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Odoo POS Category Filter


Categorization makes it easier to identify similar products put together. Usually, products are classified into different categories depending on the usage of the product by the consumers and its packaging.
Odoo POS Category Filter module is deployed with the purpose to put a category filter for the products available in point of sale. This way admin can maintain separate point of sale counters for different category of products using this category filter feature.


  • Category filter is applied under point of sale configurations.
  • Apply category filter in order to maintain a separate session for point of sale.
  • Point of sale display products available in selected category filtration.


POS configurations for category filter

Under POS configurations, open the selected point of sale and there under features you will find an option of product categories. Add the selected category, to put category filter for a particular session.

Point of sale session view

As you applied the feature of category filter, the point of sale session will display only those products which are available under the selected the category.


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Supported Framework Version - v8/v9/v10

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