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    Odoo Website Product Labels and Stickers

    This module allows you to add product labels to differentiate products in order to attract customers attention. Using this module admin can set product labels for new products, products for sale, etc. These labels cab be customized, re-sized or re-positioned on the product page of the product. Admin can also define the duration for a label attached.


    • Add labels to the product in order to attract customers attention.
    • It allows you to have eye catchy labels on Grid View or on the product page.
    • Admin can adjust the label position. Like Left-Top, Left-Bottom, Right-Top, Right-Bottom
    • Admin can also adjust label images width and height.
    • It helps in increasing sales as it attracts customer attention.
    • Admin can set labels for a specific time duration or can remove them manually.
    • Preview feature is helpful in customizing label size or position.


    Create labels and stickers


    Under sales configurations, you will find an option for product labels, there we have provided some default labels which can be edited and you can also create your own labels or stickers.

    Create your own labels and stickers


    To create a product label or sticker, you can add an image, define its dimensions, set its position.

    Add label to the products


    Under sales of a product form, there you can add product label, define its duration for how long period you want to set a label or sticker. After all the configurations, you can preview it to check how it is going to appear on your website.

    Website view of product labels and stickers


    Label attached product view



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    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO V8 / V9

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