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    Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway

    Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway module allows you to send short message service notification to your valuable customers on their mobile numbers. Communication is the major concern for eCommerce website owners for customer engagement. Sending SMS is a very quick source of communication around the globe, it is delivered within few seconds and never went unnoticed. It should be used to send information such as receipts, confirmation messages, etc. Our module successfully integrates Twilio with your Odoo using API keys.


    • Supporting application for “SMS Notification” module. Means this module is an add-on Module “SMS Notification”. To use this module you must have installed “SMS Notification” first.
    • This application provides required SMS gateway facility to “SMS Notification” application for sending a notification to the different mobile number.
    • Twilio Gateway module is able for sending text SMS directly to the sellers, suppliers, buyers, followers, partners, customers etc.
    • Ability to send the message when product order is placed by admin.


    Twilio API access

    Follow the following steps to get API keys from Twilio account

    Twilio main configuration 

    Once the module is installed successfully, click on Setting menu> General Settings menu. Now, click on the “Configure SMS Gateway Account” to configure the gateway. Select SMS gateway to Odoo Twilio SMS Gateway and then click on apply button. By clicking on SMS Gateway link under general settings option, you can directly configure particular gateway settings.

    Click on Gateway configuration option under SMS option, to set SMS gateway configuration settings.

    How to configure a Twilio Gateway.

    To configure the access right to a particular user it is must to enable the Enable SMS feature under users tab.

    Create and edit SMS Template.

    Template access globally. Edit Sms template defines the name to set it as global if you wish you can also enable auto delete option and finally save the content.

    Set template for particular conditions. Also, select the condition on which you want to send SMS using this template.

    To set groups to send messages, click on SMS group tab under SMS menu.

    Under SMSSMS group tab you can define Group namemember type and members to send messages.

    To send the message click on SMS menu> send SMS where you can select to whom you want to send a message, what message you want to send, etc.

    Send SMS to SMS groups or multiple members or individual(s) using Template.

    Track and see the status of all the sent SMS.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - V8/ V9/ V10/ V11

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