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    Odoo POS Wallet Management


    Payment in Point Of Sale has become smooth now. Now you can use wallet payment at POS end too.

    Using our module Odoo POS Wallet Management, a user provides a facility for his customer to make the payment through wallet also. A user can create and recharge the wallet of the customer at any time in the running Point of Sale session. If a customer is about to make wallet payment but in the mean time, if the wallet balance is not sufficient then he can recharge the wallet and can proceed with the payment accordingly. So customers don’t need to make payment through cash only, using our module they can make the payment through wallet also.


    • A POS user can create and recharge wallet for a customer from Point of Sale Session.
    • A POS user can recharge the wallet using wallet id also.
    • The transaction history of the wallet payment will be maintained at Odoo Backend.
    • A POS user can also recharge or use the wallet in Offline mode.
    • Simple and Convenient Interface.


    After buying this product you will get a zip file, which contains module. Unzip the file and now just copy “POS Wallet Management” module folder into your Odoo add-ons. Now enable developers mode on your Odoo.

    • Go to settings menu and Click on “Activate the developer mode”
    • Now Go to Apps menu and Click on “Update Modules List”
    • Remove the Apps filter

    Now you will be able to see the module, just install it. After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s Workflow.


    At Odoo backend you need to configure the wallet journal and allow it as a payment method in Point of Sale.

    Go to- Point of Sale > Under Configuration > Payment Methods

    Go to Point of Sale > under Configuration > Point of Sale. Under “POS Wallet Management” field select the “Payment Screen View” of wallet button to appear on the POS screen.”



    Wallet Recharge-

    A POS user can recharge wallet of the customer at any time in POS Session just by clicking on ‘Recharge Button’ icon (as shown in screenshot). After that user needs to enter the amount for recharge and then add that amount to the wallet.

    Wallet Recharge By Wallet Id-

    Also, a user can recharge the wallet by wallet id also, click on the “Recharge Button” mentioned on the screenshot below. A drop-down list of wallet id will appear, you need to select the desired wallet id and then proceed with the wallet recharge.

    Creating Wallet in POS Session-

    A user can also create a wallet for the customer in POS Session. For that click on “wallet ” button, a confirmation popup message will appear to create a new wallet. On clicking ‘Create & Recharge’ button, the wallet is automatically created and the user will be redirected to the “recharge” screen of Point of Sale.

    Payment through Wallet-

    If a customer has already a wallet balance on his account then the user can use that wallet credit as a payment on Point of Sale.

     Wallet Transaction History-

    The transaction history of the wallet will be saved in backend under, Point of Sale> Wallet Management> Wallets. In this way, a POS user can check the transactions of the customers and also the total credit amount available on the wallet.

    The wallet details and transaction history of the customer will appear on “Customer Form” view.

    Also, under Point of Sale > Wallet Management > Wallets, you can click on the “partner” field and you will be redirected to the customer details screen.(as shown below)

    POS Wallet Transaction details of Customer-

    Wallet details of Customer-


    For any kind of technical assistance please raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - v9, v10

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