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    Odoo Website Stop/Block Content Copy


    Odoo Website Stop/Block Content Copy: Your Website’s one-stop safety solution!!

    Since everything is present on the Internet today, the concept of plagiarisation came into existence. The published content on the Internet is in everyone’s reach due to digitalization and is prone to plagiarism too. To restrict the plagiarism and make your content safe, Webkul offers Odoo Website Stop/Block Content Copy module that protects your website from piracy and provides an extra layer of protection to your website content.

    With the help of this module, you can control some of the keyboard functions that are used in content piracy. You can disable functions like right click and keyboard functions like Cut, Copy, Paste, Save, Undo, F12, etc.

    Disabling these functions will not allow general visitors to copy your website’s content and makes it safe from them. This module is the perfect solution to protect your useful content from exploitation.


    • The module allows disabling right-click on the webpage.
    • You can easily disable keyboard control functions i.e. Copy (Crtl+C), Paste (Ctrl+V), Cut(Ctrl+X) on the website page.
    • Admin can even restrict the source code of the webpage from being displayed to the visitor.
    • The module allows restricting visitors to use save function(Ctrl+S) on the webpage.
    • You can even disable the use of Function Key of the keyboard shortcut (F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I) to restrict the Inspect Element on the webpage.


    1. Once you have purchased the module from our Webkul store, you will receive a link to download the zip file of the module.
    2. Extract the file on your system after the download finishes. You will be able to see a folder named- ‘website_block_content_copy’.
    3. Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Add-Ons path.
    4. Now, open the Odoo and click on the Settings menu. Here, click on Activate the Developer Mode. You can activate the developer mode by typing ‘debug’ after ‘web?’ in the URL as well.
    5. Now, open the Apps menu and click on the ‘Update Modules List’.
    6. In the search bar, remove all the filters and search ‘website_block_content_copy’.
    7. You will be able to see the module in the search result. Click on ‘Install’ to install it.


    1. After the process of installation is finished, visit the Odoo website app from the backend and click on the ‘Webkul Website Addons’ button.
    Odoo website backend
    1. Under the ‘Web Page’ section, click on the ‘Configuration’ button beside the website stop/block content copy option.
    webkul website addons configuration option
    1. A new window will open. Here, select the website for which you want to apply restrictions. Then, click on the tick buttons besides the keyboard functions you want to restrict on your website.
    1. After making changes, click on ‘Apply’ button.
    configuration settings

    Customer’s Interface

    1. After that, visit the frontend of the website.
    homepage of website
    1. Try different keyboard functions that you restricted from the backend.
    2. You can see different restriction error messages for different restricted keyboard functions popping on the website as shown below.
    error message
    error message message
    1. Therefore, your website content will be protected from piracy.


    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

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    Did you find the guide helpful? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

    For any doubt contact us at [email protected].

    Thanks for paying attention!!

    Current Product Version - Odoo V13, V12, V11

    Supported Framework Version - 1.0.1

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