to Opencart store.

Opencart Front-End View

After successfully importing the product from Amazon, it will appear as follows. It will show the product name, image, price, description, specifications, stock, and variations.

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Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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