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How to Run an Online Grocery Store in Odoo

Updated 22 January 2024

From dawn to dusk, people are dependent on grocery items; their unavailability affects their daily activity. People rush to grocery stores to fulfill their daily needs; hence, the demand for Grocery stores is conventionally high.

Queues in grocery stores were never-ending; however, Corona Virus Pandemic changed the scenario. Of course, people haven’t stopped using grocery products but as a safety measure, they stopped visiting grocery stores a lot.

Online Grocery Stores captured the market!

Setup of Online Grocery Stores delivered the demands of people and prevented them from visiting a crowded store. The online stores for the grocery market have captured the market, especially from the coronavirus pandemic.

Online Grocery Stores Over Brick Mortar Store! Why?

  1. Online Store to purchase groceries offers comfort.
  2. Customers don’t need to take out time especially to buy groceries; hence time-saving.
  3. Prevents people from Visiting Crowded stores; hence, safeguards them from Covid19.

Are you still selling Grocery Offline? If yes then it is high time to shift your brick-mortar Grocery store to online mode. Even, you can capture both the market, by still keeping your Offline store alive and delivering groceries for online orders as well.

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Are you already into the Online Grocery Store Business and not able to manage it properly? Stay tuned to the blog, to get your Online Grocery Store function efficiently.

General Process of an Online Grocery Store

General Process of an Online Grocery Store
  1. A front-end screen from where customers can place orders for groceries.
  2. Backend operation where you will be notified of the order placed; after that, you can confirm the order to proceed further.
  3. Warehouse Management for the movements of the product(s) to get it delivered from the initial location to the customers’ final location.
  4. A return management system so that customers can replace or return the product if it is not up to the mark. It helps you to build a strong customer base.
  5. Rating & Review system to let customers show their experience with your Online Grocery Store; a good review on a product can convert a visitor into your customer.

Odoo to Fulfill Your Online Grocery Business Needs

Odoo is open-source software that initially started from an ERP system and now it is a complete business suite. You can run almost every business with the help of Odoo as it is highly customizable.

If you are planning to run an efficient Online Grocery Store in Odoo then you are absolutely in right place. In this blog, you will get an outline to run an Online Grocery Business in Odoo.

Online Grocery Store in Odoo

How to Run an Online Grocery Store in Odoo

Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Why do you need it?

Odoo Website offers you a platform to publish grocery products so that customers can pick products and make purchases. However, if you want to expand your business and want different sellers to sell their groceries in your online store then you can install Odoo Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module to your Odoo.

It provides the platform to set up an online grocery marketplace in Odoo. However, the module offers you complete authority to approve or disapprove seller actions in your Oodo Grocery Marketplace.

  • Transfor Odoo Website into a full-fledged Marketplace in Odoo.
  • Add terms and conditions on the seller registration form
  • Admin can also sell his/her own products on the Marketplace
  • Only sellers approved by admin can upload their products on Online Store
  • Admin can set manual or auto-approval of seller products and their quantities.
  • Only approved products by the admin are displayed in the store.

Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System

Why do you need it?

It helps you to locate the local sellers on your Odoo Grocery marketplace. It attracts customers to your website because customers can buy from local sellers which saves shipping costs and time.

  • Allows you to set up hyperlocal services on your Odoo marketplace.
  • It also helps the customers to buy the products from the nearest seller.
  • Makes delivery fast and less costly.
  • Shows the nearest products and sellers based on the customer’s location.
  • The customers can check the availability of any products in the desired location.
  • They can place the order and get the order delivered.

Odoo Marketplace Seller Price Comparison

Why do you need it?

The module lets your sellers represent their products for the price comparison. Your customers can simply compare the products based on their price, expected delivery, and seller ratings. Odoo Marketplace Seller Price Comparison allows you to prepare the setup for the sellers to show their products for comparison in Odoo Marketplace.

  • Sellers can represent their products for the price comparison.
  • You can manage the view of products on the shop page as per the global/lowest-highest price or can set manually.
  • Sellers can specify the price and quantity of the product linked with global products.
  • You can display different sellers on the product page with their prices.
  • Customers can compare the same product with different sellers.

Odoo Website Stripe Payment Acquirer

Why do you need it?

The module lets your customers pay for the orders via the stripe payment acquirer which accepts international payments and handles the transactions. The transactions records are saved at both the Odoo’e end and the Stripe merchant portal.

  • Customers can pay via Stripe Payment Acquirer in your Online Store.
  • It provides the option to the customers for saving their cards for faster payments.
  • It manages refunds directly from the admin/seller’s account.
  • The admin can view the transactions and mode of payment for each order in the Odoo backend.
  • It manages refunds directly from the admin/seller’s account.

Odoo Website Wallet 

Why do you need it?

Odoo Website Wallet allows the customers to store credit on your website using the wallet and pay anytime with credit stored in the wallet. The module is secure for payments and lets your customers pay quickly when money is already added to the wallet.

  • Enables cash-free website payments.
  • Make purchasing and returning of products easy.
  • Enables customers to cash-free purchases and refunds.
  • Transparent Wallet details for customers.
  • Smooth end-to-end payment flow.

Website Cash On Delivery

Why do you need it?

Odoo Website Cash On Delivery adds Cash on Delivery as the mode of Payment on the Odoo Website. The customers can now pay via cash for the orders. The admin can set rules for availing COD facility on the Odoo website. Each transaction is noted in the Odoo with the reference to the Sales Order.

  • Allow your customers to make payments at the time of delivery.
  • Buyers can check the COD availability on the product page.
  • The Minimum and Maximum shopping cart values can be set to avail the COD option in order.
  • You can also restrict the COD payment method to selected countries, states, or even zip codes.
  • Custom messages for COD availability, unavailability, and COD policies to be visible on the product page.

Odoo WhatsApp Chat Integration

Why do you need it?

Odoo Whatsapp Chat Integration allows you to offer live support to your customers via WhatsApp chat. It also lets you segregate the support team; so, that your customers can directly contact the concerned person easily. Moreover, the customers can also see the availability of the support team members. 

  • Customers connect to you directly from their WhatsApp account.
  • Select the type of Support team for the ease of customers.
  • Customize Whatsapp Chat Widget Colors.
  • Availability Of Support Team In The Chat Widget.

Odoo Mobile App for Android & iOS

Why do you need it?

The Odoo Mobikul Mobile App Builder will convert your Odoo Grocery Store into a native mobile application. It offers a better user experience and the customers can easily install the app on their mobile devices; hence, they can shop for the products effortlessly on the go.

  • It allows the customer to sign up and reset their account password right through the app.
  • Odoo Mobile App for Android & iOS supports all types of products with or without attributes.
  • It provides the facility for users to publish/unpublish products and categories on the app separately from Odoo Website.
  • It helps in managing unlimited Banners and Published/Expiry dates of every banner separately and product sliders and sliders modes(fixed/sliding)
  • Allows the User to configure the selection criteria of products like New products etc in an Automatic/Manual way
  • Odoo Mobile App for Android & iOS also helps in managing the push notification.

Odoo Delivery Boy App

Why do you need it?

It offers a quick solution to your last-mile delivery issues. Increase trackability to ensure speedy delivery of the orders with the Mobile Delivery Boy App for your Odoo. The app allows you to assign orders to the delivery boys through Odoo. 

  • The app allows the Odoo admin to manage delivery boys and order delivery in the Odoo.
  • The delivery boy can view the orders in the app along with the total earnings and the total number of orders delivered.
  • The delivery boy can change his/her status as offline or online in the App.
  • The admin can assign the sales order to any delivery boy.
  • After accepting the delivery for an order, the delivery boy can use the map to reach the customer’s address.

Role of Webkul to Set Up an Online Grocery Store in Odoo

Webkul is an Odoo partner, offers development, odoo implementation, and consultation services in Odoo for more than a decade (when Odoo was OpenERP). We have a dedicated Odoo team of professionals, who have catered to more than 1500 clients worldwide. Furthermore, we have delivered 850+ Odoo plugins to fulfill several business requirements. 

With the dedication and quality of service; Webkul has been providing to its customers for 13 years, it has consistently secured its position among the top 3 development companies in the Odoo app store. 

Not just Odoo, Webkul has a good hand on major eCommerce/marketplace platforms like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Shopware, etc. Moreover, we have launched our eCommerce Software that is Bagisto. 

So, if you are planning to set up your online grocery store with the help of Odoo then you are at the right place. The professionals in our team have the expertise to cater to the exact requirements in a minimum period.

We can help you set up your Online Grocery Marketplace in Odoo from Scratch to enhancements for flawless worldwide setup.

Frumarket: one of the Major Online Grocery Store Clients of Webkul

Frumarket has established a remarkable name in the Online Grocery Market of Spain. They reached Webkul with their requirements and we have catered to all their requirement timely. 

Not just modules, Webkul also offers custom solutions to the clients as per the requirement.


Online Grocery Stores are in high demand; because end users thrive for comfort and ease. Moreover, online grocery marketplace stores are providing safety from Covid 19 spread. 

It’s never too late!

If you are planning now to set up your Grocery Store Online then it’s the right time. Or, if you already own an online grocery shop and cannot manage the operations efficiently then set it up in Odoo without any hassle.

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