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    Odoo Website Auction


    Auction: A process of buying and selling products by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the product to the highest bidder.

    Odoo Website Auction: Odoo auction module allows admin to add auction on any product. Buyer can bid the product and highest bidder can have purchased the product on the bid amount. On website user can view auction detail prior the auction start, they can also see the time after which the auction is set to active for bidding.


    • Admin can add auction on active products.
    • The admin can stop the bidding process on the product.
    • Admin can enable/disable the bidder name to be shown on the front end.
    • The admin can enable/disable the winner name to be shown on the front end.
    • Admin can set incremental bidding rule for auction.
    • Admin can set bid records limit to display on the website.
    • The customer can set automatic bidding for the product.
    • A customer can subscribe the bids notification.
    • The customer can view the bid details.
    • Buyer can use Buy Now option if it is enabled from the backend.
    • Admin can set the status of an auction as running, complete or stop.
    • Different types of bidding supported.
    • Admin can set the notification interval to get notified for extended bid duration.
    • Admin can customize the error message in case of any unexpected situation.


    After buying this product you will get a zip file, which contains module. Unzip the file and now just copy `Auction` module folder into your Odoo addons. Now enable developers mode on your Odoo

    • Go to settings menu and Click on Activate the developer mode.
    • Now Go to Apps menu and Click on‘Update Modules List
    • Remove the Apps filter

    Now you will be able to see the module, just install it. After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s Workflow.


    Once done with the installation process.

    Auction Module Configuration

    click on sales Menu> under Auction> click on product auction menu to create a new auction.

    Now, admin can configure auction as per the requirement. Admin can define different fields like choose product name, price configurations, auction time interval, buy now option, etc.

    Define extended time period for a defined auction and also define what bid increment rule will be followed.

    Notification menu> Admin can also configure the notifications for an auction and can also define time threshold for the particular notification.

    From Website Publish menu> The admin can configure the auction information which needs to be displayed on the website and can enable/disable the message as per his preference.

    Under Product menu> define the product information which you want to display.

    Admin can view the list of auction running and their current bids.

    Increment rules

    Click on sales menu> Increment rules> to create and to define the bid increment rules.

    Auction Bidders

    Under Auction Bidders menu> Admin can view the list of all bidders and the details of the auction for which they have placed the bids.

    Auction Subscribers

    Admin can view the list subscriber and their auction for which they have subscribed.

    Auction module Frontend workflow

    On website user can view auction details prior the auction starts, they can also view the time after which the auction is activated for bidding. Once the auction is set to run, website user can start bidding for the product. There are two ways of bidding simple bid and auto bid.

    The admin can extend the auction time for getting more and more bids.

    Simple Bid

    The user can use the simple/non-recurring bid for one-time bidding.

    By clicking on Auction Details link, you can check respective auction details.

    Auto Bid

    The Auto Bid option saves customer time by setting his max reserve bids for future. The auto bids amount is non-disclosive to other bidders.

    By clicking on Auction Details link, you can check respective auction details.

    You will receive successful submission message on submission of the bid.

    Click on Subscribe Watchlist link to subscribe for getting updates about auction state and bids. Admin can set the price of the product for Buy Now option at the backend.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - Odoo 9, 10

    Supported Framework Version - 1.0.0

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  • Buyanmunkh Volodya
    Our team is working to establish car auction business from scratch. We would like receive your proposal on our future cooperation to implement the odoo auction system, training, customization and support.
    • Megha Joshi
      Hello Buyanmunkh,
      Thanks for reaching us, we will surely assist you with your requirement, for that kindly drop us a mail at – so that we can proceed accordingly.


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