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Delivery Boy App for PrestaShop

Updated 25 April 2024

Introduction – On-Demand Delivery Boy App for PrestaShop

On-Demand Delivery Boy App for PrestaShop is the one-stop solution to all order delivery-related issues.

It saves the store owner from any type of hassle and issues occurring due to mismanagement of orders. Thus, allowing them to earn more profit.

This app is accessible to both the admin and delivery boys. Henceforth, allowing a quick assignment and management of order deliveries.

This is a time-saving readymade solution that makes the delivery process secure and safe.

Moreover, the app follows the latest technology of Flutter wherein one can use Dart to build PrestaShop mobile apps.

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Check the brief working at the admin and the delivery boy within the app –


Features of On-Demand Delivery Boy App

  • Admin can track the availability of delivery boys.
  • Admin can assign the orders to the delivery boys.
  • The admin can register the delivery boys to the app.
  • The delivery boy will have a separate login facility.
  • Admin and delivery boy both can examine the sales and orders of the product.
  • Configure order statuses that will update in the back office when delivery boy marks the order as delivered, pickup, or canceled.
  • Delivery Boy can mark the order as Pickup, Delivered/Not Delivered, and canceled.
  • Delivery process authentication via OTP.
  • Verify OTP before updating the order status as delivered.
  • Send OTP generated after placing an order to the customer’s email id.
  • Automatically assign order to the delivery boy according to the radius.
  • Chat system between delivery boy and admin.
  • Display order amount to the delivery boy.

Technological Stack of On-Demand Delivery Boy App

  • Language- Flutter-Dart.
  • Editor- Android- Android Studio, iOS- XCode.
  • Network Request- Dio network.
  • Library Dependencies- Pub package name.

How to Install PrestaShop Delivery Boy App

  • Firstly, go to the module manager in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • After that, drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.
  • In this way, the module installation will be successful.
Click to Install prestashop marketplace product video module
Drop or upload the file of prestashop marketplace product video module from the system
prestashop marketplace product video module installed successfully

Module Configuration

General Settings

general settings

Set order status for delivered: The order status selected by the admin here will update in the order details page in the back office when delivery boy mark the order status as delivered.

Set order status for pickup: The order status selected by the admin here will update in the order details page in the back office when delivery boy mark the order status as pickup.

Set order status for cancel: The order status selected by the admin here will update in the order details page in the back office when delivery boy mark the order status as canceled.

Auto order assign

Enable this option to automatically assign order to the delivery boy according to the radius.

general settings
  • Radius range for auto assign: In this field, the admin needs to set the radius (in kilometre) in which the orders will be automatically assigned to the delivery boy.
  • Store zipcode: The zipcode specified here by the admin is used to calculate the latitude and longitude of the store for assigning the order in the specified radius.
  • Google Maps API key: Specify the Google Maps API key to calculate the distance between radius and zipcode.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Google API key: This key is used to connect the app with the Google account.

Google Sender ID: This ID is used for sharing the push notification via store owners’ Google account.

Topic Name: While creating Google API key, a topic name is entered to differentiate API keys.

Allow notification for new order: Enable this option to send a push notification to admin when a new order is placed on the server.

Notification on other order state: When a delivery boy updates the order status to the selected status, the admin will receive a push

Order Listing

Under this tab, the admin can:

  • Set the number of order that will display per page.
  • Configure the status to show orders list in the app.
order list

How to Get API Credentials?

For the push notifications, you need to have Firebase Project Credentials. It is required during module configuration. Please click here and create a new project with your Google account.

After opening Firebase page. Please create a project by clicking Add project button.


A small pop-up window will appear with the name of Create a project. Here, you have to enter your Project Name and then select your Country/Region and then click Create Project button.


After creating your new project, click Settings menu icon. And then select Project Settings option. Please view below screenshot. A new Settings page will open.


After entering the Settings page, go to Cloud Messaging tab. From here you will find your Project Credentials. Copy and save your Server Key and Sender ID as shown in the snapshot below.


Now, navigate through General->Settings to generate a new service and you will receive the required data for configuring the rest of the module back-end settings.


Login App

The application allows the store owner to manage the customer’s orders and assign them to delivery boys for deliveries.The admin can login the app to increase the performance of order delivery. Thus, saving the store owner from an conflicts.



Post login the store owner can see the statics of the sales and orders in the form of a graph. Additionally, they can also view the Today’s Orders in various states that are Open, Processing, and Complete orders.

  • Open Orders- These orders are those upon which no activities have taken place. Henceforth it signifies that they are not assigned to the delivery boys.
  • Processing Orders- These sets of orders are assigned to delivery boys and will be accomplished soon.
  • Complete Orders- This section will be having those orders that are completely processed and delivered to the customer.

However, at the end of the dashboard page, the admin can find the map. This map tells the location of the delivery boy.

The app gives the store an easy navigation to multiple funtionalites.


Delivery Boy

The admin can register the delivery boys in the application. Thus, allow an easy assignment whenever the order comes in the store.


To register new Delivery Boy the admin can click on Plus sign and enter details.

  • Name.
  • Contact Number.
  • Email Address and Password with which the delivery boy could log in to the application.
  • Registered Vehicle Number.
  • Address.
  • Status of Delivery Boy.
  • Registered Vehicle Type.

To verify the existing delivery boys details the admin can click on the ‘Name of delivery boy‘.


In order, to edit the details the admin needs to click on the edit option. Thus, allowing the admin to change the information about the delivery boy.


The admin can even delete the delivery boy details from here.


This section contains records of all the orders placed from the website or customer-centric app. However, here only those orders reflect which have shipping method as Delivery Boy.


Filter and Sort Orders

The admin can sort out the orders in descending and ascending orders.However, they can even filter out an order on the basis of order id.


The store owner can easily click on an order to view the complete details.


Order Assignment

The store owner using the app can quickly assign the orders to the delivery boys. Thus, making the task easier.


Chat System

The admin using the app can chat with delivery boys to make the process more efficient. The admin can navigate to the left panel where chat option is visible.


Delivery Boy-Front Login

Thus, the registered delivery boys can login the app using details that admin shares. The delivery boys on the login page enters the Username and Password.



The delivery boy will also have a dashboard page similar to the admin. There the delivery boys can view the corresponding sales and orders graph.

In addition, the delivery boy will even see the Open, Processing, and Completed orders of that day. However, the delivery boys will see only those orders which are assigned to them.


The delivery boys will also see multiple functionalities of the app in the navigation drawer.


Account Settings

This section will display the account details as entered by the admin. Hence, it contains the details as-

  • Delivery Boy display image.
  • Registered vehicle number of the delivery boy.
  • Mail id of the delivery boy.
  • Vehicle type with which the delivery boy uses.
  • The contact number of the delivery boy.

Additionally, from this page the delivery boy can make themselves online and offline for delivery.



This section contains a list of orders which are assigned to the delivery boy. Here, all the delivery boy orders are visible with different status types.
That is the newly assigned orders, orders that are in the processing state and the orders that the delivery boy has delivered to the customers.


Henceforth, the delivery boy can accept or decline the orders from this section.

Order Picked

Once the order is accepted the delivery boys picks up the product. Thus, selecting the Picked Option.


Order Delivered/Not Delivered

However, the delivery boy here can select among options as delivered or not delivered as per the requirement.


Once the delivery boy clicks on the Delivered button the cash transaction will prompt a pop-up with Pay button.

Wherein the admin can click on Pay Button to registered the received payment.


Henceforth, the delivery needs to enter the OTP to validate the order. This OTP is an encrypted password to validate the delivery.


Finally, on entering the valid OTP the delivery boy will receive a confirmation message popup showing a successful delivery.


Decline Order Delivery

However, if the delivery boy selects not to deliver the product or selects Decline. The delivery boy here needs to specify the reason behind the action in a pop-up window. This window is visible as soon as the delivery boy declines the order.


Now the orders will be in open state and the admin needs to re-assign the same to another delivery boy.

Chat System

The delivery boy can also communicate with the store owner using the app. Thus, giving them a way out of any sort of confusion.


Push Notification

The delivery boy will easily come to know about a new order assignment via notifications. However, these notifications are visible on the device as a popup or under the bell icon in the app.


Order Management In On-demand Delivery Boy App

This standalone app will work once the customer places the order for the product using any app. Herein the customer can place the orders using an e-Commerce app or website.

Website Orders

On demand delivery_customer_website_checkout-1

App Orders


Now the admin can assign the placed order to the delivery agent who then processes the transaction.



Thank you for reading this documentation. Further, if you have any issues, please create a support ticket or write an email to [email protected].

Current Product Version - 5.1.1

Supported Framework Version - PrestaShop, 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x, Android- 4.4 and above iOS- 11 and above

Blog Version - PrestaShop, 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x, Android- 4.4 and above iOS- 11 and above
  • Version PrestaShop, 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x, Android- 4.4 and above iOS- 11 and above
  • Version PrestaShop, 8.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.6.x.x​ Android- 4.4 and above iOS- 11 and above
. . .

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