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23 November 2023

Odoo Experience 2023

Odoo Experience 2023

Odoo Experience 2023: Doorway to New Opportunities!!! 

When you work with people from all around the world, it is vital to have a different perspective on the platform or services we are addressing.

So here we are with Odoo Experience 2023, which unleashes the brand new Odoo 17 features. This event is not limited to just revealing the features of Odoo 17, but it also becomes a lot beneficial not only to people who visit this event but also to our company, ‘WEBKUL.’

We attended the Odoo Experience 2023 event as “Webkul,” an Odoo partner and technical enthusiast, from November 8th to November 10th. Ravi, Mohit, Ankur, Megha, Arun, and Jagdeep had to attend this event with the expectation of learning new skills that we would incorporate into our existing product development cycle, meeting new people, and broadening our reach to the rest of the world.

we love webkul services Odoo Experience 2023

On November 6, we departed from Indira Gandhi National Airport in India and traveled through Rome and Milan to arrive in Belgium. Despite jet fatigue, we decided to visit the city and embark on a sightseeing tour before returning to our accommodations. After that, we prepared for the next day.


On the first day, we planned to visit the famous cities of Belgium: Ghent and Bruges. We woke up early and took a train to Bruges, visiting historical sites like the Church of Our Lady and Deburg. As Indians, we enjoyed a spicy dinner at one of the top Indian restaurants in Bruges, Garlic and Green. The cuisine was authentically Indian, and we totally enjoyed the experience.

We then traveled to Ghent, exploring the lakes and historical sites of Gravensteen. Due to time constraints, we visited Graslei and Korenlei before returning to Brussels via train. The trip overall was a memorable experience for us.

again we love webkul services Odoo Experience 2023
interactions with the client Odoo Experience 2023
pictures with client in Odoo Experience 2023

Day 2: Odoo Experience Event Day 1

The next morning, we left our hotel for the Brussels Expo for “Odoo Experience 2023.” When we reached there, we were happy to see our booth provided by the Odoo. We set up our goodies and templates for the webkul and manage everything.

Following our booth setup, we attended Fabien Pinckaers’ (Odoo’s CEO) opening keynote. Along with many other new clients, we were happy to meet Mr. Walter Muwandi from the CCGS system and Mr. Artem Avdeev from OnlyOffice. We were overjoyed to learn that other countries are knowledgeable of our company, ‘WEBKUL’.

Odoo also visited the different booths to learn more about the Odoo. At the end of the day, Jagdeep had a talk on Online Auction Business: Unleashing the Potential of Odoo Website Auction Management.

It was time for the “Odoo Concert” after spending the entire day attending different seminars and getting to know new people. The band was amazing! They made the whole place energetic with their music. We kept taking selfies all the way through. In high spirits, we made our way back to our hotel and got ready for the event the following day.

picturess with client Odoo Experience 2023
Odoo Experience 2023 webkul software booth
images with client Odoo Experience 2023

Day 3: Odoo Experience Event Day 2

If we haven’t arranged everything ahead of time, Day 2 of the event could be busy. It also started with several talks going on at once. The majority of this day was spent working on Odoo’s technical aspects. We also met some of our clients who were familiar with “Webkul”. It was such a great experience to meet our client outside of the technical conversation.

Among the numerous new faces we encountered were several familiar ones. We spoke with a number of our current clients, who gave us their best wishes and shared their aspirations for the future. On this particular day, we also spoke with Anthony, the CTO of Odoo. Our day was truly made by these. Meeting new people gives us ideas about how to implement a more beneficial strategy for our business growth.

images with more client
client interaction
Odoo Experience 2023

Day 4: Odoo Experience Event Day 3

We have consecutive talks with Arun, Megha, and Ankur on Day 3. Initially, Arun gave a session on growing your business tremendously with Odoo Affiliate Management, and Megha discussed the benefits experienced by a Finland-based brand from the Odoo 13 Community to Odoo 16 Enterprise migration. In the afternoon, they both have their talks. Besides the talks, we also interacted with clients from different countries. Ankur has his talk in the evening on Waterpro, one of the top irrigation material supplier businesses in Australia.

Moreover, we also had many partner discussions regarding the approach they were using for the successful growth of their company and learning more about the market worldwide.

We also spoke with Fabien Pinckaers, the CEO of Odoo. It was a very pleasant and productive conversation with him. We discovered a ton of fascinating new information.

When the event concluded at around 3:00 PM, we gave out goodies to every one of our customers like we always did. Then, we finished up by saying, “Hasta la vista Odoo Experience.”

After the event, we explored Brussels, Belgium’s capital, where we visited ‘Mini-Europe’, a miniature park showcasing the historical, architectural, and cultural wealth of the 27 EU and UK member states. We also visited Atomium, a modernist structure built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.

After visiting Brussels, we returned to New Delhi after a 14-hour flight, bringing new insights from the Odoo Experience and many joyful memories from the trip.

Check out the Webkul At Odoo Experience 2023 and life at Webkul to learn more about our company employees and work culture.

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