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    Odoo POS Restaurant Floor/Table Based Pricelist


    Pricelists play a pivotal role in POS. Think a situation where a restaurateur wants to set different price lists for different floors/tables in order to retain valuable customers and to retain them. Lets’ consider a scenario, where a restaurateur wants to book a table for a frequent visitor to the restaurant. Therefore, the restaurateur will set the different price list for the customer’s table. In POS, assigning different pricelists to different tables/floor manually can be an unmanaged task. Therefore, an application can make your task easier to associate different pricelists to different tables.

    Webkul has launched an application “Odoo POS Restaurant Floor/Tables based Pricelists” which allows you to set different price lists for the restaurant tables and floors. Also, the price of the menu changes with the different price lists. This application will help you to manage the pricelists assigned to different tables/floors also menu price depends on the pricelists assigned to the different.


    • It allows the seller to select the pricelists for the tables/floors.
    •  Pricelist will be automatically managed in POS on the basis of selected floor, table or customer.
    •  No complex backend configuration


    Let’s have the quick peek on the functionality.

    In the beginning, assign the pricelists to the floor. As an example-  Here we have assigned the floor pricelist “Benelux(20% off)”. Also,  price lists are assigned to the tables.

    Also, you can set the price lists on the tables.

    POS Session View

    After setting the pricelists, a price list associated with the floor is shown in the extreme left-hand side. The price lists are associated with the tables are represented by the pricelist icon.

    The pricelist icon is used to represent that which table is associated with the pricelists. In addition, tables which are not associated with the price list does not have any pricelist icon.

    The gist of the module

    Generally, price lists are set not only to retain customers but also to create a positive impact in the mind of customers regarding the services offered by the restaurants. Thats why, Odoo POS Restaurant Floor/Tables based pricelists will be a helpful module to assign the pricelists to the floors and tables. This will not only increase the profit margin but also will help in maintaining the loyalty and retention of the customers.

    This was the detailed description of the blog. Click here to study more about POS modules. For any kind of feedback and suggestions please write in the comment box provided below.

    Contact us

    The Webkul support is always available for us. What all you Also, you can drop us an email at


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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