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    Odoo Scheduled Survey with Follow-Up


    Decision Making is an integral part of an organization. Conducting survey will help you largely in making the decision for your company or organization. Surveys are usually conducted post event. Generally, online feedback is sent to the clients to take their feedback post-event.

    So our organization has launched an easy solution Odoo Scheduled Survey with Follow up/ Odoo Survey Management System which helps you to send a defined survey on schedule date. In addition, it gives the authority to send follow-up mail to the users.


    • The module will function when you will enable schedule features.
    • You have the right to set the scheduled date
    • The survey will be sent on a scheduled date.
    • It allows you to send follow up mail to the users.
    • Either follow up can be once or repeatedly.
    • You can add authorized users of survey.
    • Also, it allows you to manage the history of the follow-up mail.


    Let’s make the beginning of the workflow of the module.  Taking follow up from the employess are most important part of the organization.

    In order to create Survey with scheduling.  Simply, click on “Survey” Option and then enable “Enable Cron job for this survey” option and set the “Schedule Date” for the purpose of scheduling.


    To show various sharing option and survey options. “Cron Status” option will show the status of survey. Also, you can choose various other sharing options according to your choice.

    Check “Enable Follow-Up ” option and fill all the relevant details regarding follow-up.

    It is mandatory to set the authorized users under “Authorised Users” submenu.

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    This is the whole report of the follow-up history.

    Now, at last, you can view the status of your survey just by clicking on the “Survey” menu.


    Surveys are the backbone of the organization in order to get feedback from the customers.  Our module will help you much extent in taking the follow-up from other employees.

    Hopefully, this user guide has given some extra knowledge to. Stay tuned with us because our modules will help you to achieve your strategic goals. I will keep on uploading more interesting business blogs like this. Yes and don’t forget to leave some comment droppings.

    For technical succour, just raise a ticket at or drop us an email at


    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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