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    Odoo POS Multi Unit Of Measure


    There are multiple units of products. More precisely, if you add 10 units of product in POS cart, you don’t have the flexibility to change their unit of measurement, then POS will take the default unit of measurement in which it was saved in Odoo backend. For example- A customer went shopping and purchased 2l of milk, and another customer asked in Gallons. But the UOM is saved as liters at the Odoo backend. Now, in POS, the flexibility of catering the product for multiple units of measure is not available. An amazing solution for all the POS users so that they can enjoy the flexibility of multi-unit of products.

    Webkul is offering an extension which will help all the POS users largely.  “Odoo POS Multi-units of Measure/Odoo POS Different Unit of  Measure” allows you to deal a product in multiple units of measure in the order line. A POS user can change the unit of measure for the product added in the order line which will covert the unit and price of the product as well.


    • A seller can change the unit of measure of any product in the cart.
    • A product can be sold with one or many units of measure in a single order.
    • The generated receipt contains the new units of measure for order.
    • Picking of the product also managed with the new units of measure.
    • The stock is maintained in inventory with respect to the purchased unit of measure and sold the unit of measure.
    • Invoice for the particular order also maintained with new units of measure.
    • Price also updated with respect to the new unit of measure.


    Let’s have a quick look on the functionality of the module.


    Follow the path Sales> Settings> Sales and enable the “Units of measure” in order to display the multiple units of measure.

    POS Session

    An icon present behind the lines will change your unit of measure of the product.

    Also, POS user can select the unit of measure from the list and after selecting it click on “Ok”.

    The new unit of measure of the product is displayed in the order line for the product “Milk”.

    The same product is added with a different unit of measure.

    The receipt will display the multiple units of the product.

    Backend Configuration

    The picking for the order will show with multiple units of measure.

    The invoice corresponding to the order shows the multiple units of measure.

    Final note

    Using different units of measure in you POS will give you the flexibility to sell the same product in different units. All the POS user will enjoy the feature of adding a different unit of measure to their particular product. Therefore, a pos user can cater to the customer according to the price of the respective units of the product.

    This was the whole description of the blog. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Please do not forget to write under the comment box below. To read more about POS modules, click here

    Need Help?

    The Webkul Support is always here to help you. Simply, raise the ticket at or you can write us


    Current Product Version - 1.0.2

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V 11

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